Can You Heat Up Wet Dog Food? When, Why, And How?

If you are worried that heating wet pup food causes the loss of nutrients, you are not alone because many people have the same confusion.

So can you heat up wet dog food? Does this act ruin the flavor by destroying nutrients in food, like vitamins, proteins, etc.?

This article will present a comprehensive insight into the matter. Keep scrolling down for further information!

Can You Heat Up Wet Dog Food?

how to heat up wet dog food

Yes, you can totally heat up the canned or wet dog food. Warming the wet food for your dog helps enhance the flavor and whet its appetite more.

However, you should not undertake this act under every circumstance, as it could be counter-productive.

If you have stored your wet dog food at room temperature, don’t heat it because its taste could be ruined, given the overwhelming heat.

However, suppose you have just taken the food from the fridge to prevent the effects of bacteria; warming it is highly recommended.

And in what situations should and shouldn’t you heat the wet food? Let’s check the answer in the following sections.

Why Should You Heat Up Your Dog’s Food?

Can you warm up wet dog food? Below are four rationales and specific situations explaining why you’d better heat the food for your canine.

Your Pooch Usually Has A Cold

Sometimes, your puppy is in bad health and displays several cold symptoms, like sneezing, stuffy nose, or runny nose.

Or your dog breed has thinner fur instead of others with double insulated and thick coating, which means it is more susceptible to low temperatures and easily catches up with the flu.

In these cases, you ought to avoid feeding it with cold food. This practice only exacerbates the problem, and one of the optimal solutions is warming up its food.

Its core body temperatures will likely increase as a consequence.

Your Canine Is Tired Or Sick

Your canine can be prone to sickness for several reasons, including constant exposure to cold water or seasonal change.

Of course, when tired, it might refuse to eat food due to the ruined flavor.

That’s why heating the food comes in handy since it could incentivize your pooch to eat by whetting its appetite and increasing the food’s scent.

Besides, whenever it finishes the meal, you are advised to reward your furry with occasional treats to boost this spirit.

Your Pooch Is A Picky Eater

As a picky eater, your dog is apt to refuse many types of cold food if it doesn’t take any interest in them.

Although it doesn’t have any health issues or catch up with any diseases, your canine frequently doesn’t have a good taste of the meal that it detests.

Whenever you are facing the same issue, try to warm its food. As mentioned earlier, this act can bring out better scents and flavors, alleviating its hatred and enticing it into eating.

Suppose it doesn’t work; having some punishments is advisable.

Your Dog Shows An Increasing Interest In Food

If you feel your dog is hungry and has a surging desire to consume warm food, serving it with a heated meal is a good idea.

The method enhances the food’s all-important aroma.

Thanks to this, your puppy will experience one of the most delicious meals in its life, making it addicted and even contributing to the eradication of eating disorders.

When Should Dog Food Not Be Warmed?

warm dog food

Below are some warnings that you should pay close attention to. Let’s check them out!

You Store Wet Dog Food At Room Temperature

The room temperature is ideal for your canned dog food but only after a while before it begins to ruin, so warming it up just makes everything worse.

The heat paves the way for bacteria to thrive at lightning speed, spoiling the food.

Suppose you still head on warming the wet food; it could also result in a burnt meal or destroy your furry friend’s appetite by burning its mouth.

Your Dog’s Body Temperature Is High

Sometimes, your dog has been exposed to the full sun or played outdoors for a long time without resting.

This is conducive to an increase in its inner body temperatures, evoking an uncomfortable feeling.

In this situation, you’d better not feed it with the heated food, which worsens the problem and makes it feel hotter.

Alternatively, you could try giving your canine water to drink or giving it a bath.

Your Vet Doesn’t Suggest It

Your dog’s stomach is not as good as you may think. It could be prone to the damage caused by bacteria or viruses.

That means its stomach is pretty sensitive, especially to extra heat.

Under this circumstance, doctors will advise you against feeding it with a hot meal or spicy foods, which eventually causes more serious problems, like gastrointestinal ulcer, if not treated well.

How To Warm Up The Wet Dog Food?

warming up refrigerated canned dog food

Below are several helpful ways of warming up your wet dog food that you should take close notice of.

Warm With Hot Water

This method is very popular because it is the easiest to perform.

Everything you need to do is prepare a large bowl and put the canned food into it (probably in the central position of that bowl).

Then, pour warm water evenly in the bowl and around the wet food for dogs. Continue to pour water until the level nearly reaches the can’s opening.

Wait about 5 to 10 minutes before you take the food out of water bodies. Now, serve it to the dish or give it directly to your lovely pooch.

This approach is more recommended, given broth or thick wet food.

Add Hot Water Directly

Instead of pouring water into a bowl, you directly add water to the canned food in a moderate amount.

Yet, is it OK to put hot water in dog food? It doesn’t leave any harmful impacts, but don’t overwater it.

The food could be plain and decrease your furry friend’s eating desire. In some situations, nutrients in food can be ruined due to excess water.

Steam Wet Food Gently

Steaming works better than poaching or boiling since it can retain the canned dog food’s shape, flavor, and texture. You should not directly place the wet food in water to steam it.

Alternatively, putting food on a steamer basket or a rack is advisable, and below is the boiling water. You could also cover the pot with a lid to maintain the moisture content.

However, steaming is very complicated and includes numerous steps and devices. So, if you are too lazy, try other methods I have introduced.

Use A Microwave

Can you microwave wet dog food? Yes and before using a microwave oven, you must take all the wet food out of a can since it can melt, causing much harm to the food due to its metal materials.

You are also advised to use a microwave-safe dish or plate to avert potential injuries.

Spread food on the dish evenly to reduce the chance of overcooked portions. Place the dish in a microwave before heating food for about 10 and 20 seconds.

After that, stir the food from the microwave gently to prevent the hot spots’ presence.

After 30 minutes, use your hand to touch the food’s surface and see whether it is warm enough. Good luck!

Use A Double Boiler

Using a double boiler is tricky, but don’t worry because I will help you with the following instructions.

  • Step 1: Pour about two inches of water into a cooking pot.
  • Step 2: Place it on the electric stovetop and switch the temperature from low to medium or medium-high heat.
  • Step 3: Insert the broiler bowl into the heated pot after bubbles appear on the water.
  • Step 4: Take the food from its can and empty it into the bowl.
  • Step 5: Heat it for 10 minutes. Don’t forget to stir the warm dog food and always monitor the food temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long To Microwave Cold Dog Food?

It does not take long to microwave your canned dog food, usually under one minute. Yet, the period of time depends on your microwave’s kind.

Some modern ones can heat the foot quickly and don’t waste much time to start.

Does Heating Make The Wet Canine Food Lose Nutrients?

The answer varies according to the heating time and cooking method.

However, if you heat it up for a long time, there can be a change in the food’s nutrients, especially the nutrition composition, fat content, flavor, and moisture content.

And the higher the temperature, the greater the nutrient loss occurs.

Should I Warm Puppy Formula?

Absolutely yes.

The puppy formula should be warmed before feeding, particularly in young puppies.

They are weak and lack the ability to maintain their body temperatures, so heating the puppy formula is suggested to raise the flavor and appetize them.

The Bottom Line

This article has provided comprehensive insights into the question: Can you heat up wet dog food?

You can warm the pup food, yet always notice the hot temperatures closely if you don’t want its nutrients to be lost.

Should any concerns still bother you, consult with your vet!


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