Can Dogs Eat Green Olives With Pimentos? Quantity Advice

As a pet lover, you always want to give the best treat for your dog. Yet you may doubt the safety of some food, including olives and pimentos.

So, can dogs eat green olives with pimentos?

I will answer by analyzing the nutritional benefits of both food and the potential risk of giving them too much to your pet. Let’s follow along!

Can Dogs Eat Green Olives With Pimentos?

can dogs eat green olives with pimentos

Short Answer: Can dogs have green olives with pimentos? Yes, your pet can consume the food, provided that the olives are stuffed with only pimentos and nothing else.

It’s because other stuffed things such as garlic, oil, onion, cheese, or other species can harm the canine.

What Is The Proper Giving Quantity?

Just like dogs can eat sun-dried tomatoes with a moderate portion, while both olive and pimento are not harmful to your dogs, you should give them in moderation.

The amount should be calculated based on the pet’s age, weight, and caloric requirements. Feeding too much may add excess calories.

Don’t listen to your dog’s begging to let him finish one can at once.

What Are The Benefits Of Green Olive?

Healthy Fats

Are green olives safe for dogs

The fruit is not only safe but also very beneficial. Green olive is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids useful for the dog’s health as it maintains the proper cholesterol level.

Therefore, the heart health of the pet is guaranteed. Plus, olive plays a role in improving brain function and preventing type 2 diabetes and breast cancer.


You can find in olives many essential vitamins, such as vitamins E and A. 

Since the fruit is also rich in many groups of organic compounds, it helps the canines to regulate their body processes and boost their immune systems.

If you feed your dog the proper amount, you can reduce the frequency of bringing your little friend to the vet.

Dietary Minerals

Green olives are good for dogs thanks to their various dietary minerals, such as iron, copper, and calcium.

These minerals have a lot of benefits, including developing strong bones, growing fur, and promoting blood circulation.

What Are The Benefits Of Pimentos?

are green olives good for dogs

Provide Good Vision

Can dogs eat pimentos

The great news is yes. You can give your dog pimentos (with an average amount) as the fruit, with its valuable nutrients, can assist a good vision. 

When the pet gets old, he’s likely to have age-related eye degradation, such as cataracts.

Adding pimento to your old four-legged friend will help him maintain his vision.

I suggest you introduce the fruit into your pup’s diet so that he can have good eyesight throughout his life.

Boost The Immune System

Vitamins A and C found in pimento are useful in preventing your canine from sicknesses.

Make pimentos a part of the feeding to boost the pet’s immune system (or reduce the vet’s bill).

Clean Your Dog’s System

The antioxidant properties of the vitamins in pimentos help remove toxic elements from the body.

By extracting the potential disease-causing factors, the fruit brings many health benefits.

Precaution While Giving Your Dog Green Olives With Pimentos

The Potential Risk

Can dogs eat olives with pimentos? Yes, they can, but you should always prepare the food well and keep an eye on the dog during and after consuming.

It’s because there can be a few risks from the fruits.

You should check: besides pimentos, what else is the olive stuffed with? Olive can contain a pit, causing potential teeth damage and choking hazards.

The small size of the fruit also makes it easy to get stuck in the canine’s throat and may lead to breathing difficulty.

Giving your pet olive with other stuff, such as cheese, can create a terrible upset stomach.

Other ingredients (garlic or onion, for example) can be toxic to dogs, too. Similarly, can dogs eat olives with herbs? It’s also not a good idea due to the toxicity of herbs.

Besides, the excessive amount of salt used in brined olive may result in salt toxicosis.

Its signs include headache, dizziness, fainting, diarrhea, vomiting, shaking, seizures, and a fast heartbeat.

If the last symptom happens with the pet who has heart disease, it’s extremely dangerous.

The high sodium level also leads to high blood pressure or systemic hypertension in your canine. In some cases, it can be a fatality.

Can dogs have green olives with pimento? Though the answer is yes, contact your vet if you think your dog may have potential risk due to consuming the food.

Tips To Safely Feed Your Dog Green Olives With Pimentos

Feed In Moderation

Can dogs eat green olives with pimento

It is a “Yes” if given with limitation since it can give your canine too much energy.

The high-calorie content in olives make it an occasional snack, like blueberry pancakes, but not a main meal.

So, giving the whole can is not recommended. Instead, determine the proper feeding amount based on the pet’s age, weight, and energy requirement.

Rinse Canned Olive

Can dogs eat olives from a jar or a can? 

The high sodium content in the product may have a negative impact on your furry friend, so make sure you rinse the canned olive well before offering it.

Besides, rinsing helps remove artificial preservatives and potential contaminants in the can.

Avoid Olive Soaked In Alcoholic Beverage

Many owners have the habit of giving their pets olives soaked in their vodka after enjoying the drinks. You may think it will cause no harm, yet the truth is the opposite.

The alcohol-soaked olive is 100% not suitable for your pet due to its long-term side effects.


Can dogs eat olives from a jar

What To Do If Your Dog Eats Too Many Pimento-Stuffed Olives?

Eating too much of this product leads to stomach upset and diarrhea. You should wait for a while for the symptoms to disappear by themselves.

If not, contact your veterinarian for consultation.

Can Dogs Eat Pickled Pimentos?

No, you’d better not feed something like pickled or canned pimentos since it may lead to health issues.

The pickled products must go through a pickling process in which the added species and other ingredients harm the pets.

You can choose alternative options, such as raw vegetables and fresh fruits, as they are safer.

Can Dogs Eat Olive Oil/ Olives In Brine/ Olives From The Tree/ Olives And Garlic/ Blue Cheese Olives/ Kalamata Olives?

Yes or No?Why?
Olive oilNoIt promotes pancreatitis. It’s also not good for dogs with pancreatitis or  inflammatory bowel disease.
Olives in brineNoIt may cause salt toxicity in canine.
Olives from the treeNot recommendedYour pup will be just fine after chewing one olive from the tree. But the olive pit inside is the reason for teeth breaking, throat blocking, and choking hazards.
Olives and garlicNoGarlic can be toxic to your dog
Blue cheese olivesNoBlue cheese is made from fungus, causing serious reactions in dogs such as seizures, vomiting and diarrhea.
Kalamata olivesYes, but with a limitIf the product is pitted and contains no salt, you can give the fruit in moderation.

The Takeaway

Can dogs eat green olives with pimentos? In brief, you can offer this food to your pet as a snack. Both fruits are useful for canines but must be consumed in limited quantities.

Stay away from canned, pickled, or the mixture with other ingredients such as garlic, blue cheese, or vodka, as they bring no good but negative consequences.


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