Can You Trim Dogs Whiskers Above Their Eyes – Detailed Answer

Keeping a pet healthy and beautiful is a concern of any owner. However, in the process of taking care, a few beards that are too long on their face can also make you worry.

Are they like human beards? Is that important? Can you trim dogs whiskers above their eyes?

We help you answer these questions. Please scroll down and get it.

Can You Trim Dogs Whiskers Above Their Eyes?

can you trim dogs whiskers above their eyes

Many people often think that they are just useless and quite entangled. Why not cut them short so pets feel comfortable and look neater? However, this is a completely wrong idea.

Unlike other animals, dogs and cats possess an important but superficially redundant sensory organ: the whiskers on the face.

They help determine the direction, location, and threatening dangers. Losing these antennas is like losing their eyes.

So you are not supposed to cut dog whiskers for aesthetic reasons unless it is on the advice of your veterinarian.

Be careful with the children in the house because they often have a hobby of cutting mustaches for fun.

Although these hair follicles can grow back independently, the waiting period is very difficult for them.

Why Do Dogs Need Their Whiskers? 

Whiskers (or vibrissae) are hair-like fibers that protrude from a dog’s jaw, above the eyes, or the sides of a dog’s snout.

These hairs are usually curved downwards and vary in length and stiffness. The outer ones are generally longer and stiffer than the inner ones.

Although the part that is often overlooked in pets, their beard has many uses.

The mustache roots of dogs and cats grow deeper under the skin than regular hairs, which makes it possible for them to work as extremely sensitive radar detectors.

This unit helps your pets estimate the speed of objects and position of solid objects within a certain range.

The sixth sense also helps dogs determine the direction and environmental changes.

When air currents are in contact with the body, the hairs will vibrate and transmit signals to the nerve impulses for processing.

This makes it easier for pets to detect and avoid obstacles or potential enemies, especially night vision.

For species born blind or have poor vision, the vibrissae are very sensitive to take over the major functions of their eyes. In addition, they are also body language to express emotions.

What Happens If You Cut A Dog’s Whiskers?

dogs without whiskers

As mentioned above, vibrissae are small hairs that play a vital role in the lives of pets. Cutting these mustaches will affect their ability to locate and navigate their surroundings.

Dogs without whiskers have more difficulty navigating and avoiding surrounding objects.

While doing this will not directly cause pain to the four-legged friends, it will hinder their adaptation to the world.

Trimming the beard too short or even close to the skin is not recommended because it will confuse the pet and cause it to lose an important sense.

How a dog arranges its whiskers shows us what it is doing and how it feels. If you cut them off, you won’t be able to capture their emotions through facial features anymore.

You’ll also notice them start to behave unusually, such as:

  • Become more cautious with daily activities
  • Strangely moving
  • Impact on spatial awareness even in tight spaces
  • It’s difficult to swim because there’s no beard to use anymore
  • Inability to determine the direction
  • Loss of appearance, becoming more wrinkled than usual
  • Confused animal, timid, and afraid to go out
  • Constantly fearful of nearby objects
  • Become irritable and aggressive
  • Skin infections
  • Boredom, loss of appetite, symptoms of depression

What Notes When You Cut A Dog’s Whiskers? 

The answer to “can I cut dog whiskers” is always NO, but sometimes you must trim their fur. At this point, be very careful with your facial hair to avoid cutting important things.

Use a small pull and do it slowly, don’t use a trimmer.

If you or the naughty children in your house accidentally cut these antennas, pay attention to the following.

Avoid letting dogs roam as they can be in danger, especially at night. Encourage your dog to get active again with delicious food.

Feed/drink them in a larger bowl so the rest of the vibrissae do not touch when they eat. Don’t forget to wash the bowls after they’re done eating.

Extra attention, do not let them lie in one place for too long. Reassure them and play with them with their favorite games.

If pet parents have done the above and see that your pet behaves strangely, take them to the veterinarian to promptly resolve.

One thing to be very careful about is not to be foolish enough to cut the dog’s beard again. Repeatedly this condition will affect the ability to regrow.


are you supposed to cut dogs whiskers

Do All Breeds Of Dogs Have Whiskers?

Most mammals do, except humans, because human eyelashes and whiskers have a completely different structure and function from animal vibrissa.

And among today’s dog breeds, most have this part, although the form may be slightly different. They can grow in thick and long bunches or grow only sparsely.

In terms of structure and function, they are all the same, except for the hairless breeds.

With these special friends, their bodies automatically adjust their other senses to accommodate this shortcoming.

Do Dog Whiskers Grow Back After Cutting?

Yes. Like cat vibrissae, they will grow back once they fall off or are cut. The speed to return to its original state is not the same, and it is also impossible to determine a specific time.

Normally, these hairs will take about 2-3 months to reach their previous length. It can last up to 16 weeks or more, depending on the body characteristics or health of the individual species.

Is Dog Beard Trimming Painful?

Trimming the beard short won’t hurt your pets, but plucking will.

Because these hairs are deeply embedded in the skin, plucking will make them feel very painful and even have undesirable manifestations such as:

  • Bleed or damage blood vessels
  • Screaming or growling violently
  • Slap in the face
  • Skin infections
  • Hide face


Above is information about the question: Can you trim dogs whiskers above their eyes? These tiny antennas are vital to your pets’ lives, so let them grow naturally.

Please don’t do anything foolish with them, and don’t forget to keep an eye on the kids in the house.

Hope this article has helped you gain more knowledge in dog care. Thanks for reading.


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