Are Akitas Aggressive? Ways To Improve Their Behaviors

Akita is famous for its muscular and sturdy appearance with a double coat type.

They belong to the ancient Japanese lineage and are praised for their loyalty and bravery. However, are Akitas aggressive?

Their appearance and strong personality remain almost the same as those of their ancestors.

This article will give you more details on this active breed, discuss their temperament, and provide useful training tips on how to train an Akita not to be aggressive.

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General Information About Akitas

are akitas aggressive

Appearance And Size

Akitas are a large, aggressive gene with a large head proportionate to their full and curled tail.

The average weight of males and females is around 50 kg (110 lb) and 36 kg (80 lb), respectively. Both genders of the breed can reach a height of about 26 inches.

Akitas have a relatively short snout, erect ears, and small eyes. Their thick and soft coats are either white, pinto, or brindle.

They also look powerful with straight, strong legs and muscular bodies, making them ideal for safeguarding family pets.


Akitas are never meant to live in a group. That’s why they like to be grown as the only pets in the house and react aggressively towards other dogs.

Are Akitas good family dogs? They are affectionate towards owners and family members and aloof with unfamiliar people.

The bread is smart and attentive, making them an excellent watchdog.

Proper socialization will teach them to tolerate other animals and know the appropriate time for aggressiveness.

If you see your dog wagging its tail in a circle, it means they are positive to social interaction.

Exercise And Training

Akitas have excellent strength and endurance, requiring dedicated training to channel the energy level properly. They are intelligent and easy to understand your commands.

However, since they can become bored easily, you should proceed with alternative and more challenging jobs for them to practice.

Are Akitas Aggressive?

Short Answer

Yes, Akitas has aggressive tendencies, especially toward other dogs of the same sex.

Due to their protective instinct of family and territories, they can act aggressively toward unfamiliar people.

Therefore, pay close attention to your pet when the guests enter your house.

If you have children in your home, Akita will also be loyal to them. However, I highly recommend you watch out when they play together to avoid unwanted situations.

Are Akitas high-risk dogs? Their impressive size, strong jaw, and protective temperaments may make the animal a high risk.

Yet, the bread is not that dangerous if we provide them with enough daily exercise and train or socialize them properly to restrain their temperaments.

Why Are Akita Aggressive?

Methods To Deal With Their Aggressiveness


Akitas are naturally aggressive due to inherited certain predispositions. That’s why they are typically used for guarding.

However, this natural aggressiveness does not mean you can’t teach them to behave well.

Taking part in obedience classes and socialization daily activities since they are small will help them control their temperament.

Same-Sex Aggression

Are Akitas mean? Yes, they are, especially when there’s another large dog of the same sex around. 

This stimulus triggers his competitive feelings, leading to some behavior issues such as annoying barking, growling, and attacking his opponent.

If the other dog is also in a fighting mood, they will charge at each other.

Protection Of Their Territories

My Akita is becoming aggressive. You’ll often say this when unfamiliar people visit your house.

It’s because Akitas’ aggressiveness comes from his natural instinct. They are well-known for their loyalty and readiness to protect their family and territories.

This tendency also persists outdoors.

When your Akita is not sufficiently trained yet, you should keep him on a close leash if somebody or other dogs pass by, as it may trigger his reactions.


The feeling of fear exists in all dogs. Once threatened by something, for example, a larger dog, they can show aggressive behavior.

This common issue happens in many breeds, not only Akitas.

Traumatic Memories

A specific object can affect the dog’s behavior, whether with or without reason.

A traumatic memory or difficult times can be the root cause of Akita’s aggression issues, requiring you to find out and help him overcome them.

For example, another dog with a similar look as the one your Akita fought with before may lead to offensive behaviors.

Methods To Deal With Their Aggressiveness

how to train an Akita not to be aggressive

Use A Muzzle

Buying a muzzle to wear for your dog is necessary if he bites or you suspect that he will do so to protect you and others safely.

Muzzle-train is not easy, as your furry companion may hate it.

However, you can make him get used to it by wearing it at home for practice. It is just like you train him with other gear, such as a cooling vest or dog booties.

My advice to make the training process stress-free is to wrap peanut butter or other tasty paste on the muzzle to attract your Akita.

He will put his snout inside to lick off the food and have fun.

Redirect Their Attention

Once you identify there is a stimulus nearby, such as a dog of the same sex, that can make your pet excited, you can try to shift his attention to another direction.

For example, you can say “here” to redirect his attention to you.

You also can use a treat as a distracting object. As long as your Akita gets used to this method, he can change his attention as you command immediately.


Before training, ensure you learn about Akita aggression toward people and other breeds and its symptoms.

You should also manage your feelings when you are around your dog, as he can sense if you are anxious or angry.

Give your furry friend adequate exercise. If you don’t know what activity suits your four-legged companion, consult a vet or a dog trainer.

Note that you should not use any harsh training methods or tools. Positive reinforcement training with rewards is an effective method to help your pet keep calm.

The last thing to remember is to conduct the obedience training in a safe place or controlled environment to avoid unwanted dangerous situations.

Attend Puppy Class

Giving your dog to a puppy class is a part of the proper training and socialization. As a small pet, he will learn that jumping or biting is inappropriate in some situations.

Plus, the class also will help to improve the puppy’s temperament.


Will An Akita Turn On You?

It’s quite rare. Akita’s aggressive tendency is mostly toward other dogs and strangers who try to enter their territories.

They hardly turn on their owner as they are smart and loyal. Yet, keep in mind that prevention is better than cure.

Sometimes, your dog may growl at you if they are disturbed.

Are Akitas More Aggressive Than Pitbulls?

Yes, Akitas are more aggressive than pitbulls. Pitbulls are most suitable for first-time owners or breeders as they are quite submissive and easier to handle.

Meanwhile, Akitas requires a family with previous dog growing experience.

Are American Akitas Friendly To Strangers?

No, the breed is naturally wary of strangers. They’re extremely loyal to their family and can react negatively when unfamiliar people try to enter your house.

Therefore, watch out for your dog when the guests visit you.


Are Akitas aggressive? Yes, but they act aggressively, mostly toward other dogs of the same sex and strangers who attempt to break their territories.

However, their temperament can be improved with proper and consistent training. Plus, ensure to pay close attention to your dog when walking outdoors for the sake of safety.


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