Why Is My Dogs Vag Dark – The Real Reasons Behind

Discovering the odd dark spot around your canine’s genital area will not make your day. So why is my dogs vag dark? 

In this article, I share with you all the reasons causing the dark. Also, the solutions and guide to handle this are mentioned.

Let’s get the ball rolling!

Why Is My Dogs Vag Dark? 

why is my dogs vag dark

Because it is its skin color type, debris/dirt build-up, hormone, infection, or pigmentation. Sometimes, it may be influenced by factors like pigmentation and blood vessels.

Like humans, dogs come in different colors, and their body parts, including their private areas, can have varying shades.

Based on your buddy’s situation, you need to understand all the reasons leading to the problem.

Debris Or Dirt Build-Up

Debris or dirt build-up is one of the first reasons causing the black stuff around your pet’s vagina.

Like any other parts, your dog’s genital area can have debris or dirt. This can happen if your dog rolls around in the mud or plays in dirty places.

Or if she rubs her butt on the floor, a dark vag is what comes next.

Sometimes, it is the dog’s urine or poop stains left over. Or, your furry friend accidentally sits on some of your ink left over.

All in all, in such situations, dirt & debris are accumulated. As a result, you see the not normal dog vagina color.

Hormonal Changes

Why is my dogs vagina black? When I consulted my pet doctor, he shared with me that hormonal changes might also answer this question.

Hormones are like little messengers in their bodies that tell different parts what to do.

During certain stages of a dog’s life, for example, when our pet goes through puberty, their hormones can change.

It affects the blood vessels and the overall appearance of the skin. This can make their genital area appear darker or more pronounced, and it’s a natural part of growing up.

Still, the change does not happen to any dog. Some may experience more a noticeable transformation in their genital area, while others may not show much of a difference at all.


Why did my dogs private area turn black? Most of the time, infection is to blame. Well, it is a possibility. Infections can sometimes be the reason for the dark of your dog’s vulva.

Different types of infections can happen:


Vaginitis is a condition that affects the vagina in female dogs. The vagina is the passage or canal connecting the external opening, the vulva, to the internal reproductive organs.

Vaginitis occurs when there is inflammation or irritation of the vaginal tissues.

In some cases of vaginitis, there can be an over number of bacteria or yeast growing in the vaginal area.

When your buddy has a yeast infection or bacterial overgrowth, it can make them feel itchy and uncomfortable.

When my furry friend gets infected, my dog’s private area is red and swollen since she can’t help but scratch it.

And instead of normal discharge, like the body’s natural cleaning liquid, they might have a thick, white, or cottage cheese-like discharge. As a result, it leads to vaginitis.

Urinary Tract Infections 

Infections can happen in a dog’s urinary tract, meaning the number 1 system has problems. There are harmful germs in their pee system causing trouble.

The urinary tract includes the bladder, like a storage tank for pee, and the tubes that carry pee out of the body. When these germs invade the urinary tract, they can inflame and irritate it.

As such, it can affect the skin around the genital area. The inflammation can make the blood vessels around the genital area get bigger, causing more blood flow.

This increased blood flow can make the skin in the dog’s private area appear darker.

Staph Infection

Sometimes, dogs can get an infection brought on by bacteria called Staphylococcus, which people call a staph infection.

This infection can affect different parts of the body, including the skin.

The reason might be your furry friend’s contact with infected dogs, poor wounds, surgical sites that open gates for bacteria, etc.

When dogs have a staph infection, their skin can become red, irritated, and sometimes even itchy, thereby looking darker or redder than usual.

My dog keeps scratching her private area in this case.


Pyometra can potentially cause changes in the appearance of the dog’s vulva, including darkening.

This is an infection in the uterus of female dogs.

When the uterus becomes infected, it can lead to inflammation and changes in the surrounding tissues, including the vulva – the external part of a female dog’s reproductive organs.

In some cases, the infection and inflammation caused by pyometra can affect the blood vessels in the vulva. This can result in increased blood flow to the area, darkening the vulva.

So, what are the first signs of pyometra?

  • Increased Thirst and Urination: A dog with pyometra may drink more water than usual and must pee more frequently.
  • Lethargy or Weakness: Pyometra-infected canines may appear tired, have less energy, or seem weaker than normal.
  • Loss of Appetite: They may show a decreased interest in eating.
  • Vaginal Discharge: A dog with pyometra may have a pus-like or bloody discharge from her vagina. This discharge can have a strong odor.
  • Swollen Abdomen: In some cases, the dog’s abdomen may appear swollen or distended due to the infection in the uterus.

Skin Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation refers to the color of the skin, just like how some people have light skin, and others have darker skin. Sometimes, dogs have natural variations in the color of their skin.

So a dog’s genital area, like the vulva, may naturally have darker pigmentation than the surrounding skin.

So, when a dog’s vulva looks black, it’s because of the natural color of its skin. It’s not something to worry about, just like how it’s normal for people to have different skin colors.

What To Do When A Dog Vag Turns Black? 

female dog parts

Clean The Dog Vagina Area 

Gently cleaning the dog’s vaginal area can help keep it healthy and prevent further problems like vaginal infections. So, how do you clean a female dog’s privates

My tip is to wash it with water and vinegar. I clean the area with a damp cloth or mild pet-safe wipes. Remember to be gentle, especially if your buddy has swollen vulva.

Not only can vinegar be used to hygiene the garden area of your dog, but people bathe dogs in vinegar too. So, having some vinegar bottles in your house can be useful to your pet.

Contact The Vet

The vet can examine the dog, determine why the area turned black, whether it is black discharge or other problems, and recommend the best action.

They have the knowledge and experience to help your dog feel better. So, go straight to your pet doctor whenever you are in doubt.

Even when you can not go right away, a phone call might be a solution to take some first actions first.

That’s how I do when I experience this situation, as we can always do temporary solutions to alleviate the situation.

Treatment For Dark Dogs Vulva 

Hormone Therapy

If the vet concludes that the darkening stems from hormone imbalance, they may give the dog special medications or treatments to help balance the hormones and restore the vulva to its normal color.


In some cases, the vet may prescribe specific medications to treat the underlying cause of the darkening.

These medications can help fight infections, reduce inflammation, or address any other health issues triggering the problem.


In certain situations, surgery may be necessary to correct the darkening of the vulva. The vet may perform a procedure to address the hidden issue or remove abnormal tissues.

How To Care For Female Dog Parts? 

girl dog vagina

Regular Check-ups

Taking your furry friend to the vet for regular check-ups is a good idea. The vet can examine her private parts and make sure everything is healthy.

They may also recommend specific care instructions based on your dog’s needs.


It’s essential to keep the female dog’s private area clean. The ASPCA advises giving your dog a bath at a minimum interval of three months. But that is for bathing.

Based on your pet’s situation, I recommend you wipe your dog’s genital parts more often, from 2 to 3 times a week, especially if it is the heat cycle.

Note: It is important to check the bathing products’ ingredients to ensure any liquid or soap is safe for dogs or not.

Preventive Measures

Talk to the vet about preventive measures, such as vaccinations and flea/tick control, to protect your dog from diseases and parasites.

These measures help keep her overall health condition in check, including her private parts.

Healthy Diet

In my experience, dogs with the best health will have the strongest immune system. Therefore, it will help them avoid health problems which include vaginal issues.

So, don’t forget to contain fiber, protein, nutrients, and food for your pet to meet its daily nutrition needs.


Why is my dogs vag dark? Don’t freak out when you find out these areas have an abnormal dark.

Sometimes, it goes away in a few days. Therefore, in any circumstances, stay calm and have an overall valuation.

Having your furry friend check regularly will alleviate your stress partly. I advise you to bathe your canine regularly and adopt a healthy diet for her..

Ask me anything if you are in trouble housing a pet.


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