Can I Feed My Dog Ground Beef And Rice Everyday? – Q&A With Experts

Dogs are omnivores; they can eat various foods, from animals to plants.

Among the nutrients dogs need to get into the body, protein plays a vital role; it not only nourishes muscles and improves coat but also helps strengthen bones.

And beef is an excellent source of protein, so you need to supplement your dog with beef. 

Besides, rice contains a high content of starch, which helps dogs grow healthy and have more energy.

However, “Can I feed my dog ground beef and rice everyday?” – to help owners find answers, I’ll share what you need to know when feeding beef jerky and rice.

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Can I Feed My Dog Ground Beef And Rice Everyday?

can i feed my dog ground beef and rice everyday

You can feed rice and meat for dogs every day if cooked properly. “How much rice and ground beef should I feed my dog?

The general rule of thumb for how much to feed them will depend on the dog’s body weight. You should only provide 2 to 3 percent of your dog’s body weight with rice each day.

As a dog owner, your pet’s diet should contain balanced nutrients like protein, meat or oil fats, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, and calcium.

Rice and lean beef are safe for dogs to eat every day.

Beef is a common ingredient in many dog foods. It’s a great source of protein and essential vitamins and minerals your dog needs for overall health.

The beef you feed your dog should be plain meat with no added sauces or seasonings.

How Much Beef And Rice Should Be Feed To Dogs To Ensure Safety?

The Right Amount Of Beef For Each Dog’s Meal.

Eating beef daily will be perfect for your pet’s body, but you should not overdo this. If you feed too much, sometimes it also negatively affects the dog’s digestive system.

If you select to have 1/3 of their diet as meat, you should feed your dog 2 cups of kibble and ⅓-pound ground beef. For those dogs that weigh 20 pounds, they need ⅓-pound ground beef daily.

Besides, beef is the best source of protein, but it is expensive, so you can use sun-dried tomatoes, cooked pork, chicken, chicken liver, and beef liver.

Those are delicious foods for the health as well as muscle development of dogs, helping dogs to be strong and grow faster.

The Right Amount Of Rice For Each Dog’s Meal.

Rice is a highly healthy carbohydrate; it provides energy for dogs to function throughout the day without being tired or hungry. In particular, whole grains from rice are also healthy foods.

However, it would be best not to give your dog too much rice daily.

Although easy to digest, eating a lot of rice daily can increase your pet’s blood sugar, leading to diabetes and being overweight.

Like humans, you might feed your four-legged friend two meals daily with a third of the rice in a bowl and serve it with other foods.

Eating the right amount is essential to help your pet prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Nutritional Benefits Of Feeding Dogs Rice With Beef 

ground beef and rice for dogs upset stomach

From Beef

Beef is a popular source of protein that appears frequently in dog dishes.

In addition, this type of meat also provides many healthy vitamins and minerals, such as iron and vitamin b12, etc., to help pets develop comprehensively and eat quickly.

Can dogs eat ground beef everyday?” – sure. Good protein is ground beef, or ground lean cuts of meat, thin bottom, ribs, and loin.

Ground lean beef is the third thinnest protein commonly offered to pets. This beef is rich in amino acids, minerals, and vitamins.

From Rice

Rice contains many nutrients that are good for the digestive system of pets (B vitamins, calories through carbohydrates, manganese), stimulates eating, and prevents some stomach diseases for pets.

In addition, rice gives dogs energy for daily physical activity. If you want your dog to constantly be healthy and less sick, then you must provide starch from rice for him daily.

Should Dogs Eat Rice With Raw Beef? – Benefits And Risks 

Can dogs live on rice and meat?” There is controversy about whether dogs can eat incredibly raw beef because it carries bacteria and potential irritants.

To answer this question, you need to align with the condition and health of your pet and consult a doctor. But it’s best not to take risks but to process beef into deliciously cooked dishes!


Suppose we take one amount of raw meat and one amount of cooked meat compared in terms of nutritional content.

When cooking at high temperatures, dog owners can see that the heart will lose many nutrients, some proteins will be decomposed, and essential vitamins and minerals will also be lost.

What is lost is what the dog needs for the normal development of the body.

There are also some benefits that you will feel as soon as you add raw meat to your dog’s diet, such as:

  • Good for teeth, remove plaque caused by chewing activity
  • Reduce allergies and strengthen the immune system
  • Better weight control
  • Hair will be more beautiful due to the addition of essential vitamins.
  • Improve the working efficiency of the digestive system, better mold waste
  • Reduce stress, and stimulate the body to recover better after an illness.


When you adopt a raw meat diet for your dog, there are certain risks.

Uncooked meat can contain pathogens like salmonella and e.coli bacteria, potentially leading to infections and being life-threatening to dogs.

Cooked food eliminates most pathogens and is safe for dogs. It is also for this reason that humans mostly eat cooked foods.

The most significant risk of feeding and handling raw meat is bacterial cross-contamination. Feeding your dog raw food can expose you and others in your home to dangerous pathogens.

Pathogens can remain on the surface of dishes, in the dog’s feces, and even on the dog’s body. 

If there are immunocompromised people in the household, young children or older people, you should not let your dog pursue this raw meat diet.

Method of Preparing Beef With Rice To Ensure The Safety Of Dogs

rice and meat for dogs

The lack of meat in the daily food will upset the dog’s natural habits. There may be no effect in the short term, but dogs are prone to cardiovascular diseases in the long run.

Dogs can eat almost any type of fish meat. Beef liver and offal taste good, but don’t overfeed.

You can cut the meat into slightly larger pieces when cooking for dogs. Force the dog to use its fangs to shred the food.

Besides, feeding the dog with chopped vegetables and fruits is necessary to help the dog digest easier. 

Fat in meat is an essential nutritional component of dogs. Therefore, when processing, it is unnecessary to remove the fat layer on the surface of the meat.

This layer of fat will stimulate the dog to eat more.

Sometimes you can also feed your dog raw meat in moderation. However, ensure the meat you provide your dog is completely clean and safe.

Providing your dog with fresh beef instead of frozen products is best.


Can I feed my dog ground beef and rice everyday? I affirm that you can feed your dog beef and rice everyday, but with enough dosage, do not overeat.

You can ask your veterinarian for advice on a healthy diet for your dog to have healthy food recipes for your pet or when dogs don’t like to eat meat

You can also mix raw beef with rice to feed your dog about twice a week. Do not eat too many meals with raw beef because there will be a lot of disease risk.


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