How To Get Two Male Dogs To Stop Fighting? All Answered

Dog fights are not uncommon, and they happen for certain reasons. They can stem from territorial, dominant behaviors or anxiety and fear.

Regardless, letting their hostility take hold of them will do  no good. How to get two male dogs to stop fighting? Keep scrolling for more details.

Why Do Male Dogs Fight?

how to get two male dogs to stop fighting
Male Dogs Fighting

Territorial Behavior & Dominance

To know how to stop two male dogs from fighting, you need to know the causes. Male dogs may conflict for various reasons, including territorial behavior or possessive behavior.

Male dogs may fight over territories, such as a particular area or object, and will defend it aggressively.

If another male dog enters your yard, especially the zone where your male dog is staying, he may react violently to drive the other canine away.

They may continuously bark and wag their tail, fight or bite each other, and get out of control.

Besides, male dogs may fight to establish dominance over others of their species. It can result from protecting its children or those in the pack.

Lack Of Socialization

Male dogs that have not been properly socialized with other dogs may be more likely to fight.

Especially when they don’t get what they want, they may get into actual fights with the surrounding dogs. This undesired behavior becomes more frenzied when the other ones begin to fight or bite back.

Fear Or Anxiety

Male dogs may fight if they feel threatened or scared. If they sense that other dogs are about to attack them, they will behave aggressively.

It will be more serious if they are injured. They will see the surrounding dogs as a danger.

How To Get Two Male Dogs To Stop Fighting? 

how to stop two male dogs from fighting
How To Stop Two Male Dogs From Fighting

It is important to intervene quickly and safely to stop two male dogs fighting. Below are some helpful steps you can follow:

Step 1: Remain Calm

You should avoid shouting or hitting the dogs because this can escalate the situation. Most dog owners often scream to stop the dogs from fighting and hope they will listen to them.

However, it may be backfired. After hearing your screams, they may become more agitated and act more violently.

Instead, you need to keep your calm behavior, grunt or command the dogs to go away with the male dogs. This can calm them down.

Step 2: Use Loud Noise Or Spray The Dogs

You can use loud noises, such as clapping, to interrupt the battle. Strange sounds like claps or whistles may attract their attention.

You should spray dogs with water or use any item, such as food bowls, spray bottles, etc., that makes a noise if two male dogs keep fighting.

They will be distracted, startled, and more alert when they hear these noises. Thus, these will cool them down for a while.

Step 3: Separate The Male Dogs

How to keep male dogs from fighting? Like the way to stop puppies from fighting, you can use barriers such as leashes or furniture like laundry baskets to separate the male dogs physically.

Never separate them when they’re in a fight, as you may be hurt. It will be best to do this after you have settled them down. Alternatively, you can use a heavy blanket to cover the dogs to distract them.

Step 4: Redirect Their Attention

Finally, offer the dogs toys or treats to redirect their focus away from each other. You can give your pet items they love to get their full attention and put an end to the fight.

Step 5: Seek Professional Help

If you find that male dogs fighting is hard to intervene, seek the help of professionals and dog trainers. They are skillful and have specialized equipment to stop the conflicts quickly and easily.

In addition, they will give you some advice and tips on how to prevent these fights between dogs safely.

How To Prevent The Male Dogs From Fighting?

my two male dogs won't stop fighting
Ways To Prevent 2 Male Dogs From Fighting

Training Them With Commands

Training male dogs to understand your commands and help you stop these fighting dogs effectively is very important.

When canines become hostile and out of control, the pet owners can use familiar commands (sit down, come here, etc.) to stop them.

Besides, do not yell or threaten them during training.

You can apply strict punishments for naughty canines but don’t be too tough. Using punishment that is too harsh will be ineffective in the training process.

Disciplines such as slapping lightly on the buttocks, lightly threatening, chaining in place, ignoring them, etc., are also effective in training bad dogs to be good.

Make Sure Your Dogs Have Positive Routines

Furious dogs often don’t have a positive environment or good social relationship. If they are not taken care of both physically and mentally, they will usually be frustrated and anxious.

It will cause the dogs to feel aggression and jealousy.

It will be best to walk your pet, provide adequate nutrition, and play with them often with balls or mind games to improve their mental and physical health.

Help them interact with surrounding dogs to create a friendly habitat. If they have aggressive behaviors, use commands to train them. This will prevent male dogs from fighting in similar situations.

Getting Your Dog Neutered

These hormonal changes are responsible for increased territorial behavior. In addition, during puberty, this change also leads to competition for mates.

Thus, aggressive conflicts will often occur and become increasingly difficult to control.

A commonly recommended measure is the castration of male dogs. This will help reduce competition and eliminate aggressive situations that lead to dangerous fights.

Even so, neutering dogs does not always work to reduce their social aggression instincts. About a quarter of all dogs that are neutered do not change their behavior.

Owners can also take their male dogs for genetic testing to see if the breed they intend to adopt has signs of aggression and is easy to train or not.

The most important thing is to take care of their mental and physical health and provide them with the best living environment.


What Are Common Warning Signs Of a Fight?

Usually, there are signs before a conflict between male dogs occurs. The most obvious sign is the dog growling and baring its teeth. They will straighten their ears and start intimidating the opponent.

It will also start to become more alert by walking around its territory and barking. Owners should restrain their dogs immediately if they exhibit these signs and behaviors.

Should I Directly Intervene If My Two Male Dogs Won’t Stop Fighting?

No. Never interfere with male dogs in a fight because they can be a risk of injury.

Preparing equipment that can distract and separate dogs from conflicts is the best. Follow expert advice to keep you and your pets safe.

It is best to prevent wars before they break out by noticing their unusual behaviors and dealing with them promptly.

What Should I Do After a Male Dog’s Fight?

Take your male dog to a different place and away from the rest of the dogs. It will keep your pet calmer after the fight.

If you see a wound on its body, take it to a veterinarian so the vet can examine and treat the injury.


How to get two male dogs to stop fighting? First, stay calm and avoid yelling because it may make your dog more agitated.

Next, let’s suck them up with strange noises and use a barrier to separate them. You should train your dogs to listen to you whenever they act aggressively or lose their temper.


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