Do Dogs Have Cramps When In Heat? Ohh!

If you have a female dog that is not spayed, you may wonder what happens when she goes into heat.

Do dogs have cramps when in heat? How can you make your dogs comfortable with this health issue? 

I will provide useful information to help you effectively explore dogs’ physiology and behavior in heat, especially menstrual cramps 

Whether you are a new or experienced dog owner, this article will help you better understand your dogs in heat.

Do Dogs Have Cramps When In Heat?

do dogs have cramps when in heat

The answer to “Do dogs get cramps during period” is yes. Female dogs can have period cramps when in heat, like some humans.

But their periods are not the same as ours. The good news is that you can help your dog feel better and more relaxed during this time.

Your female dogs have an estrus cycle called “heat” or “period.” It happens about twice a year but can vary depending on the dog and the breed.

It usually starts when they are 6 months old or older. The heat period can last from two to four weeks, depending on the kind of dog.

Why Do Dogs Have Cramps When They Are In Heat?

Female dogs have cramps when in heat because of hormonal changes in their body. But their cramps are different from women’s cramps during their period.

That’s because of the difference in why they have period pains.

Women have periods at the end of their fertile stage. If the egg that left the ovary is not fertilized, the uterus wall lining sheds and comes out as blood.

The uterus contracting causes the cramps to get rid of the egg.

Dogs have bloody discharges at the beginning of their fertile period.

It means your dog’s uterus wall is not shedding anything; by contrast, the dog is getting ready to receive the fertilized egg.

This greatly increases the main female dog hormones: progesterone, estrogen, and luteinizing hormones.

You should help your dog to feel comfortable by giving her a warm place to rest, a gentle rub, and some extra love. It is amazing and effective for your dog during the discharge of blood.

How Many Stages In The Heat Cycle Of Dogs?

There are four main phases in heat in dogs. It would help if you had a deeper understanding of them to ensure your dog’s health is the best during the female dog heat cycle. In particular:

Proestrus Stage

There are some abnormal signs in your dog’s body during the proestrus stage. The vulva becomes larger and bloodier as it gets ready for mating.

You might see blood on her vagina or her sleeping spot. The blood usually stops in a few days, but some dogs bleed longer. They bleed even if they don’t mate with a male dog.

Your dog might also have other common signs of being in this phase. The dog might eat more or less than normal and show more or less love.

She might sometimes cover her tail with her body.

Estrus Stage

When a female dog is ready to breed, she enters the first phase of reproduction, called the estrus stage in the menstrual cycle.

This is her most fertile period, and she will be open to mating with males. She will act on her natural urges to reproduce.

You can detect that she is in this phase through some common behaviors:

  • She will wag her tail to attract males.
  • Her vulva will become softer to allow penetration.
  • Her discharge will turn red to pinkish.

They do not indicate that an abnormal heat cycle occurs; it means that the reproductive process has just started.

Diestrus Stage

The diestrus stage is the final stage of heat when the dog can no longer get pregnant (which can last from two to three months).

If your dog is pregnant, this stage will last until it gives birth to the puppies (about two months after mating).

If the dog is not pregnant, its cycle will start again about two months after it ovulates. It is one of the common issues in your dogs, not amazing and worried!

Anestrus Stage

The anestrus stage is calm, where the dog does not want to mate and ignores male dogs.

This stage can last three to five months until the cycle begins again with the next Proestrus stage. The hormone levels are also maintained at normal growth.

Dog Period Cramps Symptoms

do dogs cramp during heat

If you want to detect “Do dogs get cramps when they re on their period” you should know popular telltale signs given by experienced pet experts below:

1. Lethargy

Lethargy is the most apparent sign of pain in your dog’s bleeding during estrus. Your dog may feel sick and weak when she has cramps in her period.

She may take days to get better, so ensure she gets enough sleep and peace. It would be best to prepare a soft bed, making your dog feel cozy and calm while she rests.

2. Decreased Appetite

Your dog may have cramps if she eats less or not at all. She may not feel hungry when she has her period. This means she is hurting and uncomfortable.

In unexpected situations, your dog may be choosy about food, and that’s normal.

But if her eating habits change for a long time, it could be a problem that you should consider having counter medications.

3. Bloated Belly

A period cramp may cause your dog to have a bloating belly.

This is one of the behavioral signs because the dog’s body may retain more fluid during its cycle, which can make its belly swell up.

The bloated stomach can also affect her breathing and make her pant more than normal. Remember to have attention-seeking behaviors to take care of your dog better.

4. Shaking

Shaking indicates that your dog feels pain or discomfort from a cramp. This can occur at any cycle stage but is more common when the cramp starts.

The severity and duration of the shaking may vary depending on how strong and long the cramp is.

5. Excessive Panting And Breathing Fast

Your puppy pants a lot during her period because she is anxious. Her hormones are changing, and she feels pain in her belly.

She cannot tell you how she feels, so she pants from stress. To help her, make her surroundings quiet and peaceful while she bleeds.

How Long Do Dogs Have Cramps? 

Cramps can last from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the affected muscle’s severity and location.

You should try to gently massage the cramped muscle and provide some water and rest for your dogs to release these cramps as soon as possible.

Cramps can indicate discomfort, such as electrolyte imbalance, nerve damage, or poisoning.

Please don’t ignore your dog’s cramps and help them feel better from muscle pain!

How To Ease Cramps From Dogs In Heat Cycle

Cramps during the heat cycle are medical issues or serious pain symptoms if you do not have healthy treats immediately.

Learning to balance hormones in your dog’s body will help you to protect your dog better during challenging times from cramps.

Below are some useful suggestions for reducing the negative impacts of cramps, including:

Keep Dogs Indoors

When your female dog is in heat, keep her indoors unless you are with her. She could get pregnant by unwanted mates if she is left alone outside.

If you need to take her for a walk, use a leash and stay close to her. Don’t let her roam free even if she is well-trained.

Match And Modify Dog Behavior

If your dog feels tired, remember to let her get a rest in a short time. You can take her for a walk if she becomes too restless to modify her behavioral issues effectively.

Please have a balance of rest and exercise to comfort her anytime.

Have A Short Chat With Your Vet

You should talk to your vet if the cramps persist or worsen or if you suspect your dog might be pregnant.

Your vet may recommend some medication or supplements to help your dog with cramps, but you should always consult them before giving your dog any medicine.

Apply Cold Or Hot Packs To Dogs

If your dog has cramps in heat, you can use cold or hot packs to ease their discomfort and reduce inflammation.

Cold packs are good for the first two days after the injury or exercise, while hot packs can help.

Have Balanced Meals For Dogs

When your dog has cramps, it is important to provide balanced meals that meet their nutritional needs and support their recovery.

Balanced meals for dogs should include high-quality protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water.

These nutrients can help your dog maintain muscle health and boost their immune system.

Consider Meditations For Dogs

Medications can reduce the severity and duration of cramps, relax tense muscles, ease soreness, and improve your dog’s quality of life.

However, you should consult your veterinarian before giving your dog any medications, as some may have side effects, interactions, or contraindications.


do dogs get cramps when they re on their period

What Should You Do To Help Your Dogs Over Heat Cycle?

To help your dog over her heat cycle, keep her indoors and away from male dogs. You should also provide her with a comfortable bed, clean water, and balanced meals.

You can also talk to her, massage her, and apply cold or hot packs if she has cramps.

Do Dogs Usually Get Period Poops In Their Heat Cycle?

Some dogs may experience period poops in their heat cycle, which are loose or runny stools. This can be due to hormonal changes, stress, or dietary changes.

Period poops are usually not a cause for concern, but you should monitor your dog’s hydration and appetite.

What Should You Give Your Dogs During Period Cramps?

You should give fresh water, plenty of food, and some cramp-anti medications to your dog to improve her health better during period cramps.

Remember to consult your vet before doing anything for your dog in this confusing time.


You have just gotten an answer to “Do dogs have cramps when in heat?” in this blog.

The cramps are also one of the common acts of aggression when your dogs come to the stage of the increased hormone estrogen.

You should follow some way to ease cramps for your dogs to maintain their health well anytime and anywhere.


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