Do Male Dogs Get Along? Create A Positive Bond Between Them

Do male dogs get along? It depends on several factors. While some male dogs may become best friends, others may become aggressive toward each other.

As a dog owner, it is crucial for you to understand how to encourage positive interactions between adult dogs to help prevent conflicts and promote peaceful coexistence.

Let’s explore the factors that influence male dog relationships and some bits of advice on fostering goodwill between your male canines.

Do Male Dogs Get Along?

do male dogs get along
Two Male Dogs

Yes. Male dogs can get along, but it depends on several factors. Breed, age, temperament, and socialization all play a role in how well 2 male dogs get along with each other.

Some may be more prone to dominance and aggression, while others may be more easy-going and social.

If you want to get 2 male dogs, it would be best to introduce them when they are still puppies. This can help them learn how to interact with other dogs and reduce the risk of aggressive behavior.

With proper socialization, obedience training, and supervision, male dogs can form positive relationships with each other.

Suppose your puppies often fight; check out this guide to learn how to stop it.

Why Male Dogs Fight When They Live Together?

Sometimes the dogs fight when they are living together. Many factors may be at play in this behavior.

  • Male dogs may fight over the alpha position in the household.
  • Male dogs are naturally territorial and may become aggressive when they feel their space is being threatened.
  • If resources such as food, toys, or attention are limited, dogs may fight over them.
  • Intact (unneutered) male dogs may exhibit more aggressive behavior, particularly towards other males.
  • Dogs that have not been properly socialized may not know how to interact properly with other dogs, leading to misunderstandings and conflicts.
  • Dogs not trained to obey commands or boundaries may be more likely to engage in aggressive reactions.
  • If there is a female dog in heat nearby, male dogs may become more aggressive towards each other as they compete for her attention.
  • Pain, illness, or injury can make a dog more irritable and prone to aggressive behavior.

How Can You Tell Between Play-Fighting And Serious-Fighting?

It can sometimes be hard to distinguish between play-fighting and serious-fighting in dogs, as the two behaviors can look similar. Here are some main differences.

  • Body language: When dogs are play-fighting, their body signals are loose and relaxed. They may take turns playfully nipping or pawing at each other, wagging their tails, and jumping around. In serious fights, the dogs’ body posture is tense and aggressive. They may growl, snarl, show their teeth, and try to bite or attack each other.
  • Vocalizations: During play-fighting, dogs may make playful growls or barks, but their vocalizations are generally light-hearted and not aggressive. But the dogs may make loud growls or barks and sound distressed or panicked when they seriously fight with each other.
  • Bite pressure: In play-fighting, dogs typically use a softer bite, with little to no pressure applied to the other dog’s skin. For serious fights, the dogs may use a harder bite, applying pressure and potentially causing injury.

Even play-fighting can escalate into serious fighting if the dogs become overstimulated or too rough. Thus, keep your guard up and be ready to intervene to prevent any potential injury or harm.

What To Do When Your Dogs Are Fighting?

do male dogs get along with other male dogs
What To Do If 2 Dogs Are Fighting

Will two male dogs get along after living together for a while? Your dog might still get into a dog fight, despite your best efforts at prevention.

And stepping in could be the difference between life and death. Here is what you need to do in case this happens.

Remain Calm

Keep as much composure as possible, and use whatever means to break up the fight. If you’re not calling for help, refrain from yelling at your dogs or other people.

Focus on the work at hand while taking a deep breath. Encourage others present to take similar action.

Spray Them Down

Spraying your pets down with water can be an effective tool to use when they are fighting. You can use a spray bottle or hose to spray the dogs.

This will startle them and cause them to break their focus, allowing you to separate them safely.

Keep in mind to be cautious when spraying your dogs, as some dogs may become more aggressive or fearful in response to the water.

You can also try citronella spray in the face to stop less violent confrontations.

Its scent and sensation can be unpleasant for dogs, which may break the fight. And don’t worry; this method is approved by several behavior specialists so it won’t hurt your precious furries.

Distract Them

When your dogs are fighting, distracting them can interrupt the fight and prevent further escalation. There are several distraction techniques you can use, depending on what works best for your dogs.

Some include using a loud noise, such as clapping your hands, shouting, using a favorite toy or treat, etc.

A rule of thumb is to use these distraction techniques before attempting to physically separate the dogs.

This is because grabbing or pulling them apart can increase the risk of injury to dogs and humans.

How To Reduce Conflict Between Male Dogs?

Any reason can lead to the onset of aggression. Below are some tips that may prevent conflict from happening.

Avoid Crate Sharing

Dogs can become possessive of their crate. When forced to share one, they may have territorial behavior towards each other.

Providing separate crates for each dog gives them a safe and comfortable space they can call their own.

This helps to prevent conflict and reduces the chances of them fighting over resources like their crate.

Additionally, separate crates can help with training, as each dog can focus more during training sessions.

Overall, this is an important step in managing conflict and promoting a peaceful living environment for all dogs involved. If you are having trouble with crate training, learn what to do here.

Set A 5-Minutes Time Limit For Wrestling

Wrestling is a natural behavior for dogs, but it can escalate into more aggressive behavior if it continues for too long.

Setting a time limit can help prevent dogs from becoming overly excited and antagonistic toward each other.

Once the 5 minutes are up, you can redirect their attention to another activity, like playing fetch or going for a walk.

This helps teach them to control their behavior and prevents them from overstimulating.

Feed Them Separately

Feeding dogs separately is a simple yet effective way to reduce conflict between male dogs. Dogs are naturally territorial and protective of their resources, including food.

When two or more male dogs are fed together, it can lead to competition and signs of aggression, especially if one dog perceives the other as a threat to his resources.

By feeding male dogs in separate food bowls, each dog can eat at his own pace without feeling threatened or intimidated by another dog.

This way, you will reduce tension and promote a more peaceful and harmonious living environment.

How To Encourage Your Male Dogs To Get Along?

do 2 male dogs get along
Ways Help Male Dogs To Get Along

How can you have two male dogs together? If you’re having trouble getting your male dogs to get along, here are some tricks to help encourage them to form a positive relationship.

Neuter The Dogs

Unneutered male dogs can be more territorial, aggressive, and dominant, leading to conflicts with other male dogs.

By neutering male dogs, their testosterone levels decrease, and they become less likely to exhibit aggressive and dominant behavior toward other male dogs.

This can reduce the chances of competition and other forms of conflict, making it easier for male dogs to coexist peacefully.

However, neutering alone may not completely solve behavior issues between male dogs. You still need to train the dogs properly to encourage positive interactions between them.

Let Them Decide Which One Is The Alpha

Dogs are social animals that naturally form social hierarchies or pecking orders. Thus, trying to force an order or assign an alpha dog can sometimes lead to conflicts and tension.

By letting male dogs interact and play with one another, they can establish their own hierarchy based on their personality traits and behaviors.

This strategy will reduce competition and tension between them, as each dog knows his place in the group.

Respect The Order They’ve Chosen

The hierarchy is based on the dogs’ individual personalities, strengths, and social skills, allowing each dog to have their own place within the group.

For dogs, the hierarchy helps to prevent conflict and competition, as each dog knows their place and understands the group’s rules.

Without a clear hierarchy, dogs may become anxious, confused, or agitated, resulting in behavioral issues or aggression.

Thus, you need to respect the order your pets have chosen so they can see that their social structure is stable, which can help prevent competition and reduce tension between the dogs.

Socialize The Dogs

Teaching dogs to socialize with other dogs is vital for their physical and mental well-being. These are complex animals that thrive on companionship and interaction with other dogs.

Socialization helps dogs learn how to communicate, interact, and play appropriately with other dogs, reducing the likelihood of aggression and behavioral issues.

This can also help dogs develop confidence, trust, and positive relationships with other dogs, improving their overall behavior and temperament.

You may also save your furries from boredom, anxiety, and destructive behavior since socializing gives them an outlet for their energy and a chance to learn and explore new things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Have Two Male Dogs Together?

Yes. Having two male dogs together is possible but will require careful planning, proper training, and socialization

Male dogs, like all dogs, have unique personalities and behaviors, and it’s essential to choose dogs with compatible temperaments and energy levels.

How Long Does It Take For 2 Male Dogs To Get Along?

The time it takes for two male dogs to get along can vary depending on several factors, including their personalities, ages, past experiences, and surroundings.

They may take only a few hours or days to get along and start playing together. In other cases, it may take weeks or even months for them to become comfortable with each other.

Should I Physically Separate The Dogs When They Are Fighting?

No. Keep in mind this should only be a final resort as it can be quite dangerous. Try the wheelbarrow method if you have assistance from others. 

Each dog has a person assigned to it who approaches it from behind. Next, pull each dog by its hind legs until it stands like a wheelbarrow on its front legs.

Can Two Male Dogs Get Along Again After Fighting?

Yes. The dogs can be friends again after fighting, but repairing their relationship may take time and effort.

You must address the underlying cause of the aggression and provide proper training, socialization, and management to prevent future fights.

Final Thoughts

Do male dogs get along? To figure this out, you introduce them gradually and watch how they interact.

Always supervise your furry friends when they’re together and intervene when there’s any sign of aggression.

With patience, consistency, and a little bit of effort, you can create a strong and healthy bond between your lovely furry companions.


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