My Dog Is Licking Everything And Throwing Up – Causes And Solutions

It’s cute when our furry friend licks our face or hands. But recently my dog is licking everything and throwing up.

If yours is in the same case, don’t be unwary, as this act could have repercussions for its health.

To solve this problem, my article will present much information about the causes, coupled with feasible remedies. Let’s get started!

My Dog Is Licking Everything And Throwing Up – The Reasons Why?

my dog is licking everything and throwing up

When your puppy displays a habit of compulsive licking and then vomiting, it could be a sign of gastrointestinal issue, or he has licked something toxic or felt nauseous.

If this happens more often than normal, you should call the vet.

Let’s take a closer look at each case.

Signs Of Gastrointestinal Issue

Gastrointestinal disease is a group of digestive disorders related to lingering symptoms like bloating, diarrhea, constipation, reflux or cramping.

When your canine catches this disease, its digestive system will be negatively impacted.

It could form many inflammatory spots on the abdominal or intestine, resulting in acute abdominal pain and intestine blockage.

Therefore, your dog might lose appetite, and the food cannot be converted into nutrients well. All cause it to vomit and lick everything to satisfy its hunger.

Licking Something Toxic

Your canine is probably licking strange objects or something abnormal on the floor. A dog is interested in licking its surroundings by nature, so this habit is not unavoidable.

Some things can be enumerated, such as scraps of food, biscuit crumbs, chemicals in household cleaner products, or even trash.

When it consumes these “foods”, its digestive system cannot perform properly, and the stomach is unable to settle well.

So vomiting is the only choice in this situation. Yet, my dog continued licking carelessly next time despite the illness, so you should keep an eye on them.

Feeling Nauseous

Dog licking everything and vomiting are two noticeable symptoms of canine nausea.

Besides, you should know other signs, including dehydration, dry heaving, excessive chewing, and drooling.

Nausea in dogs is a common problem that often occurs by itself. When your puppy gets into trouble with nausea, its upset stomach might feel uncomfortable.

If left unchecked, the feeling of discomfort could increase over a period of time.

Hence, after eating a portion of food, your dog would likely throw up due to this uneasy feeling. The hunger starts to set in, making it lick everything to alleviate the need.

What Are The Causes Behind My Dog’s Excessive Licking?

dog licking floor and vomiting

Here is a list of possible culprits leading to your canine excessive licking. Be it followed by vomiting or not, you should take it seriously.

Infection And Skin Conditions

Some skin conditions or underlying ailments, like endocrine disorders, are associated with the immune response.

That means your dog will respond to these diseases via a series of natural behaviors, and licking is one of them.

When it is prone to skin infections, mostly rendered by parasites, fungi and bacteria, the itchiness will spread over its skin and entire body.

Licking is a useful method to relieve this uncomfortable feeling.

Besides licking, I also notice an area full of hair loss on my poodle. This is also a clear symptom of skin diseases in pets.

To reach a correct conclusion, you should visit a reliable clinic and have your dog do a complete physical checkup.


Allergic reaction is another reason behind the canine’s non-stop licking. Allergies take many forms, and the most common one is food allergy.

In this case, feeding it with lamb dog food is recommended.

It can get allergic as well by interacting with airborne molds or pollens in the air. Some breeds’ skin is sensitive, so those agents could induce inflammation or allergic spots.

Under this circumstance, your puppy may lick constantly to mitigate the itchiness and forget the allergy.

Suffering The Pain

Sometimes, you may easily see your dog licking its body parts excessively. Don’t be surprised by the way, as it could get injured, and licking acts as a painkiller at this time.

I have experienced this case once. After strolling, my dog displayed the usual conduct of constant licking.

At first, I didn’t pay much attention to this behavior, but I already knew something was wrong when seeing its facial expression.

Looking closer, its paw was bleeding. This area was prone to injuries because it could easily get burrs and thorns between the pads of its feet. And my puppy used its saliva to treat by licking.


As mentioned earlier, nausea is common among dogs and cats.

There are several culprits behind this disease, like eating too fast, overconsuming, eating something indigestible or a sudden change in the diet.

Feeling nauseous, your canine may get upset tummies, which induces excess salivation, along with a gross taste in its mouth.

That’s why it often loses appetite when overcoming this nauseous phase.

Under this circumstance, licking helps sway these annoying tastes by producing much saliva.

Mental Problems

Suppose your puppy is facing boredom; she may lick the air or other objects, including cocoa powder, as an outlet from this tedious duration.

The act of licking is functional at releasing positive hormones, namely dopamine or endorphin, which helps raise its mood and relax.

Given other mental issues, it also encounters the same way.

I had left my dog at home alone for a couple of hours, and when I returned, my stuff, such as clothes or bed chairs, was wetted by my dog’s saliva.

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

The cognitive problem is present in this list as well. The most common one is obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, for abbreviation.

When suffering from this condition, you don’t want everything to mess up, and you always place a clean space in the top priority.

The same is applied to a dog. So when it develops OCD, excessive licking is unavoidable because it finds it quite difficult to stop.

To these puppies, licking is compelling that helps clean their fur and surrounding objects. Apart from OCD, over-reactiveness and anxiety are other major concerns.

Appetitive Behaviors

It is quite strange, but your dog may show constant licking when being starved. In a hungry state, it only focuses on the food and finds digestible targets.

So, licking is a testing way to help a canine know whether it can consume this material or not. This act also sways the appetite and food cravings effectively.

Attention-seeking Behaviors

Finally, licking is a technique dogs use to show their love. When your dog wants to express affection towards you, it will jump over you and licks everything on your body with a broad smile.

It may do the same when displaying its love towards other dogs. This behavioral cue is very sweet and, indeed, an affectionate form of communication.

Other Causes

  • Infiltration of plasma cells and lymphocytes
  • Delayed gastric emptying
  • Chronic pancreas inflammation
  • Giardiasis, an infection triggered by a Giardia parasite
  • Compulsive disorders
  • Primary central nervous system disturbances

How To Stop My Puppy From Licking Excessively?

my dog is throwing up and licking everything

You should closely notice these below tips for curbing your dog’s obsessive licking.

  • Organize some alternative activities to attract your puppy’s attention, so its focus will be redirected and it no longer thinks of licking.
  • Try a positive reinforcement training method by giving your canine rewards, such as its favorite toys, meals or praising its performance.
  • Don’t give much attention to your dog when it constantly licks, as it does so just to seek your attention. Ignore it, move away to another place, or simply avoid eye contact.
  • Steer it away from foods or things that trigger allergy, for instance, pollens or grasses. If it shows some allergic signs, you should have a vet check its overall health and give medical prescriptions.
  • Suppose infection and skin issue are the culprits; take your canine to the nearest clinic, and a professional veterinarian will prescribe some tick and flea-preventative medicines.
  • If it licks because of boredom, give it interactive toys or play with your dog.
  • Licking is indicative of pain. Gently touch and cuddle your canine while looking for any spots or inflammations on its body.
  • Take closer notice of its mental health. If you feel your dog is sad or agonizing, play with him to sway the stress, so he would stop licking.
  • Changes in cleaning products, like shampoos, should be made if dermatitis is found.

Why Is My Dog Licking The Floor After Throwing Up?

After vomiting, a dog often feels uneasy and quite sick. In most cases, it vomits because of eating something strange to its taste.

Hence, licking the floor will help it feel better by releasing hormones, as presented above.

In other words, the act of licking brings a puppy much comfort and alleviates its negative feelings.

Like humans, when a child feels unwell, many parents might give him a toy. But dogs choose to lick the floor instead.

Floor licking is quite normal, happening to any age and breed.

Yet, dog licking excessively suddenly could denote potential hazards in many cases, so you are advised to monitor it closely to detect anything abnormal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Canine Licking The Floor And Dry Heaving?

Sometimes, you may hear a gag after your puppy licks the door. Don’t panic; it might swallow some dirty particles and want to clear its throat by making that noise.

Yet, if the urge to throw up follows, you should be careful. This is attributed to an inflammation in the larynx.

This body part is responsible for protecting the lung by allowing the air and preventing foods from entering it.

When some inflammatory spots appear, they will wreak havoc on the larynx’s operation and functions, making a throat itch and eventually leading to a dry heave.

The scenario of a dog licking floor and vomiting is also looming.

Why Does My Dog Lick Me So Much?

The answer is quite simple because it loves you so much. Licking can be considered as the love language.

Instead of talking love by word of mouth like humans, a puppy shows affection towards its owner by licking excessively.

Besides, when you are down in the dumps and about to cry, it licks you as a way of expressing its empathy and soothing the owner’s soul.

Does My Dog Lick Its Own Butt Because Of Sickness?

Maybe. If your canine licks its backside for hours, some health problems are lurking, including swollen glands, infection, internal parasites, fleas, and ticks.

All you need to do is consult a pet expert’s advice, and if the situation exacerbates, you should call a professional veterinary surgeon right away for emergency intervention.

Ensure you are up-to-date with your puppy’s worming treatments and vaccination schedules.

The Bottom Line

This article has solved the mystery of why my dog is licking everything and throwing up by unfolding numerous causes behind this practice.

They do so due to their upset stomach or nausea.

It’s best to take them to the vet and not adopt any so-called home remedies if you don’t get to the bottom of the problem yet.

Thank you for your genuine support, and have a nice day!


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