How Many Dogs Do The Osbournes Have? – Updated Information

How many dogs do the Osbournes have? If you are a fan of Sharon Rachel Osbourne, you may want to know about her life with her dogs.

Sharon Osbourne is frequently wild, bold, openly truthful, and equally lovely and genuine.

Sharon Osbourne is a renowned novelist, television personality, music manager, and businesswoman.

She rose to prominence on MTV’s reality program “The Osbournes.” It covered the highs and lows of her family’s everyday lives.

Sharon, a well-known animal-lover, has a great passion for animals, and she and her husband are big supporters of pet rescue.

How Many Dogs Do The Osbournes Have?

how many dogs do the osbournes have
Sharon Osbourne Dogs (in 2022)

Sharon and her husband, Ozzy, presently own 14 adopted dogs and three cats. Pomeranians, Shih-Tzu, Pomskies, a Maltese Mix, various rescue mutts, and Yorkie Mix, are among their dog breeds.

They are major supporters of pet rescuing and volunteer organizations such as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Operation Pets Alive. They have Scottish Fold, Bengal cats, and Calico.

The Osbournes are passionate about animal rights and puppy rescue. They’ve had a lot of pets throughout the years, including over thirty dogs.

Six of their previous puppies are well-known for appearing on the reality TV program “The Osbournes.” 

Sharon adores her pets with such affection that she spent over $300,000 on first-class flight tickets for dogs in a year. In their English rural house, they also established a 4-acre dog center.

How Many Dogs Does Jack Osbourne Have?

Jack Joseph Osbourne, born November 8, 1985, is an English media figure with dual citizenship in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Both Jack Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne are the children of heavy metal singers Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne.

He did not actively work in animal or pet organizations, and there is not much information about him raising dogs.

However, The 26-year-old was seen strolling around near his Los Angeles home with his two dogs. He was going with his fiancée, Lisa Stelly.

It was the first time he was spotted since going public with his sickness.

How Many Dogs Does Sharon Osbourne Have?

sharon osbourne dog bella
Sharon Osbourne Dog Bella

Currently, Sharon Osbourne has 14 rescued dogs and three cats raised together with her husband. However, the number can differ as some would die of old age or diseases.

Her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, 71, has been making news owing to his Parkinson’s illness struggle, spine surgery, and overall health deterioration.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, they had their 37th wedding anniversary.

It’s difficult for them to give good puppy daycare for so many pets with a busy schedule at this age, yet they still keep their love for dogs.

What’s Wrong With Sharon Osbourne’s Dog Bella?

Sharon Osbourne dog Bella is one of the famous rescued dogs. Bella has become an iconic figure. In 2018, she appeared on the Dog Magazine cover.

She’s also been on television several times. However, she is getting older. She was 9 years old when she appeared on the cover of Dog Magazine in 2018.

Bella is a true diva and a world traveler, yet dislikes walking long distances. And she despises the cold weather.

Nipping at people’s ankles when they leave is her favorite activity. She is also one of Sharon Osbourne’s favorite dogs. Sharon was caught taking Bella out for dinners many times.

What Are The Stories Of Sharon Osbourne Dogs?

ozzy osbourne dogs
The Stories Of Sharon Osbourne Dogs

Sharon Osbourne is a strong advocate of rescued dogs. Her favorite response is, “My pets have taught me that I mostly prefer animals to people.” Each of her dogs has a unique story.

Some would go through a lot of adversities in their life. Let’s read their intimate details below.


Among Sharon Osbourne’s 14 adopted puppies, Bella is the most renowned and is famed for her diva behaviors.

Bella, a 9-year-old Pomeranian, appeared on TV several times and was captured on the Dog Magazine cover. However, she is getting older.

Besides Bella being a diva, Rocky, who isn’t necessarily Sharon’s dog, is a rockstar. Sharon also loves Rocky, an 11-year-old chocolate Pomeranian.

He and Bella appeared on the covers of numerous magazines.


Sharon Osbourne rescued and adopted Alfie, a mutt dog, in 2005. There is no information about the breed he is.

However, he is famous for being a heartbreaker, and everyone loves him. He was fortunate to get over a big surgery and recover without side effects. Alfie is now a senior dog, 18 years old, in 2023.


Said Sharon; Charlie is a Yorkie Mix that enjoys the outdoors but despises showers. She met Charlie at a donation and charity auction.

It is a win-win situation as Charlie not only had a sweet home but also got more than $10k for Autism.


Reba is also a Mutt who was rescued from a plastic bag. It was discovered on the side of a Houston roadway. A family friend who runs a dog shelter introduced Reba to Ozzy’s Houston show.

Despite her humble beginnings, Reba is now recognized as the queen.


Pepsi is a Maltese puppy. Sharon Osbourne met him from an elderly who passed away. In 2018, Osbourne adopted Pepsi at the age of ten.


Sharon met Elvis, a Pomsky, and she adopted her. The puppy appeared on her talk program named “The Talk in March 2021” Elvis made an impression with a customized blue bed.


Flick is also a rescued dog. The puppy is a Pomeranian that lives peacefully with the other Osbournes dogs.


Moe is one more fortunate Pomeranian rescued. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne adopted Moe, who is cute and fluffy with glamor shots.


Another Pomeranian rescued by the Osbournes was Pickle. He is recognized by his beautiful brown furs.


Sharon Osbourne met and rescued both dogs, Dolly and Daizy, in July 2018. They look adorable, and they get along with the Osbournes.


Wesley was initially shown off by the Osbournes in early January 2021. Therefore, rumors say that he was adopted at the end of 2020.


Sharon Osbourne met Zippy just prior to Christmas 2021. Her daughter, Aimée, rescued Zippy in Texas.


Sharon Osbourne also possesses Momo, an entirely black Scottish Cat. Momo was in the headlines in April of 2021. She went missing but was found three days later.


In 2002, Lulu, a Chihuahua, participated in the opening episode of a TV problem, The Osbournes. Lulu was referred to as “similar to a seal” by Sharon.

It is because her overweight look and moaning resembled a little seal. Lulu was murdered by a coyote that crossed their fence in 2003.


The Osbournes owned a Swedish Lapphund, and they named it Pip. Pip showed off during the period of The Osbournes’ reality show.

The coyote that murdered Lulu also hit Pip. Ozzy took Pip out of the coyote’s mouth and saved Pip’s life.


Minnie, a white Pomeranian, appeared on The Osbournes’ show. At that point, it was Osbournes’ favorite dog after Lola. Minnie died in 2008 after suffering pneumonia.


Maggie is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed. It was owned by the Osbournes in the 2000s. In 2013, Maggie passed away at the age of 16.


One of the popular Ozzy Osbourne dogs was Little Bit. It is a Pomeranian. Osbourne rescued Little Bit from a farm on a Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan episode. In 2009, a coyote sadly killed Little Bit.


Martin, often known as Martini Bianco, was a black Chihuahua. He was a member of the Osbourne. However, this 14-year-old rescue dog died in 2011.


Lola, the Osbournes’ English Bulldog, was primarily Jack’s dog. Lola frequently appeared in their TV show called The Osbournes. Lola died in 2012 when he was 12 years old.


How many dogs do the Osbournes have? There are 14 adopted canine babies and 3 cats. The number would be more, but some would have passed away.

This American couple will continue rescuing other poor dogs as they have a strong passion for them.


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