Can A Male Dog Penetrate A Female Not In Heat? If Yes, Why?

It is unsettling when you see two dogs cuddling and mating together. But have you ever wondered: Can a male dog penetrate a female not in heat?

Mood and sex drive are important factors for a successful tie. So is this true for pooches?

This article will offer a satisfying answer to this topic, coupled with other helpful information about the reasons, physical signs, and preventive measures. Let’s get started!

How Does Mating Work In Dogs?

can a male dog penetrate a female not in heat

Dog mating, commonly known as copulation, is an intricate procedure that entails a load of sexual behaviors between two canines.

First, a male pooch tries to attract a female’s attention through a series of actions.

He will know whether her mood is raised by realizing the pheromones released from female pooches in heat.

How far away can male dogs smell a female dog in heat? He can notice this smell over a distance of more than 3 km.

Then, he shows several courtship behaviors by approaching her, displaying playful interactions, and eventually marking next to the urine spots before licking her vulva area.

Subsequently, he mounts over her body and enters his penis into the female’s vulva. The mating starts.

After a while, the rate of pelvic thrusting will increase until her bulbus glandis is fully erect.

This, combined with contractions made by her muscles, creates a mating feature called the lock or a copulatory tie that lasts about 20 minutes.

If the unsticking time is prolonged for more than one hour, there must be something wrong with them; you should undertake some preventive solutions.

Can A Male Dog Penetrate A Female Not In Heat?

Yes. If your male canine is in the mood, it will try to approach a female and perform mating attempts regardless of whether she agrees or is in heat.

Still, a female not in heat would normally refuse him because she is not ready for a tiring tie.

Her heat cycle typically lasts about 6 months, but there are still variations between different dog types.

During the initial stage, her body undergoes many transformations, like vulva swelling, sudden bleeding, or increased urination.

That’s why she does not allow males to mate because her body is weak and needs more time to recover.

After this time, the optimal breeding period of time comes, and she will pick one of her favorite targets before attracting males for sexual purposes.

Understanding a female dog’s reproductive cycle helps you better prepare and stop your males if needed.

Remember that mating should be conducted on a responsible and voluntary basis.

The copulatory tie would not bear any fruits if she is not physically mature and willing to engage in this activity.

Suppose you cannot control your male dogs. In this case, neutering them is highly recommended.

Why Does My Male Dog Want To Mount A Female Pooch Not In Heat?

How far away can male dogs smell a female dog in heat

Do dogs only mate when the female is in heat?

The sad truth is no, and there are various rationales behind this unnatural act of your male pooch, which will be thoroughly explained in the following sections.

Learned Behaviors

Dogs are fast learners. They can watch and imitate others’ actions immediately.

If you notice that your neighbors’ canines are mounting, keep your pet far away, and don’t let him see these acts.

He will try to follow and do the same regardless of whether females are in their reproductive manner.

You are advised to undertake some training for your dog to stop these behaviors and prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Play Gesture

Under a few circumstances, mounting is a form of their play gestures.

Some want to play with fake bones, while some are interested in digging the ground. And mounting is not an exception.

Yet, you are advised to eradicate this bad gesture by navigating its attention to healthier habits through a series of training or even punishments.

Display Of Dominance

Like humans, dogs also love power. And in a hierarchy, many top-tier canines show dominance by mating another pooch without knowing if she is in heat.

The sole purpose of this act is to express their power in a large group, and you commonly catch sight of this phenomenon in parks or multi-dog households.


Sometimes, your dog is over-excited due to many factors and cannot control his conduct. Or he has already been in the mood, and there are no ways to release.

For that reason, mating is an effective response to these overstimulating or overwhelming situations.

Many dogs even hump other same-sex pooches or objects or even attack humans to release their energy.

Relieving Stress

Dogs are also prone to stress. Some experience extreme anxiety and crave a respite from their suffocating situations. And mating is one of the keys to unlocking the door.

However, this solution is not healthy and acceptable at all, as it can cause much damage to females’ vulva and related organs.

If your healthy puppy displays symptoms of depression, take it to a professional vet, and he will check its mental condition.

Compulsive Conduct

In numerous instances, your dog does so without any purpose. He just mates and repeats this act instead of trying to serve any intentions.

This phenomenon is boiled down to harmful effects rendered by a compulsive behavior disorder.

It will become more dangerous if ignored, so you should call a veterinarian for prompt help.

How Can I Tell My Dog Is In Heat?

The common signs below help you know whether your canine is in a sexual mood.

Swollen Vulva

One of the most noticeable signs lies in the swelling of her vulva. You may notice it’s bigger than normal and sometimes reddens.

Don’t worry that your dog is not susceptible to infections or diseases. This is just a common physiological feature when your canine enters its heat phase.

Straw-Colored Or Bloody Discharge From The Vulva

When it is in heat, your female pet also has a vaginal discharge, which is typically bloody at the beginning of estrus.

It may cause bleeding stains or spots on the floor, furniture, and bedding.

As the estrus continues, the blood-tinged discharge will turn yellowish and diminish in quantity.

Receptive To Males

As mentioned earlier, the heat period is a perfect time for successful breeding because females are ready for canine mating.

Over this phase, she will try to charm a male canine and welcome its advances.

The pregnancy rate is especially high at this time, so implement some prompt measures, like training and isolating your pet if you don’t want her to get pregnant.

Excessive Licking Of The Genital Area

In daily life, pooches often lick their bodies, particularly their genital region. Yet, when it is in heat, the frequency seems to increase.

This conduct is quite normal, so you should not intervene in this process, or else your canine will be pissed off.

Nervous, Agitated, And Aggressive Behaviors

In the initial estrus stage, it is inclined to display nervous, agitated, and aggressive behaviors towards other household pets and even you.

Moving to the next phase, this attitude might still remain, yet welcoming to male pups.

Frequent Urination

Urinating is a good way of telling males that it is in heat. This alerting method seems strange but still proves its effectiveness in some cases.

Change In The Tail Position

Within the first two months, your dog just keeps its tail tucked close against its body, which is attributed to the lack of mood.

But, when the estrus progresses, its tail may wag from side to side with the purpose of showing that it is ready for mating.

How Could I Stop My Male Dog From Trying To Mate?

Below are helpful approaches for you to consider.

Understand Her Heat Cycle

A thorough knowledge of females’ heat periods will help prevent your male dogs from mating more successfully.

Owners who lack essential know-how about this aspect will ignore and let their canines do whatever they want.

Separate Both Dogs

Keeping them apart is also a viable remedy. Still, you do not always keep an eye on them, so relying on cages or crates is recommended in this situation.

In numerous cases, crate training doesn’t work, so you should address the roots or find other viable alternatives.

Use Dog Diapers

Apart from managing excessive bleeding in females, dog diapers are good at hiding female scent, an attractive fragrance appealing to many male pooches.

Remember that a dog diaper has many sizes, so you should purchase ones that fit your canine’s body, so she can feel comfortable wearing it.

Monitor Your Dog Carefully

Visual inspection plays an important role since dogs may not be ready to mate under your strict supervision.

Yet, this method is not very applicable because you still have your own business and sometimes leave the dogs alone together.

Use Chlorophyll Or Menthol Spray

Solving the odor helps reduce the penetration of male dogs. To do so, you use spray, such as menthol, to hide her scent.

Other products, including chlorophyll tablets, are perfect for neutralizing the odor.

Neuter Or Spay

The best method is neutering or spaying.

Neutering and spaying have the same meanings that describe a process of removing reproductive organs of an animal so it no longer produces young.

Neutering is used for males, and spaying is for females.

These preventive solutions help minimize the chances of accidental pregnancies and provide some health benefits.

How To Take Care Of Your Dog During Estrus?

do dogs only mate when the female is in heat

Given the estrus, your pooch may feel tired after enduring many bodily transformations, so you’d better show your concerns via the following tips.


Hygiene is a crucial matter. It is advisable for you to clean and wash her gently to get rid of bleeding stains.

Based on my experiences, avoid using scrubs with rough surfaces as they can hurt her. Clean her with a soft cloth and pay attention to sensitive parts, such as the vulva or nipples.

Changes In Mood

Besides transformation in the body, she also experiences moody changes, which exert much impact on her mental health.

She easily gets depressed at this time, so you should show more affection and love by cuddling, playing, interacting, and spending more time with her.

Keep Her Attention From Male Dogs

She is sexually active, and her body tells her it’s time to mate. If you don’t care about the pregnancy, just let her free but keep everything in control.

By contrast, ensure that your backyard is well-fenced, so she cannot leave the house. Use her favorite toys to sway her attention from mating.

Can Dogs Tie Without The Female Getting Pregnant?


Sometimes, the tie is not conducive to pregnancy because they mate at the wrong time. Pregnancy only occurs when the sperm successfully fertilizes the egg.

Animal sperms exist for about nine days from ejaculation onwards. On the other hand, the eggs are ready for only five days during ovulation.

Pregnancy happens when these two viable times blend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Four Stages Of A Canine’s Heat Cycle?

A heat cycle will happen through four phases: from proestrus, estrus to diestrus, and anestrus.

  • The first stage – proestrus – ranges from 7 to 10 days, and your canine’s vulva begins to swell, and a bleeding phenomenon appears.
  • The estrus lasts about 5–10 days, and the bleeding either reduces or stops. This is when females will attract male dogs.
  • The diestrus stage is prolonged, lasting up to 140 days.
  • The anestrus is a downtime period before another heat cycle.

What Is The Best Time To Breed A Cycling Dog?

The perfect time for the breeding process lies in the estrus stage, when they are most fertile and receptive to mating.

This is because ovulation is happening, shown by the light color of vaginal discharge.

Can My Dog Get Pregnant When Not In Heat?


A dog can’t get pregnant when she is not in heat, and this only becomes possible when she enters the reproductive cycle, particularly during the estrus period.

And that’s the key to the wonder: Does a male dog have to be in heat to breed?

The Bottom Line

This post has provided much essential information about the question: Can a male dog penetrate a female not in heat?

Of course, males still can do so, but this practice is not good for female dogs if they are unwilling to engage in the mating process.

Keep an eye on your canines during their estrus period if you don’t want to keep more puppies in the future!


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