Puppy Lays Down On Walks: All Things You Need To Know

Are your furry friends usually happy walking on a leash? But a couple of times, your puppy lays down on walks

This might perplex pet owners who question why their pup no longer wants to go on.

Your puppies often do this because of anything from passing diversions to fatigue, so it’s important to comprehend your canine companion if this bad behavior happens.

So let’s talk about the many options down below!

Your Puppy Lays Down On Walks: Cause And Explain

puppy lays down on walks
What Causes Of Puppy Lays Down On Walks

There are some common reasons why your dog keeps laying down on walks, such as detecting order, wanting to change ways, being scared, remembering something, wanting to play, and being uncomfortable.

Let’s learn more details to answer your question, “Why does my dog lay down on walks?”

Detecting Odor

Our canine companions have powerful noses. If they come upon an intriguing fragrance that draws them in, your puppies may lie down to get close to the aroma and take it all in.

If the smell is strong enough, they may resist their caretakers as they try to drag them along. When this is the situation, your furry friend will usually bury their face in the spot.

Wanting To Change Direction

Even if you and your furry friends have a daily walk, your dog may sometimes want to try something new on a fixed route.

In this case, your dog may try to oppose your decisions by tugging in the other direction or lying down.

If they have been successful in the past, they are more likely to attempt to exert their influence on these negative behaviors again.

Being Scared

Your dog lays down and refuses to move if it detects anything ahead that frightens it. Your furry friends may be telling you “no” in this fashion.

fearful dogs who have not been properly socialized often experience this since they are not completely at ease in their skin.

This odd behavior is less likely to persist as they mature and get exposed to new experiences.

Whenever your puppy appears to fear forward motion, you may want to try an alternative approach or work on desensitizing the anxiety on walks.

It takes plenty of time to overcome a phobia like this, so keep that in mind.

Remembering Something

A few of man’s best friends, the furry friends, have an incredible recall. They may recall the area and be drawn back if they found anything interesting on a prior walk.

They may entice their owners to return to this spot, so they may immediately lie down.

Your dog may be seen sniffing the area intently and resisting your requests to leave. You never know what caused your dog to sit down during walks.

The cause may be anything as simple as a puppy or passing an automobile frightening him on his usual stroll.

Conversely, if a really large and aggressive dog is on the street, your dog may decide to sit down before proceeding. In this case, you should take a different route or avoid that street.

Wanting To Play

It might be challenging to coax your puppy back home if he or she is having a great time on a stroll with a new friend.

Puppies may act quite similarly to toddlers, even to the point of laying down like they’re having a tantrum.

Your four-legged friend may not be prepared for a goodbye if they only do this if they observe other dogs on their outdoor walks.

While it may take some convincing, these puppies are usually amenable to returning home.

Being Uncomfortable

dog keeps laying down on walks
Your Dog Being Uncomfortable

Your dog also needs to rest by laying down occasionally when out for walks as they build up its endurance.

Some of our furry companions tire easily on lengthy walks, and a rest stop now and again may help them keep going.

If a dog is happy and healthy, it may try to push over his or her limits. So paying attention to these signs is crucial.

Puppies need this extra attention since their developing bodies can’t usually keep up with those of their older canine companions.

When it’s hot outside, your dog will want to stop for water and shade more often on walks.

Overheating is a common symptom in young dogs, and when they start to show signs of it, they may sit or lie down.

If your dog begins to lie down on a stroll on a hot day, it’s probably a bit of time to get back inside. Dogs don’t sweat as humans do. Thus a normal stroll may quickly lead to a sign of heat exhaustion.

Overheating may lead to signs of heat exhaustion, so getting your adult dogs into a cool environment immediately is important if you see any warning signals.

Your small friend will feel hurt if it suddenly refuses to walk with you and instead lays down the whole plenty of time.

This is especially important when someone is limping and crying out since these walking behaviors may indicate a sign of injury sustained during the walk.

Talk to your vet for advice when you suspect your puppy is limping while out for a walk because of an acute injury. They need to stop walking immediately to rest up for whatever comes next.

How To Prevent Your Dog Lays Down During Walk

There are several options for dealing with an obstinate dog that refuses to do anything except lie down in protest.

Some of our favorite suggestions will help you and your new puppy get started. (Remember, this only applies to healthy pups not having trouble with the weather.)

  • Keep a couple of your dog’s favorite goodies on hand. Treat incentives may be effective in getting people out of the house and moving about. They can associate lying down with getting a reward, so don’t give it to them just after they get up.
  • Provide a gift or incentive when you come home from your stroll if your dog has difficulty coming inside. Your dog will eventually learn to anticipate this reward and happily accompany you home.
  • If your dog appears to be growing more and more resistant on walks, try a new route. This may prevent your dog from being bored and lying around all day.
  • Never shout at or pull your dog by the leash if you’re having trouble rousing them. Some dogs may see this as fun, while others may dread going on walks because of it. We understand how annoying it may be when your dog just won’t get to go for a stroll, but if you handle the situation correctly, you’ll be much better off in the long run.

Do You Need To Worry When Your Dog Keeps Laying Down On Walks?

why does my dog lay down on walks
Do You Need To Worry If Dog Lays Down On Walk

Our furry pals’ innocent habits may sometimes indicate a more severe problem.

As we’ve already established, when external elements and other symptoms match, it might be a warning of potential injury or illness.

If your dog stops walking and lays down every day, regardless of whether these other indications are absent, you should still see your veterinarian.

Your furry friends may be experiencing fatigue, which may indicate a more common issue.

We recommend taking your furry friend to the veterinary emergency if you see that it is becoming tired unusually fast.


There are numerous causes for why your puppy lays down on walks.

In some cases, it is normal, but if you have noticed any unusual signals indicating any physical discomfort or long-term pain in dogs, you should have a vet visit in person to check their physical and mental health and get medical advice.


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