How To Make Dry Dog Food Taste Better: Tips And Tricks

If you ever see your furry friend showing less enthusiasm for their dry food diet, you are not alone.

While kibble is often a convenient choice, some dogs can be a bit picky when it comes to flavor and texture.

But worry not – there are some creative ways to enhance kibble’s taste! In this guide, let’s dive into the fun stuff: How to make dry dog food taste better.

From drool-worthy food toppers to clever tricks, get ready to turn those mealtime frowns into tail-wagging excitement! 

How To Make Dry Dog Food Taste Better: 9 Methods For Picky Eaters

how to make dry dog food taste better

The easiest way to make dry dog food more appealing is to always keep it fresh.

You can also consider adding toppings (such as chicken broth, yogurt, and eggs) to enhance this type of food’s flavor.

Most dogs will happily chew on anything they see in the food bowl. However, some are more selective about their food.

If you notice your pup foregoing meals, make sure to rule out medical issues before examining the food.

A trick to tell whether a dog is sick or finicky is to give it treats after it has rejected food. If your dog accepts the treat, it is just a picky eater.

In case your four-legged friend is not interested in the treat you offer, there is a high chance it is suffering from digestive issues or dental issues.

Once you have confirmed that health is not the problem, here are some ways to make dry food tastier and encourage your dogs to eat it: 

Always Keep The Kibble Fresh 

When they are eating, dogs rely more on their noses than their taste buds.

Since their sense of smell is more sensitive than humans, they can quickly tell when their usual food is spoiled and refuse to eat it.

Thus, freshness is the key to ensuring that your dog’s meal is appetizing. I would recommend storing the commercial food in an airtight container to maintain its flavor and aroma.

Over time, exposure to air can make the dry food stale and less appealing to the pups.

Before pouring the everyday kibble into the container, double-check to see if the container is clean and dry.

Additionally, wash your hands before handling the dry food to prevent contamination.

Add Water To The Food 

Sometimes the problem is not the kibble’s taste but its dry texture. In that case, a simple way to make kibble easier to consume is to add warm water.

This simple food softening method makes dry food easier for your dog to chew.

The water also creates a gravy-like consistency that enhances its palatability, adding more flavors to each bite.

Add Chicken Broth To The Food

make dry dog food more appealing

For some pups with rich taste, though, water is not enough.

If your four-legged friend still refuses to eat dry food, you can spice things up by pouring in some bone broth or chicken broth.

These versatile additions give kibble delicious flavors that are very appealing to a dog’s palate.

They also add some essential nutrients for dogs. Choose low-sodium broth without any additives, and pour a small amount over the dry food.

Mix Kibble With Yogurt

Other than broth, there is still a list of things to add to dry dog food for those who want to be creative with their pets’ meals. One of those is plain yogurt.

A dollop of yogurt is an excellent source of probiotics for your dog’s digestive health. It also adds creaminess, nutrients, and flavor to their dry food.

Just use unsweetened yogurt since sugar might have a negative influence on dogs’ health.

Also, ensure you mix the food with the yogurt, or your dog will just lick the yogurt on top and avoid eating the kibble.

Mix Dry And Wet Food 

So your pup is particularly adamant? A surefire way is to add a bit of wet food to its dry food.

The moisture and strong aroma of canned dog food can entice your pet to dig into their meal, and the blend of textures can make eating more enjoyable.

According to veterinarians, wet food is easier to digest than dry. Meanwhile, dry food can support dental health. By combining these two, your dogs can get the best of both worlds.

It is advisable to mix kibble with only one tablespoon of wet food, though, or you will ruin the purpose of getting your pet used to dry food.

Add Egg Or Liver To Dry Food 

As mentioned above, dogs rely on their sense of smell. Adding a tiny amount of what they love can make them more excited about the meal.

In case you don’t know, our furry companions are especially attracted to hard-boiled eggs and livers.

Incorporating these into dry kibble can create a delectable treat that’s both satisfying and nutritious. However, both are calorie-dense, so it is important not to overfeed your dog.

Add Fish Oil To Dry Dog Food 

Fish oil is packed with omega-3 fatty acids that offer a range of health benefits for your dog. These include promoting a shiny coat and supporting joint health.

Drizzling a small amount of fish oil over the kibble can give it a boost of flavor and nutritional value.

Nonetheless, some medical conditions may interact negatively with this ingredient.

If your dog has a history of pancreatitis, a bleeding disorder, or is on blood-thinning medications, consult your veterinarian before adding fish oil to their diet.

Sprinkle Herb Over Kibble 

While this might seem counter-intuitive, some dogs actually love the smell of spices. Fortunately, many herbs we use in our daily lives are beneficial for our furry companions.

Peppermint, oregano, and rosemary can all be added to dry food to enhance the flavor. Wash these spices thoroughly and chop them before adding them to your pet’s meal.

You can first try a small amount to see how the dog reacts.

Try Baked Kibble 

If you are feeling adventurous, consider baking your pet’s kibble.

Lightly toasting the dry food in the oven can enhance its aroma, creating a satisfying crunch that your dog might find irresistible.

Mix Chopped Veggies Or Fruits With Dry Kibble 

what can i add to my dogs dry food

Some dog-favorite, fiber-rich veggies and fruits are green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, and bananas.

To mix them with dry kibble, you should chop them into small, bite-sized pieces.

The ratio can vary, but a common starting point is around 10-20% veggies or fruits to kibble. Adjust the ratio based on your puppy’s preferences and nutritional needs.

Note that only several types of vegetables and fruits are safe for canine consumption. Avoid toxic foods like grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, and certain citrus fruits.


What Sauce Can I Add To Dry Dog Food? 

You can add a small amount of low-sodium beef or chicken broth to your dog’s dry food to enhance its flavor and moisture content.

Make sure the broth doesn’t contain any harmful additives like garlic or onions.  

Can I Add Coconut Oil To Dry Dog Food? 

Yes, you can add a small amount of coconut oil to your dog’s dry food as an occasional treat.

Coconut oil can offer some benefits for dogs, such as promoting coat health, aiding digestion, supporting lean muscles, and providing energy.

However, it is crucial to use coconut oil in moderation, as it significantly increases caloric intake. Excessive consumption of coconut oil can also lead to digestive upset.

How Much Wet Dog Should I Mix With Dry Food? 

The amount of wet dog food you should mix with dry food depends on your pet’s size, age, activity level, and dietary needs.

As a general guideline, you can start by mixing ¼ to ½ cups of wet dog food per 1 cup of dry food.

Wrapping Up 

Finding out how to make dry dog food taste better doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Whether it is a sprinkle of broth, a dash of veggies, or a hint of protein, there are many fantastic ways to jazz up that dry dog food. 

Remember, just like us, our furry friends deserve a little culinary excitement too. So unleash your inner doggy chef, and get their tails wagging with creative meals!

After all, a happy belly makes for one happy pup.


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