Bloodhound Border Collie Mix: All-Rounded Information!

A Bloodhound Border Collie Mix is so tolerant and adorable. You couldn’t take your eyes off these canine behaviors and interactions with a high level of socialization.

Indeed, this breed-specific dog has become outstanding in the last 20 years.

For those who wonder whether this breed is a good deal, this post is necessary for you with classy photos and breed profiles of the stunning mutt!

What Is Bloodhound Border Collie Mix And Its History?

Bloodhound Border Collie Mix

A Bloodhound Border Collie mix is a crossing dog between Bloodhound and Border Collie. It’s a cross dog, like a Chow pitbull lab mix. You can easily spot them with black-white coating and a friendly nature.

There isn’t much of a historical record for hybrid or designer dogs; thus, getting a solid grasp on them is challenging. We’d better stick to their parent breeds’ backgrounds (Bloodhound and Border Collie) in greater detail below.

Bloodhound History

The Bloodhound has the sharpest sense of smell. She can ceaselessly pursue suspects or support search and rescue operations with high-level success.

The “gentle giant” breed can readily go from work to family time.

This intelligent breed is descended from the St. Hubert’s Hound and the Southern Hound. In the 11th and 12th centuries, the British began breeding today’s Bloodhound. Royals and religious dignitaries kept packs of them.

The British Bloodhound nearly disappeared in England after World War II, yet she had become a favorite in “the Colonies” among soldiers fighting and police pursuing criminals.

In 1885, Bloodhounds joined the AKC’s Hound Group.

Border Collie History

Any shepherding dog can be called a collie. Active and energetic Border collies are graceful and natural herders for farms worldwide.

A Border Collie relishes a medium-to-large backyard and plenty of time for training and exercise.

Herding-bred Border Collies are from England and Scotland. Also, “Collie” may stem from the Celtic word for “helpful.”

The Border Collie is an active, medium-sized dog with easy grooming and wits to match herd people! 

Currently, they evaluate the breeding quality on one of two bases: herding ability or appearance and conformation.

What Is Bloodhound Border Collie Mix Personality?

Bloodhound Border Collie Mix Personality

They perform admirably in canine sports, including search and rescue, obedience trials, tracking competitions, and more.

Despite their seemingly calm exterior, they have strong traces of willpower and autonomy running throughout their personalities.

A bloodhound is independent-minded and will often disregard his master’s orders in favor of acting on his own.

They are also known to have a bit of a feisty personality with a high curiosity level.

It is especially true when the dog has picked up an intriguing scent. He will be resolute in pursuing the trail to its logical conclusion.

No dog would want to be left alone if it could get the attention it craves. Take pleasure in the companionship of your new mutt and the incredible bond you will share with it.

Border Collie Hound Mix Health

All dogs can develop genetic health problems. They might be prone to joint dysplasia, eye problems, patellar luxation, etc.

Still, you can offer a health guarantee on Border Collie Hound puppies using specific treatment by their breeder. If they don’t do this, don’t waste your time with that breeder.

A reliable breeder will be honest and open about health problems in the breed and the occurring incidence.

Health clearances are vital to prove that a dog has been tested for and is free-disease utterly.

How To Care Border Collie Hound Mix


It is tricky to predict whether a light or heavy shedder, even if you know this breed well. In any case, get ready to invest in a quality vacuum to keep your floors tidy! 

As needed, give them baths, but not so frequently that their skin gets too dry.

Exercise & Training

A Border collie’s high IQ requires mental enhancement and fostering aside from physical capacities.

Some of the most well-liked canine sports allow him to do both, such as agility competitions, asking him to make split-second decisions at high speed as he races through obstacles like tunnels, teeter-totters, and weaves made of poles.

It’s a good idea to take them on long walks and hikes. Their energy level is most likely to go through the roof. Still, it is inhuman and unfair to your dog to tie him up outside. Don’t do this!

This is an intelligent dog who will be a little difficult to train. They’ll need a firm, experienced hand to set them in their proper place.

Positive reinforcement has the best results for all dogs. So be careful to give them praise when they perform well. This clever dog adores challenges and pleasing people.

How To Feed Them

Typically, a dog’s diet is tailored on a per-dog basis. They are diverse and have specific nutritional needs. Alas, most dogs in the U.S. are overweight or obese.

Fish oil, glucosamine, and chondroitin supplements are essential to minimize the risk of elbow dysplasia and hip. The Raw Food Diet is a splendid choice for those wolf-like individuals.

But be careful to add bacon and eggs to their daily diet, as these are not always good.

Avoid overfeeding a dog, notably one having hip and elbow dysplasia.


Is A Border Collie Mix A Good Dog?

Yes, this hybrid makes for an excellent companion. It gets on well with elderly people and other home pets. They also do the trick as guard dogs.

Still, your Border Collie mix may try to herd your young children due to their innate herding instinct. Keep a watchful check on the kids at all times when they’re outside playing.

How Big Will A Border Collie Hound Mix Get?

One can reach the size of 17-22 inches, weighing 20-60 pounds. Also, a dog’s lifespan often ranges from 10-12 years.

What Is The Best Dog To Mix With A Border Collie?

There are 7 dogs perfect for mixing with a Border Collie:

  • Australian Shepherd Mix
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Golden Retriever
  • German Shepherds
  • Golden Retriever
  • Blue Heeler
  • Husky

Final Verdicts!

The Bloodhound Border Collie Mix is perfect if you’re looking for an energetic, devoted pet. It can be the smartest dog breed regarding mixed genes or herding breeds.

This hybrid breed is very trainable with its intelligent, protective and playful nature. Anyway, that sounds great to have one with a one-of-the-kind look and cute manners.

Only buy one from recognized and responsible breeders to ensure the puppy’s healthy development and longevity.

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