Badass Dog Names That Start With M? 60 Best Names

If your canine is a bit fierce and looks scary, it is inadvisable to set cute names for them, especially ones beginning with m. So what are badass dog names that start with M?

This article will introduce a list of tough dog names starting with m for some pooches whose characteristic is manipulative and manic. Keep scrolling down for further information!

What Are The Badass Dog Names That Start With M? 60 Surprising Names

badass dog names that start with m

Malice, Mamba, and Mohawk are the most common names for male dogs, while Midnight, Mojo, and Mercy gain popularity given female names.

Following are 60 suggested names with the first letter of M, created for aggressive dogs that you should know.

Boy Dog Names

What are badass dog names for males? Check the list below:

  • Malice: the evil intention
  • Mamba: the image of a super poisonous queen snake
  • Mohawk: an incredibly aggressive name meaning “eaters of men” – for canines who have a nasty taste in life.
  • Mayhem: a dog with an endless source of energy that usually leaves a mess and chaos behind.
  • Monster: the strange and atrocious creature that everyone afraid of
  • Morgul: What is the rarest dog name? Morgul can be one of them – named after a dynastic empire extending over large parts of the Indian subcontinent
  • Malfoy: a famous evil wizard in the Harry Potter series
  • Major: the military force. Sounds imposing and manipulative!
  • Maxwell: a renowned army specialist known for his aggressive personality trait
  • Mars: a huge planet in the Sun system
  • Mufasa: the lion king in a Disney animation
  • Magnum: translated to “great” or “big”, suitable for giant badass dogs
  • Mafia: a secret organization of criminals (if your pooch usually do something secretly)
  • Magnus: the first name of a British broadcaster, writer, and journalist – for clever dogs
  • Matrix: one of the badass unisex dog names meaning “Womb” – representing the foundation and start of society – for powerful dogs 
  • Mack: denoting “ a son of” or “greatest” – showing your love towards your big dog
  • Marvel: a wonderful dog that always makes you surprise
  • Master: a canine who is able to control something
  • Mate: one of the unisex names, representing a friend that you can trust
  • Maverick: an independent and unusual dog
  • Micah: Who is like the Lord? – Representing power and wisdom
  • Maximus, Malcolm, Mark, Marlee, Marson, Mateo, Monty, Murphy, Mikado, Mansa and Marshall are other first names parents usually set for male badass dogs 

Female Dog Names

What is the most powerful dog name for females? Below are some cases in point:

  • Midnight: a dog that will protect you even in the darkest moment of a day
  • Mojo: a sexy yet mystical symbol
  • Mary Jane: a female fictional character striking the plague and death 
  • Maleficent: a cruel and evil queen
  • Misty: a freedom spirit to celebrate the beauty of nature
  • Mumble: a dependable dog that can persuade others easily
  • Morgan: a name adopted for many powerful female dogs on the Earth
  • Motley: a great name for a mixed dog breed that is full of confidence
  • Mercy: for a female puppy with a kind or forgiving attitude 
  • Madison: your pup is a “gift from God” and a “courageous warrior.”
  • Mae: meaning “the Goddess of Spring” or “May” – for dogs born in May or in spring
  • Mallory: named after an English climber trying to conquer the Everest mountain
  • Maple: representing strength and longevity like a maple tree.
  • Marley: a highly energetic and playful pup
  • May: an easygoing dog born in May
  • Meadow: a smart and resistant dog
  • Meg: a graceful dog as beautiful as a pearl
  • Melody: an optimistic pup that loves listening to music with you
  • Minx: a young girl dog who is clever at getting what she wants
  • Mocha: an intelligent, self-centered, and stubborn pooch
  • Mystic: your canine has spiritual powers that are hard to understand
  • Michonne, Morana, Makenna, Macy, Maddie, Mavis, and Mika are other monikers being adopted as girl dog names.

How To Choose The Best Badass Dog Name?

What are badass dog names

The top priority is acknowledging your pooch’s personality.

If your dog is badass but quite shy when meeting strangers, some names, such as Malfoy, Mafia, or Major, are unsuitable.

The reason is that they all represent extreme power and even receive much veneration.

What name means loyal dog? Magnus, Mansa, or Mikado can be amazing names to choose from.

Likewise, you must gain deep insights into your dog’s character before setting its name. Afterward, you locate a group of proper names and pick your favorite one.

But this name should be easy to remember and sound out. Avoid combining irrelevant words that are different in pronunciation, as they might clash.

Opt for a natural expression. You don’t want to embarrass yourself in public when calling an utterly strange dog name, right?

After choosing the best name, it’s time to see whether your canine approves.

Call it with that name and see what kind of reactions it elicits. Your pooch might love this name if it barks or wags its tail from side to side.

Frequently Asked Questions

badass unisex dog names

What Are The Names Starting With M For Dogs Of Different Personalities?

Below are the names of different types of dogs for you to consider.

For Cute Puppies

Some breeds, like Chihuahua, Shiba and Alaskan Malamutes, are famous for their cute appearance, so it is advisable for you to adopt some names that show this spirit.

These adorable dog names are often attached to an animation’s character, like Mini, Meadow, Mae, MooMoo, Mazie, Marnie, Mookie, Maxie, Manny, Marigold, etc.

For Cool Dogs

Numerous canines look so cool with fabulous furs and great styles of walking. They are often cared for by the rich, thereby experiencing a good quality of life.

So, some cool dog names must be fancy, such as Mercedes, Midas, Moonlight, Moody, Magnum, Maximus, etc.

For Funny Dogs

We sometimes take pleasure when looking at dogs with funny faces. I have already fed one, and it really interests me a lot, thanks to the hilarious moments when I stay with it.

Here are some popular funny dog names I have collected, including Macho, Munchie, Maestro, Mouse, Meow, etc.

For Dogs Eating A Lot

Canines, such as Border Collie hunting dogs, often have a bigger body than their counterparts, so famous foodie dog names like Mocha, Mochi, Meatball, Mustard, etc., are good for them.

What Common Dog Names Mean Fearless And Strong?

Fearless dogs are known for standing beside their owners in war, rushing into a collapsed building to rescue humans, jumping into a river to save a child, etc.

Hence, their names, like Pitbull, Cane Corso, and Dogo Argentino, must exhibit a genetic predisposition towards self-sacrifice.

The Bottom Line

This article has provided 60 badass dog names that start with M, along with names for dogs of different characters.

Hopefully, you will pick a favorite name for your lovely canine from one of them. My tip is that you can feel free to pick human names for our beloved furry companion.

Thank you for your genuine support, and have a nice day!


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