Lamb Dog Food For Allergies – What Are The Best Options?

Many factors can be the culprit behind the dog’s allergic symptoms, including dust mites, smoke, pests, chemicals, feathers, and even foods.

But what should you do under the circumstances of severe/sensitive skin rash, facial pains, or wheezing?

Aside from medicines, lamb dog food for allergies is lauded as one of the best treatments an average owner can turn to. Scroll down for more verdicts from our veterinary nutritionists! 

Is Lamb Dog Food Good for Dogs with Allergies? 4 Benefits of Lamp Dog Food

Is lamb good for dogs with allergies? The answer is Yes; lambs are among the best (if not THE best) foods you can give to dogs with serious environmental allergies – particularly against protein foods.

Lamb Dog Food For Allergies

These products present a slew of benefits that you should note, including: 

1. A Wonderful and High-Quality Protein Source

Common protein for dogs is among the most essential nutrients, practical in muscle tissue’s maintenance, healing, and creation.

Not to mention, it also fosters a better immune system, creating sufficient antibodies and hormones to safeguard your pet against diseases! 

It’s undeniable that most commercial dog foods contain certain sources of protein.

Yet, remember that quality matters, which is why lamb-formula meals from trustworthy and reliable suppliers should be among your first choices when it comes to allergy treatments.

2. Adequate Amounts of Fats

Another major health perk of these lamb food for dogs is the perfect quantities of dietary fats – which transfer fat-soluble, beneficial vitamins (vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and vitamin D3 supplement) for further utilization and digestion.

Not only are they essential in beating allergy issues, but your dog’s overall health and growth depend on them.

3. Working Well on Every Dog 

In most cases, some type of food work well with certain dogs but not others.

That is something you do not have to worry about in terms of lamb dog foods; puppies of every type can digest them easily without hassles.

People with dogs that often get sick due to protein wet foods, stay rest assured.

Studies have concluded that the rates of lamb allergies are pretty low, meaning even a dog with severe food-allergic symptoms does not have trouble digesting lambs.

So if you notice common signals of dry food sensitivity like bad breath, vomiting, diarrhea, gas, irritability, and itchy skin rash, do not hesitate to mix some lambs into the pet’s diet. (after consulting with a vet, of course!) 

4. Its Taste Is Heavenly

Unbeknown to many pet owners, dogs – even those picky eaters – seem to harbor a particular obsession with lamb taste.

Hence, it’s safe to say hypoallergenic dog foods like these are among the best choices to coax your stubborn pet into consuming new elimination diets. Trust us; the pup will chow down on it within seconds! 

What Is The Best Lamb Dog Food for Allergies? 5 Ideal Choice Recommendations 

What is a good lamb for dogs with allergies? We are glad to introduce to you the following five options for raw diets.

1. Wild Sierra Mountains

Wild Sierra Mountains

Wild Sierra Canine Formula is a high-quality lamb-based product with a premium food ingredients list.

The packages include anti-oxidant and colorful fruits, leaving out the substandard grains often found in other much cheaper alternatives.

The product applies to most pets (though most popular with dogs), delivering many recipe options with varied animal protein ratios worth highlighting!

Main Features:

  • Probiotics fortified, ensuring problem-free and smooth digestion
  • Produced in the U.S. with strict safety protocols
  • Incorporating nutritious and great-tasting vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes (no, not sun dried!), sweet potatoes, peas, raspberries, and blueberries
  • Containing essential fatty acids to support coat health and prevent hair loss.

2. Zignature Grain-Free Food Item

Zignature Grain-Free Food

Zignature is a nutritional and tasty commercial food with no potential allergens included (such as beef, chicken, wheat, and corn). Even better, the main ingredient list only covers natural preservatives and flavors! 

Main Features

  • Palatable characteristics that appeal even to picky dogs
  • Including numerous vegetables and fruits, such as cranberries, carrots, and blueberries
  • Real lamb as its first-listed natural ingredient; lamb meal the second
  • Higher levels of fiber than other foods for dogs, promoting greater gastrointestinal functions

3. Blue Buffalo’s Ground Rice Bran & Protection Lamb

It would be a crime to skip Blue Buffalo’s – another common and highly recommended food package!

Despite its high quality, the product comes at a pretty affordable price, suited to tight-budget customers.

The primary common ingredients are deboned lambs, though Blue Buffalo also includes numerous healthy items, such as pomegranate, cranberries, and spinach, guaranteeing your dog receives nutritional benefits from diverse and excellent sources of minerals and vitamin C.

Main Features

  • Produced in the U.S., undergoing much stricter safety criteria than most other substandard rivals.
  • Come with probiotics to improve the dog’s gastrointestinal health and digestion
  • Omega fatty fortified sunflower oil that supports healthy skin and coats
  • No corn, wheat, and soy – known as common allergens for puppies
  • No artificial colors, smells, or additives

4. Diamond Natural

Diamond Natural

Aside from Blue Buffalo, those struggling with their financial budgets can also turn to Diamond Natural.

Its low price does not equate to bad qualities; instead, this product contains every important supplement one could demand, such as folic acid, citric acid, antioxidants, and probiotics!

Main Features:

  • Three-probiotic fortified, strengthening digestive functions and improving gut flora.
  • Rice and lamb made for easy and digestible protein consumption – great news for puppies with sensitive stomachs.
  • Accompanied by antioxidant-rich elements, minerals, and vitamins, sustaining balanced nutrition

5. Natural Balance Brown Rice and Lamb Formula

Natural Balance Brown Rice and Lamb Formula

The last option for pups, Natural Balance, also includes the most crucial factors for an anti-allergic diet without unnecessary additives and filters often seen in other pet foods. Most dogs with food allergies find them easy to consume and super tasty!

Main Features:

  • No artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors, avoiding health problems.
  • Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids that protect immune health functions, joint health, and skin (suited to puppies with skin allergies).
  • Appropriate for all ages, unlike many other LID product meals that may cause food intolerance.
  • A policy of 100% satisfaction warranty, allowing you to purchase these fermentation products with confidence

Is Lamb Dog Food Item Good for Dogs with Kidney Problems?

Is lamb bad for dogs with kidney problems? We have some good news here: No; quite the contrary!

According to many experts, not only lambs but also porks, beef tripes, and beef minces are amazing hot spots for animals suffering from kidney failure.

The reason lies in their extremely low phosphorus levels, especially when pitched against salmon meal, fish meat, turkey, or chicken.

Still, one small downside is that these red raw meat pieces might be quite fatty (comparable to chicken fat), and fats are notoriously bad for kidney diseases.

So try to balance the pros and cons by feeding the dogs only small amounts at one time. Extracting the fat content through modern food-processing methods is also a great idea.

If your dog refuses to eat meat for unknown reasons, click here to learn the solutions.


Is lamb dog food good for dogs with allergies? What is the best lamb dog food for allergies, and are there things you must consider when browsing through different options? 

Mitchell’s support team has dived deep into the issue, providing the answers to all your major concerns.

Keep this optimum food choice for dogs in mind to ensure your pet is safe and sound, free from diseases.

Remember that some suggestions for quality dog food above are just our personal opinions. The markets introduce thousands of alternatives and produce new food types every second.

So instead of only sticking to our guides, do your research frequently to update yourself with the most recent info and products.

If you have any questions, feel free let me know via contact page.


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