When Do Husky Puppies Open Their Eyes? All Answered

Husky puppies are born with their eyes closed, and it takes time for them to open their eyes. Owners often give puppies time to adjust to their surroundings during the first few weeks of their lives.

When do Husky puppies open their eyes? What are the husky eyes meaning? Let’s read on.

When Do Husky Puppies Open Their Eyes?

when do husky puppies open their eyes
Husky Puppies Open Their Eyes

Husky puppies usually open their eyes around 2 weeks after birth to begin to see the world around them. This is the first and critical period in their early development and cognition.

How Long Before A Puppy Opens Its Eyes?

Husky puppies usually begin to open their eyes about 10 to 14 days after birth. During this time, their eyesight is somewhat limited because their eyes are only partially open.

This is an early stage in the development of the puppies’ senses. So their eyesight will be further improved along with the development of hearing and smell.

After 6 to 8 weeks of age, the eyesight of Husky puppies will be fully developed. They can clearly see everything around them in detail.

What Are Early Development Stages Of Puppy Eyes?

With husky eyes different colors, the visual development of puppies is divided into 5 stages as follows:

Stage 1 (Birth to 2 weeks): Puppies begin to open their eyes and dimly see their surroundings. Their eyes are gray or green.

Stage 2 (2 to 4 weeks): Their vision is getting better, and the Husky eye color is cloudy or dark blue at this point. The puppy teeth also begin to develop from this time.

Stage 3 (4 to 6 weeks): You will notice gray or blue husky colors at this stage because they are already capable of producing pigment. These are also permanent hues of them. Now, they can clearly see their surroundings.

Stage 4 (6 to 8 weeks): Their sight, hearing, and smell will continue to develop and recognize/distinguish the people/objects around them.

Stage 5 (8-10 weeks): Most puppies have full-fledged vision. They can see details and react to their surroundings.

How To Take Care Of Puppy Eyes?

The newborn period is the most sensitive time for puppies. So you need to take care of their eyes carefully to avoid diseases and maintain their eye health.

Puppy owners need to use a clean damp rag, roll, and gently wipe their eyes to clean the dirty writing in the dog’s eyes.

Wipe from the outer corner of the eye to the outside and avoid touching the eyeball to prevent damaging its cornea.

If your dog has frequent watery eyes, you should take him to the vet. Your dog may have an eye infection.

Why Is The Eye Opening Time Of Some Puppies Different?

husky eyes different colors
Eye Opening Time Of Some Puppies Different

The eye-opening time of puppies can vary based on a few factors, including breed, litter size, and genetics.

Puppies born prematurely or with health issues may take longer to open their eyes. Besides, larger or mixed breeds will open their eyes later than smaller or purpose-bred dogs.

Another factor that can affect eye-opening time is litter size. You have to wait longer to see those with larger litters open their eyes in smaller litters.

It is because the competition for resources in a larger litter can slow down the puppies’ development.

Genetics can also play a role here. Some breeds of dogs have a genetic predisposition for delayed eye-opening, while others may have one for early eye-opening.

Some Notes To Watch For During The Puppies Early Stage

how many days do puppies open their eyes
Some Notes In Puppies Early Stage

During visual development, a puppy’s eyes can be affected by many factors. Here are a few notes that owners should consider while developing puppy eyes.

Don’t Pry The Puppy Eyes

Some Husky owners still have not seen the puppy’s eyes open after 2 weeks, so they often pry their eyes open. You absolutely should not do that.

Prying a puppy’s eyes open without medical equipment or a veterinarian’s guidance can cause infection or long-term damage to the puppy’s eyes. Some injuries will last the puppy’s life.

Therefore, ask your veterinarian to examine them if there are unusual symptoms such as eyes not opening after 2-3 weeks or swollen eyelids. They can be signs of conjunctivitis and other eye problems.

Pay Attention To Corneal Problems

The yellow fluid that seeps from the space between the eyelids triggers the afflicted puppies’ eyelids to become crusty frequently. It is because the mother dog usually licks the injured eyes of Husky.

Consult your veterinarian, as these puppies may require therapeutic antibiotics. If they don’t get treatment immediately, their eyes might suffer permanent damage such as corneal or blindness.

When other puppies clamber over them to be fed or fight each other, they’ll scrape another puppy’s eyes with their sharp claws, leading to corneal ulcers.

This issue may arise when using nail cover tips to keep the puppies from clawing their mother while she is feeding.

Puppies with this condition will have eyes that are not sparkling and seem somewhat dry and dull.

To stop the cornea from drying out, these puppies might require an ophthalmic treatment from the veterinarian.


How To Avoid Puppy Eyesight Problems?

The most important thing is to provide adequate nutrition for your puppies. Besides, give them foods full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, such as swiss chard, sweet potato, flaxseed, etc.

Encourage them to do plenty of exercise to promote bone health and have enough resistance to eye diseases. In addition, it’s best to regularly bring your puppies to the veterinary center for eye check-up and maintain proper eye hygiene.

When Can A Puppy Leave Its Mother?

Puppies can leave their mothers after about 2 months of age. Their senses of hearing, smell, sight, and touch have fully developed, and they can begin to live an independent life.

You should pay attention not to let the puppy leave the mother before 8 weeks since it can affect the development and maturation of the puppy.

When Can Puppies Hear And Smell?

A puppy can hear clearly by 2 to 3 weeks of age. They can hear almost any noise around them. Around 6 to 8 weeks old, they will begin to perceive and understand the owners’ commands.

Puppies can smell from birth. This is known to be their strongest sense. It can be said that puppies rely on their sense of smell to begin to explore the world around them.


How long till a puppy opens its eyes? After 2 weeks, most husky puppies can open their eyes and see around but not clearly. After about 8 weeks, their eyesight is fully grown.

Owners need to regularly take care of their puppies’ eyes and encourage them to have daily exercise during the first few weeks of life to avoid long-term eye damage.


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