Dog Is Possessive Of My Bed: Signs And Solutions

“Dog is possessive of my bed” is considered one of the first signs of possessive aggression or aggressive behaviors due to indulging the pets extremely from the owners.

Require you to have better solutions for raising their dogs or take them to training classes for strict daily practices.

Letting sudden possessive aggression in dogs occur constantly would put the owners in messy situations, which can hamper them from educating the dogs on the right behaviors for the future.

Which Signs When A Dog Is Possessive Of My Bed?

dog is possessive of my bed
Dog Is Possessive Of My Bed

“A dog is possessive of my bed” is generally not one big problem when considering the right dog behavior.

This would become more serious if the owners come across some cognitive issues from their dogs, such as: 

  • The dog snaps or growls when anyone, including the owner, tries to take back one food dish or toy from it
  • The dog never gives up one reward or toy despite receiving compulsory requirements from its owner.
  • The dog always treats growling behavior at other animals if they tend to get anything from the dog.
  • The dog is willing to headbutt other dogs due to being jealous of how its owner behaves toward the others. It may consider as a sign of “dog possessive of human” issue.

All examples above can be great warning signs for the owners to think about the crate training method quickly for their dogs.

Many people admit that crate training can control the dogs’ unwanted behaviors better; however, others prefer positive training such as obedience training courses, social interactions, and verbal commands for dogs.

How To Stop A Dog From Being Possessive Of Owner 

dog won't let other dog on bed
Way To Stop A Dog From Being Possessive

There are many solutions for treating signs of aggression in dogs. You can follow some common key methods of training dog possessive aggression in the owners’ bed listed in detail below: 

Applying A Strict Rule All Time

The owners must set the rule for their dogs about lying, sleeping, or walking on the beds.

“A dog is on the bed by invitation only” or ” A dog is only on the bed for sleeping time at night” are two simple examples that you can do to treat possessive behaviors better.

You must not let their pets be free from owning their beds in any circumstances, which can easily become one bad norm for their dogs.

Try to use one crate or kennel to prevent the dogs from being possessive of the bed when people are absent from home.

This is highly evaluated for restricting the expansion of territorial behaviors of the dogs more effectively and protecting the other pets for justice.

Giving A Dog One-Off Command

Teaching your dog the sign for “Off” or “Up” command for any action from the dogs when they intend to have an aggressive display to the owners by entering on the beds.

The process of training behavioral issues needs to be repeated constantly over time, which makes it become one daily awareness for the dogs.

This can bring more freedom for the pets (particularly dogs) than the animal shelter training above.

Preparing A Private Area For A Dog

Preparing a private sleeping spot for the dogs from the initial raising period can be one smart solution for restricting the phenomenon of being possessive of the bed over time.

Using one appropriate blanket and carpet to set up the dog’s comfortable spot is also a sign of better resource guarding for the dog.

Remember to choose the best place (not too close or far away from the owner’s bed), promoting to take care of or monitor the dogs safer.

Taking A Dog Away From The Bed If There Is Its Growl

When you allow your four-legged friend to sleep or run on the bed and a dog has a growl snap or bite, please take him/her away from the bed.

You should show your frustration to the dog, then let him/her keep calm without getting any particular emotion.

This can prevent the situation from creating bad tension between the owners and dogs, which are really difficult to train him/her the next time.

Using Kennel To Stop A Dog Walking On The Bed

Many people choose the way to put the dogs in the kennel to control serious emotional responses immediately.

It may not always be good; however, keeping the dogs in the kennels at night helps the owners sleep better and restricts them from being annoying.

There are also some acceptable alternatives for using a kennel, such as limiting running space for the dogs or banning the dogs from running after 10 PM.

Preferring The Bed As A Reward For A Dog

Rewards should be prepared for dogs, namely tasty treats, pieces of chicken, food bowls,s or new delicious treats, or even sleeping on the bed.

This can encourage the dogs to have normal behaviors and restrict bad behaviors to get as many rewards as possible.

You should consider the valuable resource for rewarding the dogs, which may keep them away from the beds more effectively.

Should Owners Let Their Dogs Sleep On Their Beds?

why does my dog get aggressive on my bed
Should Let Their Dogs Sleep On Owners Beds

The answer depends on the owners’ habits and interest in their dogs. Some people prefer sleeping with their pets on their beds and consider them “baby children” for a long time.

It can bring happiness and relaxation for people after a hard-working day, increasing their love for their pets.

Nevertheless, the other group admits that letting their dogs sleep can lead to some aggressive responses from the dogs or infectious animal illnesses (Parvovirus and Leptospirosis).

It would be really dangerous for human health over time.

Is It Good To Maintain Dog’s Privileges In Bed?

The answer is normally “no.” It can be explained that maintaining the dog’s privileges in bed will form the dog with an extremely bad norm from birth to maturity.

People hardly change this problem or must take a lot of time to improve bad behavior from the impact of privileges in bed for the dog.

This means the dogs’ bed privilege can be developed as animal nature, especially in the puppy period.


Should You Let Your New Puppy Sleep With You?

Maybe yes. The new puppy tends to fear everything, especially in a new environment. Letting the puppy sleep with its owners can help it adapt better and restrict some unexpected incidents.

Please take care of it as much as possible to control everything more effectively at any time.

Which Alternatives For Owners If They Do Not Let Their Dogs Be On Their Beds?

Definitely yes. People can completely prepare one comfortable sleeping place for their dogs using a blanket or carpet. Remember to seek a warm enough position to cover that.

Why Do Dogs Grow All Time In The Bed?

A dog always growling on the bed can come from bad physical situations or not being satisfied with the compulsory requirements from its owners, like keeping away from the bed.

In some situations, the dog can be jealous of the other pets.


“Dog is possessive of my bed” is one common problem for owners having the habit of raising their pets for love or friendship.

This can cause much trouble for people (including strong health and mental impacts) over a long time.

Adapting the right treatment for aggression allows the dogs’ owners to feel better from that and enjoy life better from raising their pets.


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  1. Great article…I’ve Been having issues with my 3yr old boxer mix attacking my lab on my bed. They’ve slept together on my bed for 2 years. I’ve put a big crate in my room for the boxer since he is attacker. Vet put both on Zoloft. Will probably look for some in home training too.


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