Why Does My Male Dog Keep Licking My Female Dog: Discover Dog Behavior Puzzle

Why does my male dog keep licking my female dog? Dogs are known for their affectionate nature towards their owners and other dogs.

However, their interactive puzzles can sometimes leave us wondering what is happening.

This licking behavior can be confusing and concerning for dog owners. Some are even embarrassed and unsure about why it is happening.

If you’ve ever found yourself embarrassed by this strange behavior, you’re not alone. In this article, I will explain why your male dog exhibits such a habit.

Why Does My Male Dog Keep Licking My Female Dog? 

why does my male dog keep licking my female dog

You may once observe your male dogs’ repetitive licking behavior towards their female canine companion. It may seem puzzling or even concerning.

There are several reasons why male dogs exhibit this behavior, including affectation and hierarchy.

Their Thirst Of Investigation In The World

A male dog’s constant licking of a female dog can be attributed to its innate thirst for investigation in the world.

Dogs learn about their environment primarily through their remarkable sense of smell.

Licking serves as their way of gathering information and better understanding the female dog.

This behavior is similar to humans, where we will taste or look to examine something. Your pet can signify affection, playfulness, and an attempt to convey respect.

The male dog seeks to communicate, bond, and explore her scent by licking the female dog.

It will reveal details about her gender, health, and social status. The behavior is natural and driven by their insatiable curiosity. So, don’t be embarrassed by their behaviors.

Their way of inspecting the world is just not the same as ours.


Because dogs cannot communicate verbally as humans do, your male dog can only use body language to express his desire.

Thus, his act of licking the female counterpart may serve as a friendly gesture. It indicates his interest in playing together.

He might be demonstrating affection towards her, similar to how he expresses love towards you. It is their way of showing affection and initiating playful interactions.


Humans often perceive hierarchy as arrogant when someone considers themselves superior to others.

However, dogs seem to understand and accept this natural order of things. When three dogs are brought together, they communicate in their language.

Then, a hierarchical structure naturally emerges.

Once a dog concedes its position to another dog, it often shows respect by licking the other dog’s face. It might be what your male dog is doing. 

Sometimes, the recipient of the concession will reciprocate by licking the face of the conceding dog. She expresses her gratitude in return.


Your male dog licking female dog could indicate that he is engaging in grooming behavior.

Dogs may learn this hobby from their mothers and continue doing it for their entire life.

By licking the female dog, the male dog may be assisting in keeping her coat clean. He will remove dirt or debris and promote overall hygiene. Grooming also fosters social bonds among dogs.

It is a way for the male dog to strengthen his relationship with the female dog. You should think of it as a form of nurturing and care that dogs often display towards one another.

Ear Infection

If your male dog licks female dog‘s ears persistently, it could be a sign that he has detected an ear infection.

Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell. They can detect changes in scent and subtle abnormalities.

Ear infections are often accompanied by changes in odor, bloody discharge, or inflammation. A dog’s sensitive nose can detect it.

The male dog may instinctively try to clean or soothe the affected area by licking the female puppy’s ears.

It is advisable to have your female canine’s ears checked by a veterinarian to ensure a proper diagnosis.

Antibacterial properties and treatment should be given if a bacterial infection is suspected.

Dogs That Lick Other Dogs: Is This Normal Behavior?

When it comes to dogs licking other dogs, it is generally considered normal behavior.

Licking serves multiple purposes in the canine world, including social interaction, grooming, and communication.

Dogs use licking as a way to show affection, establish bonds, and convey messages to their fellow canines.

Dogs have glands in their genitals and ears that release pheromones. These chemical compounds provide important information to other dogs of the same species.

It can signify submission, playfulness, and even a form of respect. However, it’s essential to consider the context and individual dogs involved.

Excessive or compulsive licking may indicate underlying issues like anxiety or medical conditions.

Why Is My Male Dog Licking My Female Dogs Privates?

why is my male dog licking my female dogs privates

One more weird behavior that you may see is your male dog licking female dog private. This behavior can raise many questions, such as whether it is normal.

Understanding the reasons behind this behavior can help pet owners determine if prevention methods are needed.

A Way Of Saying Hello 

When dogs meet for the first time, it is common for them to engage in behaviors that help them become acquainted.

Dogs have sweat glands that release pheromones, as mentioned earlier.

These chemical signals convey various information, including age, health, gender, sexual sensitivity, and mood. These pheromones are primarily located around their genital area.

When a dog licks other dogs privates, it is their way of gathering information. The pheromones attract them to the genital area of another dog.

Licking provides a different sensation compared to simply smelling. This behavior is instinctual and biologically driven.

It plays a significant role in their social interactions and communication.

To Satisfy Curiosity

Dogs have a natural curiosity that makes them explore their surroundings. They may pause, sniff, and even consume various objects, even if it’s not beneficial for them.

The dogs may not prioritize self-protection. Therefore, when your dog sniffs another dog’s private area, it is simply an expression of curiosity.

Similarly, they touch objects, including the genitals of other dogs, as a means of learning.

Sniffing and licking another dog’s genitals is a natural way for them to satisfy their curiosity.

Health Problems

While dogs engage in sniffing interactions, they display remarkable intelligence and instinctive behavior. This is why they are often trained to provide valuable services.

Dogs have the ability to sense when something is not right. They may not fully comprehend the details but are still curious and can detect the unusual.

That licking thing could be a sign that something is wrong with the other dog’s health. However, it’s important to note that dogs are not medical professionals.

Thus, relying solely on their behavior is not a reliable method. It’s advisable to seek veterinary assistance for a proper diagnosis.

Personal Hygiene

Licking can also serve as a display of assistance and affection from one caregiver to another.

While it’s less frequent in a dog’s private areas, it can occur, especially among dogs in close relationships.

The act of licking is a way for one dog to help clean the other. It demonstrates care and affection.

Imagine a mother dog tending to her puppies. She licks them to maintain their cleanliness and ensure their well-being.

Dogs licking each other’s genitals is similar behavior, driven by the same nurturing instinct.

Licking is generally considered a normal behavior for dogs. However, if you don’t approve of your dog engaging in this behavior, there are methods you can employ to discourage it.

Why My Dog Won’t Stop Licking Other Dog Mouths?

If your dog keeps licking another dog’s mouth, it may have different reasons. One reason is that it may have come from puppyhood.

Small dogs licking the mother’s mouth was done to encourage regurgitation of food. It is dogs’ instinct in the wild.

This behavior can continue when they become adults and somehow become a way of greeting and communicating among dogs.

But be cautious when it becomes too much. This hobby could mean your dog doesn’t know how to approach other dogs properly.

Another reason is that the dog being licked may have a problem in their mouth. It could be an infection, bleeding gums, or something stuck between their teeth.

If you are concerned, it’s better to ask for help from a vet or a professional dog behaviorist.

Why Does A Male Dog Lick A Female Dog Bum?

When your male dog licks your female dog’s rear end, it could be due to the mentioned reasons. It could be a urinary tract infection, bladder infection, or simply curiosity.

One potential cause is anal gland issues in the female dog. Additionally, a condition called coprophagia, involving the compulsive consumption of puppy poop, could be the cause.

This disease is undesirable, and you should stop your dogs from doing it. In the following section, we will explore what steps can be taken to address this licking situation.

Are There Any Problems With Your Dogs Licking Others?

When it comes to dogs licking each other, it may seem like a harmless and natural behavior.

After all, dogs use licking as a way to show affection, groom themselves, and communicate with others.

However, excessive or obsessive licking between dogs can sometimes lead to problems that pet owners should be aware of.

Ear Infections

One of the problems that can occur as a result of excessive licking is the development of ear infections.

When one dog obsessively licks another dog’s ear, it can create a moist environment.

The ears may become a breeding ground for bacteria from time to time. Thus, check the dog’s ears for infection when being licked frequently.

Hot Spots

Another issue that can arise from excessive licking is the development of hot spots.

Hot spots occur when a specific area of the skin is constantly licked, causing friction and moisture.

It can lead to microscopic abrasions in the skin. The spot allows bacteria to enter and potentially cause localized infections.

Worsening Of Infection

This situation happens when a dog already has a skin problem like chronic skin infections or dermatitis.

Continuous licking from another dog can make it worse. The hobby can cause further damage to the skin and create a perfect place for bacteria to grow.

To handle it, you can bathe your dog with vinegar. In case of severe infections, consulting a vet is recommended.

Acral Lick Dermatitis

If a dog licks too much, it can lead to acral lick dermatitis or lick granuloma. It is a severe wound caused by too much and constant licking.

It is rare for one dog to lick another this much. However, it’s still necessary to be careful and go to a vet if it becomes a concern.

Intestinal Blockage

When a dog licks too much, it can harm both the dog being licked and the dog doing the licking.

If the dog that licks too much ingests hair or fibers, it can cause a dangerous blockage in the intestines.

The dog might require surgery. It can be life-threatening, so it’s important to be careful.


It is important to note that not all instances of licking indicate behavioral issues. Some dogs engage in licking to bond, show affection, or simply keep each other clean.

If the licking behavior appears to be within normal limits, there may be no cause for alarm.

How To Stop Dogs From Licking Others?

dog licks other dogs privates

Dogs are naturally inclined to lick, and it is not uncommon for them to lick other dogs, including their privates.

However, excessive licking can be a health concern for dog owners, as it may indicate underlying issues.

If you’re wondering how to stop dogs from licking others, there are several approaches you can consider.


One simple approach to discourage dogs from licking others is to ignore the behavior.

When you notice your dog engaging in the behavior of licking another dog’s privates, identify the specific body part being targeted.

Take observation of your dog’s overall behavior and social interactions.

When your dog licks briefly and the other dog is accepting and unaffected, this is considered normal behavior.

However, if your dog persistently and excessively licks the other dog, displaying signs of obsession, it’s time to intervene.


Once your dog has licked once or twice, calmly call them and redirect their attention to a different activity.

Another approach you can consider is using punishment to deter their dogs from licking others.

However, it is important to approach punishment with caution.

It can have unintended negative consequences and may not effectively address the underlying reasons for the behavior.

Remember that dogs licking others involves some skin diseases. You can physically inspect your dog and the other dog.

Professional Training

Seeking professional trick training or guidance is an effective and recommended method.

Professional trainers can provide personalized strategies and techniques to modify the behavior. They can also give you instructions and diagnose the underlying issues.

For a Dog That Licks Other Dogs Too Much 

Identify the underlying cause. Excessive licking can stem from high anxiety levels, boredom, attention-seeking, or even medical issues.

Observe your dog’s behavior to determine the root cause.

You can try to provide mental and physical stimulation to combat boredom. Engage your dog in interactive play and walks, and offer puzzle toys to redirect their focus.

You may attempt counter-anxiety meds when you observe a scary dog.

If it does not work, consider using deterrents. Safe and effective products like bitter sprays or deterrent collars can make licking unpleasant for your dog.

Consult professionals for recommendations on suitable deterrents.

You can seek professional help. Just like humans with addiction, dogs also need training to reduce the obsession.

In extreme cases, consult a veterinarian for a medical evaluation. Excessive licking may indicate an underlying medical condition.

A thorough examination can rule out health issues.


Why does my male dog keep licking my female dog? Male dogs may engage in licking female dogs for a couple of reasons.

They include social grooming, attempting to establish dominance, showing affection, or indicating sexual interest.

It is their instinctive behavior. However, it’s essential to monitor the dog’s behavior closely. In case of frequent licking, you can consult a pet professional or take them to a vet.


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