Can Dogs Have Blueberry Pancakes? Are Pancake Safe For Your Pups?

Can dogs eat blueberry pancakes? There are a lot of human regular foodstuffs which may appear extremely tasty but, in fact, a hazard to the health of our beloved pets.

The question here is: Are blueberry pancakes among those taboos you, as a dog owner, need to avoid feeding your treasure?

Check out the answer now with our detailed explanation below. Scroll down for more!

Can Dogs Eat Blueberry Pancakes?

Can dogs eat blueberry pancakes

Can dogs have blueberry pancakes? Yes, it would not be a problem for your dogs to absorb fresh blueberry pancakes for breakfast. But don’t overuse.

Besides being a genuine charm to us and our pets’ appetites, this blue fruit is also a source of antioxidants, minerals, and various gainful vitamins.

Considering all these good compositions united in one, some concrete nutritional benefits wild blueberries bring to humans, such as preventing heart disease, cataracts, ulcers, etc., must not be any stranger to many people.

But can your pup get the same nutritional value from such edible products as you? The answer, unfortunately, is no.

Although it is harmless for dogs to eat blueberry pancakes and its fruity name gives you a sense of healthiness, pancakes, and frozen blueberries are both high in sugar and carbohydrates.

Believe us: You may not be ready to hear what these hidden ingredients lead to, which either diabetes or even more serious health issues can be the destination.

That’s why it could be rather wise to forego this option for dogs if your  pub has already gotten their training treats of healthy fruit for the day. Also, don’t forget to have an appropriate portion control of this serving since balance is the key to keeping your puppy in its best fit.

Are Pancakes Bad For Dogs?

Can my dog eat pancakes at all

Yes, but only when your pancakes contain dangerous ingredients for dogs.

Take pancake toppings such as chocolate, golden syrup, nuts, or whipped cream as an example.

If you suspect your dog consumed pancakes containing any of the components mentioned above, keep an eye out for negative effects, as they will come one way or another.

So does this mean it is okay for your pup to eat plain pancakes or ones with only safe ingredients? Can my dog eat pancakes at all? A big old yes, indeed.

Simply put, pancakes or even your leftover pancakes are just a mix of milk, flour, sugar, and eggs. Since each piece separately is nothing harmful, together, they will also be danger-free for your puppy to ingest.

Is pancake good for dogs? Well, we’re afraid no, though they can eat it. The issue is that pancakes don’t contain any real nutrition, either.

In essence, they are merely useless calories from treats and sometimes can also increase the risk of heart disease or obesity in your dogs if such high-calorie diets get eaten frequently.

What Kinds Of Pancakes That Dogs Can Eat

Pancakes are a surefire well-liked dish in our trivial life, with a wide range of variations that we can barely ferret all out.

Now you have grasped the truth about blueberry pancakes, what about the others? Please have a look at our list below to take better care of your pup!

Banana Pancake

Can dogs eat banana pancakes? Yes! When it comes to one of the most common healthy foods, it would be impossible not to mention bananas.

The good news is this fruit also does a similarly great job as a health promoter to your canine buddy. In due course, awarding the little friend with different types of banana pancakes would be risk-free in most respects.

However, bear in mind not to play too much with the volume of bananas added. Otherwise, the accession of fiber intake can lead to several problems regarding their digestion, such as diarrhea or upset stomach.

Cinnamon Pancake

Another pancake with leading dog-friendly ingredients you would have nothing to worry about when giving as an occasional treat to your pup is one with cinnamon flavor.

The cinnamon pancakes are completely okay for your dog to consume as an occasional refreshment, provided that they don’t include xylitol or any other extra sweets.

Your dog won’t be hurt at any rate. Regardless, undesirable eating habits could become inevitable if you award them too frequently or too many goodies.

On the contrary, cinnamon bread is oddly not preferable to feed your pups. Learn more here to grasp the reason!

Honey Pancake

If you are looking for an innocuous plate that you can share with your little puppy once in a while, honey pancake could be a good choice to bet at.

Yet, since this sweetener is abundant in natural sugars, be careful of how much you should use as an extra treat. Sometimes all you need is just a tiny dollop, and your dog can already enjoy their party.

Another heads-up: Although a lump of honey is fine with these small-sized buddies, raw honey is not meant for all of them.

By that, we are referring to those with weakened immune systems that can easily be tamed by hazardous bacteria contained in this substance.

Pancake With Peanut Butter

Many of us may already be familiar with peanut butter alone as a prevailing reward to gift the canine friend when he knows how to behave himself, like not fighting with other puppies.

So sure, pancakes with peanut butter won’t be any malicious to dogs, except those that include xylitol or are high-sodium manufactured.

Strawberry Homemade Pancakes

Several might not expect this, but strawberries can be vastly beneficial to our pups.

Not only can your treasure consume such a fruit safely, but these berries also contain a malic acid enzyme and plenty of vitamin C to help remove stains from their teeth.

The only thing you should take into consideration regarding this goodie is its naturally high refined sugar content.

As long as you don’t overfeed your dogs with these delectable strawberry homemade pancakes too often, we say there’s nothing to be anxious about!

Pancake With Butter

Can dogs eat pancakes without syrup? Yes, and you can substitute butter for it. This kind of common pancake ingredient is harmless to dogs.

Having said that, butter comprises a significant amount of saturated fat and might upset your dog’s sensitive stomach. So be mindful when treating your pub with pancakes with butter.

What Kinds Of Pancakes That Dogs Can’t Eat

Fried Pancakes

Fried pancakes are among the categories that can negatively impact your dog’s health condition.

Think about it this way: Even for humans, dishes that have too much grease and oil like that are nothing worth relying on. This holds true with your puppy.

Eventually, the risk of developing heart disease and pancreatic damage may rise due to you feeding them such dairy products.

Pancakes With Syrup

Can my dog eat pancakes with syrup? How about spicing up your pet treat with some syrup at the top? You may wonder yourself.

Our advice is don’t bother to settle down for this idea since the outcome may not be much blooming.

The explanation is pretty similar to the reason why you should restrict your dog from eating too many pancakes: All types of pancake syrups are high in sugar, which can cause obesity and diabetes.

For your information, each tablespoon of standard maple syrup can contain up to 50 calories.

That means with only 2 artificial syrup tablespoons in a pancake, there you feed a 20-pound, healthy dog more than half the required number of calories!

Pancake With Chocolate Chips

It should be common knowledge to any dog owner to keep their pet away from chocolate. Pancakes with chocolate chips make no exception, either!

Since this aliment contains theobromine and caffeine, which are extremely arduous for dogs to metabolize, eating chocolate chip pancakes can cause severe vomiting, racing heart rate, diarrhea, and other chocolate poisoning symptoms.

Macadamia Nuts Pancake

Little did you know, ingesting macadamia nuts can cause dogs to develop pancreatitis, a pancreas inflammation.

This happens because macadamia nuts are a particularly fatty regular meal. Not to add that almost all nuts pose a choking risk.

So no, macadamia nut pancakes are never a good idea to reward your puppy.

Vanilla Pancake

Dogs cannot progress alcohol under any circumstance. For this reason, experts concur that you should prevent your pet from consuming any alcohol, even vanilla essence, so-called vanilla pancakes.

This substance might be safe in baked goods and pancake recipes. However, pure vanilla extract frequently has significant alcohol content.

Certain mixes even contain up to 35% alcohol, which can be fatal to tiny dogs.

Tips For Feeding Dogs Pancakes Safely

Can my dog eat pancakes

Other than regular dog food, human food can also work just fine to bring your puppy pleasure while remaining innocuous. 

Yet, it does take some steps to keep the right track of this petting form. In the case of pancakes, here are some heeds for you to save in the bank:

  • Tip #1: Plan a rational diet with pancakes for dogs in moderation. Ideally, a dog’s diet should have more sources of protein than carbohydrates and extra sugars or other sweets. So overfeeding them with pancakes would not appear splendid to your little buddy’s health.
  • Tip #2: Always bet on plain pancakes. Sticking to this basic healthy snack for dogs, in this case, will never upset your plan to stay away from the vet’s office for emergencies.
  • Tip #3: Keep hazardous substances at bay. Avoid harmful ingredients such as chocolate, vanilla, syrups, macadamia nuts, and syrups, and rest assured that your pup’s refreshment time could never go wrong!


Can dogs eat blueberry pancakes? Yes, just beware of the dietary restrictions, and you are good to go!

Now that you know the answer to the above question, as well as others, such as can dogs have pancakes with syrup, feel free to refresh your pet with some new changes in their balanced diet today.

Hopefully, our article can be of great help to you and the furry friend craving for the share!


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