Full Grown Pomsky White – All You Need To Know

A full grown Pomsky white can be various in weight and height. Yet, they are cute and suitable to grow in a limited space, such as an apartment.

This hybrid breed between Pomeranian and Siberian Husky has many beautiful traits, making them one of the most popular breeds and attracting many dog lovers.

Let’s read the article below to learn more about their size, temperament, and health issues!

Overall Infomation About Full Grown Pomsky White 

full grown pomsky white

A full grown Pomsky white has an average size of 20 to 30 lb weight and 10 to 15 inches in height.

Most of this breed are small to medium and have white coats and blue eyes. They are fun and adorable dogs to keep at home.

Regular physical activities will help them keep in shape and maintain good health.

Size, Weight, and Height

How big do Pomskies get full-grown? A white Pomsky full grown can weigh around 20-30 lbs and reach a height of 10 to 15 inches.

Depending on each individual, some can be slightly bigger or smaller than this size.

They are generally considered small to medium-sized dogs, so they don’t require much space for content.

You can maintain the ideal healthy weight mentioned above by allowing your Pomsky to go outdoors and perform regular physical activity, including daily walks and running.


As the hybrid breed, white Pomsky has facial features taken from both parent breeds.

Usually, they will have pointy ears and small snouts from their Pomeranian parents. Meanwhile, some can inherit a wider nose from their Husky parents.

Their fluffy coat is the perfect combination of the thick and dense fur of huskies and the soft fur of Pomeranians.

Brushing and grooming are necessary to prevent their stunning coat from tangling and matting.

The dog also needs occasional coat trimming around the paws and ears. But remember not to trim the dog’s whiskers above their eyes.

Can Pomskies be all white? Yes, the breed is usually fully white, but since they are mixed breed, some may look white, yet there are small light gray streaks in the dog’s undercoat.

Sometimes, you can also see Pomsky brown and white.

What is the rarest Pomsky color? Rarely can you see these designer dogs with a blue dilute shade, which is defined by a recessive dilute black gene.

This type of Pomsky is usually more expensive.

Eye Color

Two blue eyes are the most typical and desirable traits of Pomsky eye color. There are also chances you can see this type of dog with two brown eyes or one brown and one blue eye.

It takes about 9 to 12 weeks or even 16 weeks for the eye color to fully form, and it hardly changes after the dog matures.

That’s why you should check before the mentioned period to make sure you have the desired eye color you are looking for in a Pomsky.


Pomskies have playful and loveable personalities. They are intelligent and love to interact with people around them.

It is necessary for them to socialize with other breeds or people; otherwise, they can become anxious and have behavioral issues, such as destructive behaviors.

This type of dog tends to be stubborn, challenging the dog training.

However, you should be patient and consistent in obedience training so your furry friend can understand the basic commands and behave in the way you want.

Their standing appearance and adorable personalities will bring great joy to your house.

Yet, you should spend enough time and effort to offer proper care and make them a great family pet.


Since these cute puppies are a new designer breed, there is little information on their lifespan. However, we can make a general estimate based on their parents’ types.

The lifespan of Pomeranian and Siberian Husky is 12 to 16 years and 11 to 13 years, respectively. So, the Pomskies’ average life expectancy can be around 11 to 16 years.

These figures can be changed based on different elements, such as the dog’s overall health, diet, and exercise.

Therefore, to extend its life span, you should take care of it well physically and mentally.

Living Needs And Health Care

Living Needs And Health Care

Living Needs

Because of the small and medium size, Pomskies are suitable for keeping in an apartment. You can even apply crate training to them.

However, they still have a high energy level, requiring regular walks or daily playtime.

Thanks to their thick mane, they can play with the snow in winter without being cold. The dog also prefers to swim in summer to cool off.

Some may find digging fun, while others love running. Therefore, bring your Pomsky outdoors every day for regular exercise and relaxation.

Health Care

Pomskies have strong loyalty tendencies, sometimes leading to separation anxiety when the owner is not around.

The symptoms of this nervousness include chewing, barking, whining, etc. In this case, I suggest you consult the vet for more advice.

Since the breed features a thick double coat, they tend to shed a lot, especially during summer. Daily bruising can prevent the issue of a huge mess.

Besides, monthly baths and grooming are highly recommended during hot periods.

You should also cut your dog’s nails every month and brush his teeth weekly for better health care.

In addition, ensure your Pomsky has a healthy diet of food and treats suitable for his small to medium size and health condition.

Discuss it with your vet if you’re unsure about any issues.

Furthermore, there are other common health issues I want to remind you to pay attention to.

This one-half Pomeranian breed can face eye and ear infections, skin matters, or dental troubles; thus, a regular checkup with a pet hospital is highly advisable.


Pomsky white

Pomskies And Mini-Huskies Are The Same Dog: Is It True?

No, they are the same. Mini-Huskies were first reproduced by a woman named Bree Normandin in the 1990s.

Miniature Huskies are the Siberian Huskies smaller version whose parent dogs are the naturally small-sized standard Huskies. Thus, they are not Pomskies.

How Much Is A White Pomsky?

They can cost from $1,000 to $5,000, depending on their traits. Pomsky white is likely to be more expensive if their fur is all white, they are small or medium-sized, and they have double-blue eyes.

Plus, they will cost more if they have great parents and an ideal temperament. The average price for a desirable Pomsky is around $2,500-$3,500.


A full grown Pomsky white can reach 30 lb. They have adorable, unique appearances and lovely personality traits, inviting many dog lovers to have them as perfect family pets.

If you’ve already grown or want to grow a Pomsky, remember to give them a healthy diet, regular physical and mental exercise, proper training, and proper healthcare to extend their lifespan.


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