About Me

Let’s dig down something about me!

Mitchell Mason

Hello, everyone. My name is Mitchell Mason. Welcome to the Dog Growth blog. You will find everything about the dog here. Let’s enjoy the journey with us!

I am an officer in downtown IOWA. In the past, my family fed 2 puppies and a cat. I had an amazing duration of living with them.

When I grow up and get married. Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t like the pet too much. That is the reason why I can’t bring them together with us.

One day, when she got mugged on the street and a brave dog from near there came out and help her to get rid of this situation.

From that day, she becomes a big fan of Dog. That surprised me a lot.

Finally, we decided to feed a puppy – called Linda. While growing up, we faced a lot of problems with breeding and health.

So, we made this blog to share with you guide. I hope that experience will help you out of the problems same as me before.

Any inquires or questions, feel free to contact me via contact page.

Thanks for reading.