How Long Does Wet Dog Food Last Once Opened? Detailed Answer

How long does wet dog food last once opened? Finding the correct answer to this question is necessary to identify the right time for using damp food to feed your dog.

Also, knowing how long wet dog food may last after opening will help you choose the proper storage to extend its lifespan.

This is useful to maintain the taste and texture of wet food in an optimal condition.

Therefore, giving your pet a tasty meal with rich nutrients and attractive flavor is safer even when you open the canned wet food.

Let’s continue reading the useful information in this article to identify the best time the wet food may last when you open it.

How Long Does Wet Dog Food Last Once Opened?

how long does wet dog food last once opened

It may last about 2 hours once exposed to the air in normal conditions.

Yet, the opened wet food may last more, from 3 to 5 days, if you properly store it, such as refrigerating it or keeping it in an airtight container or bag.

How To Know The Opened Wet Dog Food Is Still Good?

Check Expiration Date

The expiration date is essential to tell if the wet dog food is still safe to feed your dog with the whole texture and delicious flavor.

Thus, check this information to determine if you should use the food best before which date to avoid bad impacts on your pet’s body and health.

This is because the manufacturer relies on favorable conditions and standard criteria to generate the ideal expiration date.

Normally, you may look for and inspect the expiration date on the bottom or back side of canned wet food. Check if the expiration date is clear to see and valid to use for your dog.

When the best-before date on the can has passed, consider discarding the food, as its nutritional value and texture are not integral anymore.

Thus, it’s necessary to always inspect the canned wet food’s expiration date before feeding it to your pet.

Remove the expired damp food instead of feeding your dog to avoid health problems, such as digestive issues or illness.

Monitor the Lifespan of Wet Food

Besides checking the expiration date, monitor wet food’s quality, taste, and texture when you still use it for your dog to consume.

The unopened cans of damp food often have one to two years of lifespan.

Yet, it’s important to manage how long you will guarantee wet food with the integral taste and texture to give your pup a nutritious and delicious meal.

Inspect Texture & Smell

After opening the can of wet dog food that has not yet passed the expiration date, you must inspect the odor and texture when picking it and feeding your dog.

If the dog food has a moldy smell, bad texture, or discolored top, you should trash it to protect your dog from harmful bacteria or germs.

It’s better to acquaint yourself with the texture and smell of the wet food to monitor any changes that tell you that it goes spoiled and becomes bad for your pup’s health.

Besides, you should also ensure that the can doesn’t leak or damage before opening and the abnormal foam or fluid when opening it.

How To Store Wet Dog Food After Opening? 

How do you store wet dog food after opening

Storing the wet food once you’ve opened it properly helps extend its shelf life and maintain its nutritional value and texture.

Thus, follow these useful and simple tips to know how to store wet dog food without hassle.

Use Airtight Container or Bag

After serving your pet wet food from a can or pouch, place the remaining portion in an airtight and separate bag or container, such as a food ziplock.

Besides, you may utilize a plastic container to keep the canned wet food to prevent it from exposure to the outside air.

Also, plastic wrap is better than a zip-to-close bag as it holds moisture and provides the wet food with a respective smell barrier and proper air.

After you put the remaining dog food in the prepared container or clean bag, seal it completely to avoid oxidation that spoils its taste, quality, and texture and makes it rancid.

Such proper storage will retain the nutritional value and stop the growth of harmful bacteria such as salmonella or E. coli.

Storing in Fridge Or Freezer

It’s best to store the wet food in the fridge or freezer after putting it in an airtight, clean container or bag.

This effectively extends the lifespan of food and maintains the nutrients and taste.

In addition, leaving the remaining wet food out for a prolonged time can cause contamination with the toxic elements.

This also reduces the nutritional benefits and makes the food rancid faster.

Besides, this simple method can help the food avoid oxygen exposure and the rapid growth of bacteria.

Therefore, keep the opened wet food in the freezer or fridge at the right temperature, ranging from 40 to 45°F, for 3-5 days.

Keep Wet Dog Food in a Dry and Cool Place

Another useful trick to help keep the wet food last longer is to preserve it in a cool and dry place.

You should choose a well-ventilated, dark location such as a pantry or cupboard to store the wet food quickly once opened.

This way is helpful to prevent the food from being exposed to direct sunlight, excessive heat, or high humidity that may damage its texture or decrease its quality.


Does wet dog food spoil

Can I Leave Opened Wet Dog Food Overnight?

No, you can’t. Leaving the bowl of wet dog food overnight or all day after opening is not advisable.

This is due to prolonged exposure to heat, temperature, or air, which may boost the quick bacteria growth, leading to food spoilage.

Thus, briefly leave the available wet food to ensure its taste and quality.

Also, this is significant to prevent your pet from overeating on days that cause digestive problems or obesity.

Why Is Refrigerating Opened Wet Dog Food Necessary? How Long Can Wet Dog Food Stay In the Fridge?

Refrigerating the opened wet dog food is essential to prevent the strong growth of harmful bacteria, the oxygen exposure ruining the taste and texture, and leading to your pet’s health problems.

Most opened wet food may last five to seven days when you preserve it in the fridge.

Yet, you should monitor the wet food while refrigerating it to maintain the best taste and nutritional value. Keeping the food in the fridge for about two to three days is advisable.

Besides, packaging the wet food using an airtight bag or container to avoid oxidation before refrigerating it.

How To Know Opened Wet Dog Food Has Spoiled?

You can consider some common signs that indicate the spoilage of opened wet food and eliminate it immediately.

First, when the food appears to have a poor smell, like a rotten or sour odor, discard it because it has gone bad already.

Second, if you see your pup refuse to consume the food, it may also be a sign of spoilage.

Besides, the bad wet food also comes with swelling or bloating on the surface of the pouch or can.

In addition, the mold, abnormal texture, and discoloration also indicate that the wet food gets spoiled and needs to be discarded.


How long does wet dog food last once opened? It may last about 2 hours when you leave it at normal room temperature.

Yet, when you store it in an airtight bag, container, or fridge, it can last longer with an intact taste and texture to attract your furry friend to enjoy.

To ensure the best quality of wet food after opening, double-check the expiration date and change of flavor, color, or texture to determine if it is still good for your pet’s health.


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