Can I Wash My Dog With Cold Water In Summer? The Truth

Can I wash my dog with cold water in summer? Finding the correct answer to this question is necessary to keep the dogs safe and healthy.

This needs great attention from you – the owner – to keep dangers at bay when washing your cute pet in summer.

As you know, your dog easily has a heat stroke in hot or warm weather, so bathing it using cold water is the common option.

Yet, is this a safe and right choice? What should you do to clean your dog in summer without difficulty? 

Take a complete look into the useful information in this article for everything you need to know before bathing your dog in hot weather using cold water. Let’s read on!

Can I Wash My Dog With Cold Water In Summer?

can i wash my dog with cold water in summer

Yes, you can do it with caution. In the hot summer weather with high temperatures, you can use cold water to rinse and clean your dog. However, you must note several basic things while bathing your pet with cold water in summer to ensure it is healthy and comfortable.

Do You Wash Dogs In Hot Or Cold Water?

Do you wash your dog with hot or cold water? Though possible, you shouldn’t use cold water to wash your dog because cold water is unsuitable for giving your pet the best cleaning.

Yet, we recommend not using too hot water since it can burn your pet.

Sometimes, the only choice is cool, lukewarm, or warm water from the hose for the safety of your canine. This is also an ideal option to gently sanitize your dog without any harm.

Thus, check the water hose for the proper temperature before bathing your dog.

Can I Bathe My Dog Outside With The Hose?

Yes, you can. Yet, you must determine if your dog can adapt to a low-pressure hose or gently scoop water on its fur.

Your dog can become wet completely in a short time if it owns a thin undercoat like Bloodhound Border Collie Mix, and it will take more time and water for thicker ones.

So, test the water in the hose before washing your pet to adjust the right water amount.

What Temperature Can You Give a Dog a Bath Outside?

You can choose the proper water temperature to rinse your dog from around 37°C to 40°C (98-104°F). You may use a thermometer to check the appropriate bathing dog outside temperature.

You should note that warmer temperatures will increase a dog’s heart rate. Therefore, keeping the water temperature about 30°C-35°C (86-95 °F) if you’ve just walked your dog outside is a good idea.

Washing Your Dog With Cold Water – Pros & Cons

bathing dog outside temperature


Washing your dog with cold water has several benefits. First, it will help keep your dog’s skin and coat clean and healthy. Besides, bathing the pet using cold water can regulate body temperature.

Another advantage of washing with cold water is soothing irritation and itching in your dog. Plus, cold water reduces the swelling that can be present.


Plunging in ice water in arctic weather is uncomfortable and unsafe as it poses a potential health risk.

Some dogs don’t like bathing in cold water. So, it is essential to notice the water temperature to help them avoid stress while bathing.

Besides your dog’s comfort, using lukewarm water makes it easier to clean and rinse soap residue off soap instead of cold water.

Warm water removes dirt well, and shampoo well. The cold water can not flush the shampoo completely and can lead to dandruff, skin sensitivity, dry skin, or dermatitis.

It’s best not to wash your pet with cold water when the temperature is too cold and the shampoo residue is still on its fur.

How To Wash Your Dogs With Cold Water In Summer?

can i bathe my dog outside with the hose

Adjust The Water Temperature

The first thing you need to consider is setting the proper water temperature to ensure it is neither too cold nor too hot.

It’s best to choose and adjust the right temperature range to make your dog comfortable. Note some signs like barking and wagging tail to alter the proper temperature.

This appropriate temperature is about 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit or around 24 degrees Celsius (if it’s not outside).

Use The Right Shampoo

Another criterion to watch out for is using the right shampoo and soap. You should use the shampoo type suitable for your dog’s coat. This will help keep the skin looking good and fluffy.

Choosing and using different and specific detergents and shampoos depends on the pH value and the dog’s coat.

If your pet is dirty, you should apply a dog detergent to gently clean its double coat, avoiding the eyes, muzzle, and ears. Plus, use the sponge to wash off the resistant residues for the best result.

Wash Your Dogs Completely

Wash your pet thoroughly by removing all shampoo and soap from the fur. You must give a complete cleaning to prevent the soap residue from penetrating into delicate areas.

Just run the warm water for the muzzle and clean the outer ears with a cotton swab dipped in oil. Besides, you should ask your veterinarian’s advice to choose the best cleaning products for the interior.

Dry Off Your Dogs

Dry Off Your Dogs

Finally, let your dog dry completely to keep the cold out and allow the coat to be healthy.

Drying is the most critical stage of cleaning to keep your dog’s fur refreshed. If cleaning with water is too long, your pet may catch a cold or an infection through its wet coat.

So, after rinsing, pat it dry at once with a soft terry and damp towel before it shakes to remove the water from its fur.

If indoors, use a hair dryer to dry your dog. Yet, you must choose the medium temperature and adjust it from low to high to dry your dog’s fur safely. When your dog is outdoors in hot or warmer weather, it’s best to let its fur dry naturally under direct sunlight.

Why Is Washing Your Dogs In Summer Important?

Bathing your dog is good for its health and your health alike. First, this will help remove and clean bacteria, dirt, and parasites causing serious health problems on your pet’s fur.

Also, bathing your dog will remove odors from its coat. This is significant for the health of your dog and you.

Plus, washing with water helps keep your dog’s coat healthy and clean to give it a good appearance and comfort. Bathing your dog is ideal for connecting with it and showing your care and affection to it.

What Are The Common Concerns When Bathing Your Dog?

The first issue to mention is the water temperature. You shouldn’t set the temperature too cold or too hot.

This is because hot water can burn your dog’s skin, while cold water can make it catch a cold or other infectious disease.

Thus, use your hand or a thermometer to test the water temperature before bathing your pet.

You must also choose the detergent and shampoo type suitable for your dog’s fur to keep it healthy.

Using improper shampoo or detergent can cause health risks or other concerns, such as allergies and skin problems.

After bathing your dog with water, dry it immediately with a hair dryer, bath towel, or natural sun.

What Are Tips For Washing Your Dogs In Summer?

Here are some useful tips for your dog to take a bath under the summer heat. You need to think of your dog’s size and double-coated breed. An indoor bath is not a suitable choice if your dog is large.

Thus, you can wash your pet outdoors on hot days or hot summer nights at a place with easy water access. If you have a smaller dog, we recommend taking an indoor bath using lukewarm water.

Make good preparation by gathering the necessary supplies before starting bath time.

You need to prepare the basic items, including a brush, the proper detergent or recommended shampoo for your pet, cotton balls for complete protection of ears, an absorbent towel, and trimmers for the dog’s nails.

Then, give your dog nail trimming before bathing to help it get a better footing and protect your skin when your pet is fidgety.

Next, use a brush to massage your dog’s coat to remove matting or dangles. Take cotton balls to insert in each ear to keep them from the water.

You can note that lukewarm water is the best option for washing your dog. Yet, you can choose the cooler water if you own a large dog with thick fur.

Besides, massage your dog’s undercoat with your fingers to gently rinse all soap residue and protect its coat from further irritation.

Once the bath time is done, dry your dog’s coat with a soft towel and brush it again to make it fresher and silkier.


Can I wash my dog with cold water in summer?

The answer is yes. You can use chilled water for bathing your dog in the hot summer months to remove the dirt and harmful bacteria that may cause dangerous health problems.


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