What To Do If A Dog Licks Inside Your Mouth? 4 Ways

Sometimes, you might be surprised by your furry friend’s strange behavior, particularly its desire to lick the human mouth.

What to do if a dog licks inside your mouth? If you are confused about this act, the article will help you.

Besides, I will offer comprehensive insights into the reasons why your canine does so; hence, you’ll understand your four-legged companion more.

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Why Do Dogs Like Licking Your Mouth?

what to do if a dog licks inside your mouth

Below are some reasons explaining the matter of dog licking inside human mouth.

Ask For Feeding

There is a high likelihood that your canine does so with the purpose of asking you to give it food.

This hypothesis derives from the habit of the modern dog’s ancestor, the Late Pleistocene wolf.

Young wolves are unable to swallow the kind of food that their parents eat. This is also true until now, as the meal you feed to puppies is different from that given to adult canines.

Back to the topic, the wolf parents, in turn, consume the food, partially digest it, and leave some crumbs over their mouths.

The wolf puppy will lick their lips, which stimulates regurgitation. This ancient behavior trait is still present in the modern breeds.

Express The Great Love

Another reason behind your furry companion’s licking action is that it loves you so much.

We often show affection to our loved ones by giving them meaningful wishes or a warm and tight hug.

Dogs cannot do so; they choose a much easier expression by barking and wagging their tails or excessive licking your body part, particularly the mouth.

 This practice becomes more frequent when you come home, and the little friend feels happy to welcome you back.

Love The Taste Of Your Saliva

Your saliva’s taste seems attractive to your cute dog. This is because human saliva is quite salty, and canines also love the salty taste.

In some cases, your dog even mistakes your saliva for the food and consumes it without hesitation.

However, don’t spit your saliva towards its face thinking that it likes your saliva. Dogs might regard this conduct as a way of evoking the fight.

It could jump over to scratch and bite you in an angry mood; you’d better watch out.

Show Signs Of Health Issues

Unlike humans, pups cannot talk or tell you about their health problems.

Alternatively, they will perform a series of actions and body language, like biting, whining, nuzzling, barking, and even licking.

Numerous experts state that when your canine licks its owner’s mouth, it will likely undergo stress and depression.

When doing so, it hopes you could pay attention to its condition, especially through the watery eyes looking downwards.

You should notice other health issues, such as sickness or pain, apart from the stress.

It is highly recommended to visit a reliable clinic, and a professional vet will perform an overall check-up.

Suppose you are in a financial predicament; the US Humane Society will help you by listing some charity resources.

Your Dog Thinks Something Is Wrong With You

Sometimes, your lovely pooches lick your mouth to show their sympathy towards you. You may display your weak self in front of them by bursting into tears or crying in pain.

Dogs have a great ability to remember things very well. So when they see you next time, they want to alleviate your sadness and choose to lick your face as the best way.

This is the best time since I adopted my little Bulldog. I could feel a strong bond with my furry friend when it did so.

From then on, I became more appreciative of its presence in my life.

You Accidentally Train Them To Lick Your Mouth

You could be surprised by this final reason in the list. Yes, you are apt to train your canine into this behavior.

For instance, once it licks your mouth to express love, you feel happy and react warmly.

The next time, it repeats this act, and you also give your pooch a nice cuddle.

It may assume that you are into the behavior; it will do the same with the purpose of pleasing you.

Consequently, you have formed a new behavior pattern within your dog’s mind. The best solution is to stop taking notice of it by looking the other way or showing displeasure.

What To Do If A Dog Licks Inside Your Mouth?

should I not let my dog lick my mouth

After your canines lick the inside of your mouth, you must wash the licked area carefully to keep hygiene, as dogs’ saliva may contain some harmful bacteria, which are capable of transmitting oral diseases.

Besides, it would help if you implemented proactive measures to solve this situation. Let’s check them out in the following sections!

Wash And Brush The Licked Area

Some bugs and parasites feed on the canine saliva, including the Capnocytophaga germs.

They easily spread to humans through scratches, bites, or other close contact with your dog.

So when it licks your mouth, you risk being infected with this dangerous bacterium due to saliva transmission.

Especially if you have a weaker immunity system, you will more likely be infected with it and get sick.

How to stop your dog lick inside your mouth? You must immediately wash the licked area to prevent the germs’ attack.

Apart from rinsing your mouth, clean your hands as well to avert them to the full.

Train And Use The “No” Demand

What to do if a dog licks your mouth? After every time that your canine licks your mouth, you must train it not to do so next time by using harsh punishment or simply saying “no” to this behavior with a firm voice.

If it continues to do so, you could execute the “no” demand in another harsh way by locking it in the crate until mealtime.

Your canine might show its fear and not undertake this act again, yet remember not to over-rely on this method, as it can be traumatized.

Suppose it is too stubborn; you can consult a vet or ask for advice from an experienced pet owner to figure out the optimal solutions.

Use The Distraction

If you don’t want to scold or use some form of punishment to stop your four-legged companion, diverting its attention is advisable.

For example, when it intends to lick your mouth, turn on the television, or take its favorite toys to sway its attention.

Repeat this practice a few times; you will know how effective the method is. Your canine might forget what it is going to do, and the practice perception will start to fade over time.

Praise Dogs To Encourage A Different Canine Behavior

Praising is another great approach. All you need to do is train it to form another conduct by giving your furry friend verbal praise and treats.

As mentioned earlier, it licks your mouth because of its assumption that you like this act. Now, you must change its thought by directing it to another behavior.

When it does so, pretend to feel happy and treat it with toys and fake bones.

It will rethink that its owner feels more happy with this practice, thereby stopping to lick your mouth just to please you.

Is It Okay If A Dog Licks You In The Mouth?

Is It Okay If A Dog Licks You In The Mouth

Absolutely no.

The uncleanliness of the canine saliva can put your health in jeopardy.

It will transmit various yeasts, bacteria, and germs to your body via the oral way, gradually weakening the immune system and causing multiple health issues.

The problem worsens, especially for children and older adults whose immune systems are vulnerable.

Every owner wants their dogs to love and express affection to them, yet everything should be in moderation.

So should I not let my dog lick my mouth? Yes, instead of mouth licking, you should let your dog lick other body parts, such as your legs, hands, elbow, etc.

These areas are less sensitive than the tongue and mouth; you can also easily wash off harmful bacteria by showering or bathing.

If some drops of dog saliva have landed on your mouth, no need to freak out because a small amount is not too serious.

However, monitor your health closely and visit a local hospital in case of a medical emergency.

What Are The Health Risks You May Face?

As presented above, the transmission of the Capnocytophaga bacteria is very dangerous. When you are prone to bacterial infections, you will show a range of signs as follows:

  • Blisters around the mouth
  • Redness, swelling, and draining pus in the mouth
  • Fever
  • Banging headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle tension

These symptoms are just mild and do not put your health at risk. Other severe complications include kidney disease, gangrene, and heart attack.

Some even have their toes, limbs and even fingers amputated due to the risk of infection.

The Bottom Line

Now you should have known what to do if a dog licks inside your mouth. Training and using some forms of punishment are the best remedies to the issue.

If you frequently let dogs lick your mouth, it’s advised to stop it immediately for the sake of your health. Never disregard the harmful effects caused by the Capnocytophaga germs.


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