Can You Put Lime On Dog Poop? Jazz Up Your Daily Task!

Dog poop is a common nuisance many pet owners have to deal with on a regular basis.

While there are various methods to dispose of dog’s yard poop, some people suggest putting agricultural lime on it to help break it down and eliminate poop odor.

But can you put lime on dog poop, and will it work? 

Knowing the facts about this magical measure and its potential impact on your furry friend is essential as a pet owner.

More than that, let’s see how you can use this material to let this pesky problem off effectively!

Can You Put Lime On Dog Poop? 

Can You Put Lime on Dog Poop

Can I put lime on dog poop? Yes. Lime is famous for its ability to sanitize dogs’ solid wastes by breaking them down.

Indeed, its acidic properties can break down organic matter and boost the soil’s pH. As such, the soil turns less favorable for disease-causing bacteria and other organisms.

Using lime on dog poop with the right amount and following the application product’s instructions is vital.

Lime of pelletized forms or powder is wide-spreading in home improvement stores or garden application stores as lawn fertilizers. In other words, it’s not that tricky to find such material.

Is Lime Harmful To Dogs?

It may harm the canines with a high amount. It’s crucial to discourage dogs from ingesting the lime as excessive consumption may lead to health problems.

Also, various types and concentrations of gardening lime are available, and some may not be suitable for dogs.

To ensure your pet’s safety, pick a brand that indicates it is pet-friendly on the packaging, like the 25 LB Fast Acting Lime. One such brand that I recommend leaves no risk to your beloved pet.

How Does Lime Break Down Dog Poop?

You’ve just known the answer to the question: Can you use lime on dog poop? Here comes a list of steps for using lime to break down average-sized poop efficiently:

Step 1: Makeup Precautions

Taking proper precautions when handling lime is essential due to its potential hazards.

Firstly, wear appropriate gear, such as long sleeves, pants, and gloves, to cover any exposed skin. Furthermore, wearing a mask when applying lime powder is a good idea to halt inhalation.

Also, avoid using lime on a windy day to avoid getting a face full of lime.

Step 2: Pick The Optimal Garden Lime

Garden lime is available in two primary forms, powder, and pellets.

The powder form has a more extensive surface area than pellets and, thus, can dissolve dog poop and even human waste much faster while adhering to it better.

Furthermore, applying powder allows for more precise measurements.

Even so, the downside is that it can be pretty messy, with even a slight breeze causing the fine particles to spread and create white smoke or lime dust.

For quick dog poop removal, go for powder, yet pellets may be better for less hassle.

To choose a good deal between the two, sprinkle a significant amount of lime on and around the fecal matter while ensuring accurate application.

Step 3: Let The Lime Take Effect

Lime is not a quick fix for getting rid of dog poop. It requires some time to work effectively. The lime chemical needs a few days to decompose the fecal matter fully.

Hence, the next step involves some waiting. Once you have sprinkled the lime, give it roughly 2-3 days to sit.

During this time, the chemical will soak up the poop’s moisture and break it down gradually.

Step 4: Flush Out Your Lime

After a few days, remove the excess lime.  It’s comfortable to do so by using a garden hose. Adjust the water pressure to the minimum and cover the area thoroughly.

Ensure to spray any white areas on the ground as well.

This way can let off the lime and maintain your garden’s outlook and well-being.

Alternatively, if the lime has dried up the dog poop, you can scoop it up and dispose of it effortlessly.

What Kind Of Lime For Dog Poop That Has Optimum Effects?

Will lime work on dog poop

There are 3 prime types of lime working wonders on the feces:

  • Caustic: Is the most potent form, making it the most corrosive. No wonder it’s able to tackle organic matter like poop swiftly.
  • Hydrated: Is similar to caustic lime but with more water content. As a result, it is simpler to use, yet it can dilute the chemicals’ effects.
  • Non-caustic: Is the mildest of the three. It can still break down organic matter, yet the process is slower.

All three types can do the trick in neutralizing dog poop, yet the non-caustic option is the safest. Although it takes longer to work, it minimizes the risk of skin burns.

What Can You Spray Or Use To Dissolve The Canine’s Poop?

Consider these 5 must-have products to spray on pet waste as well:

Mini Septic Tank Or Do-It-Yourself Composter

Consider investing in a disposal system, one of the innovative technologies, for dog poop, such as the Doggie Dooley Waste Disposal System, if you have more money.

It functions like a miniature Doggie septic tank designed specifically for dog waste and offers a central position for its disposal.

Although the system’s installation and use require more effort than other choices, it is a solution for the long haul eliminating the need for purchasing dissolvers or poop bags.

It is also an environmentally friendly option. A mini system can be a perfect option for a 5-month puppy who can’t hold its pee for long.

To install the system, you must dig holes in your ground and follow the instructions to add tablets of the waste terminator and water.

Once installed, you can quickly dispose of dog feces in the designated area.

Enzyme-Based Dissolver

Enzyme-based dissolvers may be the most convenient and effective method to dispose of dog waste. They can maintain a clean and healthy yard with no perky smells.

The enzymes in these solutions are plant-based, meaning they break down the waste through natural chemical reactions to provide nutrients to the plants.

Such products are standard at many local stores and easy to use.

From my experience, spray the solution on the dog poo, and the enzymes will break it down in minutes.

Multiple brands are available on the market, such as the doggie doo dissolver, which effectively removes foul pet odors by extracting moisture.


Another agricultural product or organic material, vinegar, has multiple uses, including dissolving animal waste.

Vinegar is commonly known for its cleaning properties and ability to dissolve dirt and grime.

Indeed, its antibacterial and antiseptic elements can kill germs and neutralize the pH. It also does wonders to eliminate annual dog poop stains on your carpet.

For dissolving dog poop, mix equal parts of white vinegar and water and spray it on the yellow spots.

Still, using it to dissolve dog feces may not be the best and acceptable method for larger quantities.

The poop may get mushy, and you will have to scrape and scoop the residue after employing vinegar. Not to mention, some sensitive noses can’t endure its pungent smell.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a go-to pick for getting rid of feces. It has starch that absorbs moisture, making it great for handling diarrhea from liquid spills.

What’s more, it can serve as a deodorizer. Sometimes, if the dog pee smells like asparagus, you can remove the perky poop smell by absorbing them instead of covering them up.

The Bottom Line

what kind of lime for dog poop

As a responsible dog owner, you know the importance of cleaning up after your furry friend.

But what do you do with the mess? Can you put lime on dog poop? – Interestingly, I have just disclosed the entire answers to these questions.

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