Chow Pitbull Lab Mix: Everything You Need To Know

Pitchows, or chow pitbull lab mix, is a unique hybrid astounding many people out there owing to their desirable traits, mind-blowing hints, etc.

Nothing seems to beat a pet carrying multiple points you’re into about both Pitbull and Chow Chow.

But perhaps, it’s somewhat tricky to train them. The writing below will cover every aspect revolving around this kind of dog. Without further ado, we will dig deeper into this awesome cross dog! 

What Is A Chow Pitbull Lab Mix?

Chow Pitbull Lab Mix
Pitbull and Chow Chow

Hybrid canines called Chow Pitbull Lab Mix, Pitchows, or Chowpits are descended from American Pit bull Terrier and Chow Chow. This medium-sized dog can be an epic family companion with its well-balanced personality.

Chowpits show various inherited characteristics and appearances, which are determined by their parents’ genes.

Furthermore, this hybrid breed is kind and submissive, yet they may be wary of strangers.

Chow Pitbull Mix History And Origin

Chow origin
Chow Origin

Chowpits originate from two purebred dogs, an American Pit bull Terrier with a Chow Chow, as stated.

Tracing back the modern American Pit bull Terrier’s ancestors to England, they were developed from multiple bulldog breeds and terriers.

Butchers and hunters commonly kept these dogs to corral bulls, secure wild boar, and for other hunting purposes.

These canines formerly joined in bloodsports like a bull or bear baiting or even dog fighting. Afterward, it was dubbed the American Pit bull Terrier when being transported to the U.S.

As for Chow Chow, it is a very ancient breed with mysterious roots. They found Chow Chow-like dog fossils dating back millions of years, with numerous depictions on Chinese ceramics from as far back as 206 B.C.

Some genetic testing has shown that Chow Chow and Chinese Shar-Pei share some ancestry.

As a versatile breed, it can undertake various tasks, including hunting, herding, hauling sleds and carts, and watching over boats.

Their fur was prevalent in fashion clothing and outerwear for humans. During the 1800s, merchants imported them to England.

What Does A Lab Chow Mix Look Like And Its Characteristics?

Pitbull Mix with Chow
Chow Pitbull Mix Puppy


A Pitbull Mix with Chow can resemble a Chow Chow with a hint of American Pit Bull Terriers or vice versa with diverse phenotypic traits.

Overall, they often have a shorter muzzle and face than Pitbull. They can have upright ears like a Pitbull or floppy, little ears like Chow Chows.

Interestingly, they can rarely develop two ears with each from each breed.

Chow Pits have a blue mouth and tongue inherited from their Chow Chow parents. They can have legs resembling a Pitbull, curly tails, and eyes that are amber, hazel, or brown.

Their fur can be short, like a Pitbull’s smooth coat, or long, like Chow Chow fur. You can encounter them in diverse colors: black, brindle, red, white, fawn, blue, gray, cream, and brown.

Also, a Chow Pit bull mix can grow any skin tone, coat pigmentation, or markings present in their parent breeds.


With his immediate family, a Pitbull Mix Chow is very devoted and affectionate. If he is more like his Pitbull parent, he relishes cuddles and belly scratches.

Sometimes, he’ll have you wrapped around his paws in no time. Meanwhile, a more-like-Chow-Chow dog is much more independent and would rather lie by your feet than on the couch with you.

This playful dog is flawless for those who are seeking an amusing dog. Moreover, he is not at all as severe as Chow Chow.

This clever Pitbull Chow lab mix always longs for cerebral exercise all day long. Brain games with tasty rewards or interactive activities with you would be their favorites.

This dog can have a protective instinct as a Chow Chow parent is exceptionally territorial. Interestingly, it does wonders as a guard dog with softer fur.

How To Feed & Care For Them?

The MSD Veterinary Manual appreciates high-quality kibble for Pitchow’s diet.

This requires a protein content of 22% or higher for a Chow and Lab mix puppy and roughly 18% for adults. A higher protein level can foster the dogs’ muscularity.

Pitchows are prone to hip dysplasia and patella luxation. To limit the likelihood of catching such a disease in dogs, feed them pet food or nutritious kibble with the optimum calcium, protein ratio, and phosphorus levels.

Some sources, like protein from beef, protein from duck, and protein from salmon, are all perfect.

Sometimes, you can refer to some dry recipes as well and have the background and label checks if needed.

A sound diet should have lean meats, complete grains, prebiotic fibers, vitamins, and minerals.

Follow the package directions based on his age, weight, and activity level, and give him 2-3 meals daily. Consider eggs and bacon to feed this dog breed, also.

Under good caring conditions, their average lifespan can be up to 10-15 years.

How About Exercises & Training Activities?

Unlike the Bloodhound Border Collie mix, a Chowpit only needs 30-60 minutes of daily activity for the Pit chow mix’s mental and physical well-being.

This canine will benefit from having his routine shaken up every once in a while.

These active and versatile dogs dislike dull moments. Unless you want your furniture to become his dinner, you’d better keep this guy busy.

Feed his mind and push the mental simulation with a “bucket list” of exciting things to do while leaving him at home. Spend your idle time playing with him, as experienced owners do.

Ensure your garden is secure, so this energy breed can’t escape or chase the local cats and vermin after his exercise sessions. Then, he’ll be happy to lounge around.

Intensive and well-organized practice is needed as determined as he is. Although he is bright and amenable to training, he may also be headstrong and unyielding.

A stringent regimen of positive reinforcement and proper training necessary since this temperamental breed tends to sulk and retreat when reprimanded.

Dogs with guarding and territorial tendencies, like the Pitchow, benefit significantly from early socialization.

This includes exposing him to as many canine companions as possible. As such, your pet can become a more self-esteem and well-mannered dog.

The Bottom Line

The Chow Pitbull lab mix is a fantastic hybrid known for devotion to its human family.

In contrast, it’s not perfect for families with toddlers and younger kids. Pitchows are generally well-behaved and tolerant of children, yet they do not really like them.

Furthermore, they need intensive practice and exercise, like Husky Chow mix, Chow Chow mix, or Labrador Chow Chow.

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