What Movies Do Dogs Like To Watch? Top 10 Suggestions

Doesn’t it sound cozy and comforting for pet parents to have a puffy partner by their side, sharing a favorite movie?

Dogs have their tastes in entertainment, just like us. While some love moving their bodies outside, others feel relaxed and excited about sitting and watching a movie.

But what movies do dogs like to watch? I feel you as I also used to question exactly when trying to spend movie time with my pet.

Now I am here to help you with suggestions for movies dogs like to watch.

What Movies Do Dogs Like To Watch?

what movies do dogs like to watch

Our beloved pooches seem to have a special fondness for some specific genres, including action, comedy, family, and adventure movies. Their reactions to these kinds of movies are similar to humans.


Dogs are highly energetic, so there is no surprise that they love action films. Like humans, these furry friends also show suspense and anticipation before and throughout an action movie.

Scenes of chases, jumps, explosions, etc., easily catch their attention. You will likely find your pets proactively interacting with the eye-catching actions on screen.

Bolt and DC League of Super-Pets are some interesting action movies for dogs to watch.


Family films are one of the most popular movies that dogs like to watch. As family members, they can understand and connect to the characters and stories conveyed in those films.

Your dog would also feel more bonding when snuggling up to their parents and sharing heart-warming movies such as Lassie Come Home and Marley & Me.


If you see your real-life dog is in the mood for nothing, cheer them up with a comedy like Best in Show, Hotel for Dogs, or The Secret Life of Pets.

Dogs get their way of expressing humor and often act nonsense for a giggle. Pet parents can bring “laughs” by showing them a good comedy.


Similar to the action genre, dogs are highly attracted to adventure films. The sequences of exploration and discovery captivate dogs as they are drawn to the journeys in those movies.

Seeing your adorable pooch jumping with excitement or hiding under the blanket upon scary movies would be funny.

Turner & Hooch, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey and Isle of Dogs are some of the all-time best dog movies of this genre.

10 Recommended Movies To Watch With Your Pooches

Do dogs like watching movies with dogs

Below is my top list of pet-friendly movies to watch with your dog.

101 Dalmatians

This world-famous classic movie of Disney must be the vedette among the must-watch movies dogs watch.

Regardless of the animated or live-action version, the captivating plot and cuteness overload of Dalmatian canine actors will provide both pet owners and dogs with laughs and enjoyment.


This is a delightful action animation about the epic journey of a television pet star to a real superhero who does his best to rescue Penny – his beloved owner.

I bet your canine friend will be madly excited about the titular dog’s actions in this funny movie.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)

This 90s classic adventure movie tells about the wild and amazing journey of three pets seeking their owners.

The movie is fun, exciting, and touching when it shows the bravery, friendship, and utmost love of these furry friends for their families.

Lady and the Tramp

Having a taste for romance? The love story between a golden cocker spaniel and a mongrel dog in this Disney’s adorable classic animation will leave you and your dog with warm and fuzzy feelings.

Lassie Come Home

A warm-hearting movie about Lassie, a faithful dog who dares to overcome dangers to reunite with her beloved family.

Besides a well-paced storyline, the movie impresses me with beautiful cinematography that combines lush scenery, watercolor painting, and gorgeous music from an amazing orchestration.

Marley & Me

It would be a deep regret if I missed this title.

You must call your entire family together for this heartwarming movie which was developed based on a nonfiction novel of the same name.

The screenwriter successfully resonates the story with the practical emotions of any pet parent to their indispensable family member.

Hotel for Dogs (2009)

Do dogs like watching movies with dogs? They do.

This movie is full of canine characteristics that definitely draw the interest of dog audiences.

Meanwhile, you will have the most relaxing moments filled with giggles when watching kiddos handle running a secret business.

Don’t get too surprised if you see your dog’s constant interactions like  wagging tail and barking at furry animals on screen.

Secret Life of Pets (2016)

A perfect comedy with great senses of creativity and amusement for both your kids and pooch to entertain with.

This computer-animated film shows an imaginative discovery of pets’ daily routines when the homeowners are away.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

This is a tearjerker about a true story of a Japanese dog named Hachiko which is well-known worldwide for its loyalty.

I am sure any dog lover will much more appreciate the relationship with their furry companions after watching this dog movie.

Old Yeller

Change the vibe with a different touch of vintage.

Despite being set in the 1800s, Old Yeller remains a quintessential one of movies about dogs for many audiences, not to mention dog lovers.

Reminder: get yourself tissues, as it might make you weep uncontrollably.

Notes When Watching Movies With Your Furry Friends

movies dogs watch

Although a movie night is great, there are some important notes to have it safe and complete:

  • Consider factors like age, energy, and interest level of your pooch to choose a suitable genre and movie.
  • Adjust suitable volume because these audiences have a great sensitivity to loud sounds.
  • If you intend to share popcorn, remember to keep it plain without any additional ingredients.

You can also opt for healthy doggie treats as movie snacks like blueberry pancakes for both you and your happy pooch.

  • TV is not a dog sitter. Pay attention to your four-legged partner, as they might get over-exciting and sudden movements by on-screen actions.


Is It Good For Dogs To Watch Tv?

Yes, if you do it right. Although television is a fine tool for a happy pooch, it cannot replace real-life companionship and healthy activities.

Pet parents should only consider TV time as a relaxing treat for their pets after a good walk or playtime.

Excessive watching might turn your dog into a couch potato with health issues like being overweight or obese.

Can Dogs Understand Movies?

Yes, to some extent. Some findings show that these furry animals can understand certain images and videos as a real-life story.

A dog’s motionless state in front of the screens might indicate their attention to the sounds and scan for potential dangers or prey in the film’s setting.

They can also recognize and understand what is happening on the screen based on similar facial expressions and body language of living humans in real life.


What movies do dogs like to watch?

Bet you likely have a good quality time with your canine friends with my compiled list of 10 high-rated puppy movies above.

Are you now ready for a movie date with your pup? Let’s enjoy your movie time with your beloved four-legged friend!


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