How Long Does It Take To Get Dogs Unstuck? Ways To Help Them

If you see two dogs mating together, you might notice a weird situation when they get stuck.

So how long does it take to get dogs unstuck? This question will be solved thoroughly in the following sections.

You also stand a good chance of exploring new knowledge about why they get stuck in mating, coupled with practical solutions and methods for avoiding pregnancy. Let’s get started!

Why Do Dogs Get Stuck During Mating?

how long does it take to get dogs unstuck

You should pay close attention to two underlying reasons behind this phenomenon.

The Copulatory Tie

The copulatory tie, known as the “lock,” often happens when an erectile tissue structure (the bulbus glandis) is bleeding and becomes swollen.

This is commonly attributed to the strong thrusting of a male dog.

When he inserts his penis into the partner’s vagina and uses much force to put it in, the bulbus glandis is hurt badly.

I usually spot some signs on both of my dogs, such as a swollen vulva on the female and turning red or forming an extra enlargement around the penis area of the male.

Despite the pain, he could not take it off immediately because the two constrictor vestibuli muscles (positioned inside a female canine’s vagina) force against the erectile tissue and prevent the withdrawal of the penis.

The Breeding Act

The normal behavior of mating is another cause behind the dog’s stocking. When a male dog expresses his desire to make love, he will send a signal by sniffing a female canine intensely.

If she realizes his mating urge and agrees, she will stand still, endure strong pleasant feelings and flag her tail side to side.

Then, the male will mount the female, climb over her behind her back and begin to release prostatic fluid before putting his penis into her vagina and thrusting.

After a period of timing, he will soon enter the sperm-ejaculation phase, and until the peak time comes, a male dog stops pushing and keeps that position for minutes.

That’s why they get stuck. Maybe, they want to prolong this moment and feel the sense of pleasure more. Yet, maintaining this position for too long is not good at all.

How Long Does It Take To Get Dogs Unstuck?

Two pooches normally get unstuck after 10-15 minutes after mating. However, under a few circumstances, this process can take hours.

If they have been sticking for a while without unstacking, call the vet immediately to avert some worse scenarios.

Honestly, there is no need to consult professional breeders for help. You can help dogs escape from this shameful situation by calming them down.

If they remain calm and have mated with each other in the past, they only need about 5-15 minutes to get unstuck.

The tie’s duration is not restricted to the 10-to-15-minute phase. If your canines make love for the first time, they might require longer to separate.

Given some breeds facing erectile dysfunction, the separation period could even be shortened.

How To Get Dogs Unstuck After Mating?

how do you get dogs unstuck

Below are some helpful tips to help prevent your dogs getting stuck after completing the ejaculation.

Allow The Dogs To Separate On Their Own

The best remedy to this issue is to let the two mating dogs solve their problem alone. Possibly, they still want to feel the orgasm, so a male canine doesn’t withdraw his penis.

Besides, suppose you want to avert pregnancy; efforts at this time are futile because sperm might move toward a female dog’s uterus.

Calm Anxious Nerves

Let’s say your dogs are stuck and find an outlet from this situation.

In that case, it is advisable to calm them down and prevent them from being aggressive or overactive, which only exacerbates the problem.

You need to stay calm and patient, too. The copulatory tie is a strange natural phenomenon and does not exert any harmful impacts if solved properly.

Sit with your dogs, pet and cuddle them gently.

Contact The Vet For Timely Help

In case your pooches have stuck together for hours after mating, you are advised to consult the veterinary doctor for assistance.

In emergencies, take them in a vehicle to the nearest clinic.

Many people even report that their dogs are close to death. Their lives are jeopardized, and no one imagines what can happen if they are taken to the hospital late for a few seconds.

Give Each Pooch Some Rest

Your pooches can be stuck while mating the second time. So once they are unstuck, both male and female canines need to take a rest as a way of recharging their batteries.

Notice some abnormal signs in your dogs. If his penis gland does not go back into its sheath shortly after mating, you should reach out to the animal specialist for prompt advice.

Look for pregnancy signs in a female canine, such as increased appetite or weight gain.

Why Shouldn’t You Separate Dogs Stuck Together After Mating?

During mating, you may feel your dogs are not enjoying the experience, so you want to end this tying period by separating them. However, this act results in numerous repercussions.

If you intervene in this phase, they will become vigorous and filled with anger. This is especially dangerous to your safety, as dogs could attack and bite you as revenge for interrupting them.

Sudden separation can put dogs in much discomfort. If you have got them unstuck too forcefully, damage to their reproductive organs seems unavoidable.

This wreaks havoc on the reproductive capacity of your canine, followed by several issues, such as penis fracture, frequent urination, vaginal prolapse, or hemorrhage.

Sometimes, it would be best to let everything take its course. If not, further harm and negative effects are looming, and you will regret it soon.

How To Prevent Two Dogs From Mating?

Spaying is one of the feasible solutions.

Doing so is of tremendous benefit by diminishing the testosterone level, reducing sex drive, and eradicating many uterine-related problems for your male canines.

If your dog has not been sterilized yet, you can consider the following tips to prevent canine mating:

  • Avert any sexual or intimate contact of a female dog with males.
  • Keep an eye on your pooch every time, especially when you take it for a stroll or play energy-lost activities.
  • Use some distracting approaches to sway its notice of the natural process with the help of toys and food, or you could create a loud noise to divert its attention.

Remember that spaying only helps reduce the likelihood of pregnancy, not totally eliminating the sexual desire and unwanted mating chances.

So many sterilized dogs can still make love with their partners.

How To Avoid Pregnancy?

how to get dogs unstuck after breeding

Here are some preventative formulas for you to consider.

Crate Training

This approach seems pretty cruel at first, but it really proves its effectiveness.

During the fertile period, you are advised to place your female canine in a cage with the purpose of keeping it away from male suitors.

If crate training doesn’t work, try some methods to make it familiar with the cage.


Training your dog to be acquainted with the isolation is highly recommended.

You can use the crate training as mentioned earlier or reduce the time outside so it no longer makes friends with other pooches and mates.

Wearing Dog Diapers Or Panties

Dog diapers or panties are really useful items for females that act as protection against the sexual attack from other dogs.

You should purchase some made of strong fabrics, so males cannot tear them apart. Besides, they also limit the blood droppings of your female pooch during her proestrus stage.


Contraception is a birth control pill that helps diminish the chances of pregnancy.

Yet, it only works within 48 hours from the last ejaculation and accompanies many side effects, including hormone imbalances or infections.

Chemical Castration

You can apply the chemical castration method to your male canines. After this process, they will be infertile for half a year before returning to normal sexual activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Mating Tie Hurt?

No, in most cases, except for when the male inserts his penis too forcefully (as mentioned).

Numerous pet owners worried about the tying period because they heard their dogs whining, growling, or barking loudly.

The fact is that they might be enjoying this experience to a great extent, and these noises could be their reactions to their pleasure and orgasm.

Does A Tie Mean The Female Is Pregnant?


A tie only increases the chances of fertilization but doesn’t necessarily lead to pregnancy. Pregnancy can be induced by other factors, like slip mating in dogs.

What To Expect From A Male Dog After Mating?

He may display some strange signs, often boiled down to the change in hormones:

  • Reduced appetite is a clear sign. Many experts believe that a sudden shift in male hormones has impacted brain activity, displayed outside via the loss of appetite.
  • Lack of energy is another symptom. Lethargy is usually associated with the fact that males have been undergoing an active exercise regime, causing energy loss.
  • Some males crave a short nap after breeding because they have consumed much energy, so exhaustion seems unavoidable. Sleeping is the best way to recharge their batteries.
  • Increased aggression or territorial behaviors usually occur in season. He tends to mark his territory by throwing an object to his cage or peeing.

If you notice some strange signs, like the dog scratching his privates, call a vet for help.

The Bottom Line

This article has successfully solved the question: How long does it take to get dogs unstuck? This process could take 5 to 20 minutes, and you might need help from a professional vet if it prolongs for hours.

Information about the reasons and preventative measures will assist you a lot in the future. Hopefully, you will gain deeper insights into a dog’s reproduction to better prepare for your canine when it is in season.

Thank you for your genuine support, and have a nice day!


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