My Dog Ate Human Poop What Should I Do?The Detailed Answer Is Here

My dog ate human poop what should I do? Having a dog may put you in this terrifying situation. It can be challenging to regulate your dog’s diet at times.

This post will cover what to do if your dog eats human poop after going too far.

My Dog Ate Human Poop What Should I Do?

my dog ate human poop what should i do
What Should I Do If Dog Ate Human Feces

Pet owners may be concerned that eating poop might make their dogs ill.

Cleaning your pet’s mouth, giving them vitamin supplements, training them, and taking them to the vet are the best ways to handle this.

Clean His/Her Mouth

When you discover your dog is consuming human waste, you should first clean its mouth. By using coconut oil or dog toothpaste to brush their teeth, you can aid in the elimination of foul breath.

Just moisten and coat the toothbrush with toothpaste before brushing your dog’s teeth.

You can clean it by putting a towel over your finger and gently cleaning it with baking soda, coconut oil, or salt water. Never give your dog human toothpaste since it could be hazardous.

Add Vitamin Supplements

Consider taking supplements with vitamins or enzymes. These can assist if your dog is eating excrement because it is deficient in particular nutrients, such as vitamin B.

All dogs require particular vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. But, if your dog consumes too much of something, adding supplements may result in issues.

For instance, a dog’s metabolism and immune system depend on a proper amount of vitamin A, but too much might be poisonous.

Training Him/Her

For your dog, you can use positive reinforcement training. Show your dog a treat every time he stays away from the poop to teach him to stay out of it.

Giving your dog specific orders will help prevent him from eating excrement. Also, it will sharpen his mind. You can gradually stop giving him goodies, and he’ll eventually stop eating waste.

Go To Pet Hospital

Anytime your dog consumes human feces from an unknown source, they risk catching parasites or infectious diseases.

Also, they risk ingesting drugs or other irritating substances that the other animal has absorbed.

Make an appointment with your vet if your dog becomes ill or displays symptoms of an upset stomach after eating feces.

Why My Dog Ate Human Poop?

dog ate human poop what to do
The Causes Dog Ate Human Poop


It’s in a dog’s genetic makeup to consume human feces. Dogs are omnivores who forage, scavenge, and adore the flavor of carrion.

Dogs consume a lot of non-nutritional items for amusement or because they find them to be intriguing.

For example, when a mother dog cleans up after her puppies until they are weaned, eating poop is common in dogs. Yet, there might be behavioral factors for most adult dogs.

Enzyme Deficiency

Dogs’ everyday meals are less varied than those of wild canines before domestication.

As a result, their systems frequently lack the necessary digestive enzymes that cause a nutritional deficiency in processing their food supply correctly.

Even so, dog owners must watch for any indications of an enzyme shortage, which may result from dietary deficiencies or malabsorption problems brought on by underlying medical conditions.

Dogs who receive insufficient amounts of certain nutrients are more likely to engage in coprophagia.


At certain phases of a dog’s life, the dog eating human feces is a normal behavior. For example, mother dogs may lick their puppies to encourage them to potty.

In addition, for the first three weeks following birth, they consume the feces of their puppies to clean up after them.


Several experts think persistent stress, worry, and boredom may be causes of canine coprophagia. The fact that eating excrement might be an attention-seeking behavior shocks some dog parents.

Dogs who are left alone or spend excessive time in crates or other cramped areas are more likely to consume feces. It almost happened to the chow pitbull lab mix.

The best ways to deal with worried poop eaters are to ensure your dog has a tranquil, secure location to unwind and plenty of enrichment items.

See your veterinarian for advice on how to handle problems associated with anxiety.


Parasites steal your dog’s nutrition. To determine whether your dog has worms or other parasites like harmful bacteria or coccidia, you should bring the fecal matter to your veterinarian for testing.

It may be a brain, liver, or gastrointestinal illness symptom. Moreover, you can observe unexpected weight loss, nausea, or other behavioral changes.

Consult your veterinarian to rule out thyroid problems, diabetes, or intestinal parasites.

My Dog Ate Human Poop: What Can Happen To My Dog?

dog ate human feces
What Can Happen To My Dog When Ate Human Poop

Stomach Pain

What happens if dogs eat human poop? Bacteria in the feces may cause your dog to have a mild stomach upset, which could cause stomach pain.

But, more severe poisonings will result in gastrointestinal issues that last longer.

Owners of dogs should always be alert for any indications of pain because the reasons for digestive problems can range from minor to severe.

You must see a veterinarian right away if dog ate human poop and develops a fever.


Although coprophagia is mostly safe, it can expose your dog to an infectious parasite. What happens if a dog eats human poop? It can lead to gastroenteritis, which makes people throw up.

Vomiting is the term used to describe the active removal of normal food from the stomach.

To determine if the dog has a more severe illness, seek medical assistance if the vomiting does not cease in a day or two.

Effective therapy is necessary if vomiting is accompanied by one or more common symptoms, such as fever or abdominal pain, or if there is blood in the vomit.


Diarrhea is one of the most typical issues for dogs after ingesting something unexpected like excrement. The digestive systems of our dogs differ significantly from our own.

Generally speaking, dogs must be better suited to digest significant amounts of fat or more than they usually consume. Consuming poop might cause diarrhea.

Dog diarrhea can sometimes be rapidly resolved. When diarrhea suddenly appears, it frequently goes away on its own with little help from you.

You should bring him to the vet if diarrhea has lasted for 48 hours or longer and there is blood in the stool.


Your dog may act somewhat clumsy and tired if it experiences more vomiting. Drowsy dogs are uninterested in their daily activities and are either unable or reluctant to get out of bed frequently.

Regrettably, a dog may also become listless before passing away. Take your puppy to the hospital immediately if they are both lethargic and exhibiting symptoms of difficulty breathing.

How To Get My Dog Stop Eating Poop? 

Your dog can be prevented from eating excrement in many easy methods. The best course of action is to maintain a spotless home and yard.

Clean up the waste as soon as it occurs if your dog who eats stools lives with other dogs and cats. It will reduce opportunities for poop-eating.

Consider taking supplements with vitamins or enzymes. They can be beneficial if your dog is eating excrement due to a nutrient deficiency. Training is one more way to keep your dog from ingesting feces.

Providing real food rather than a processed commercial diet can make a significant difference. To ensure your dog gets the nutrition, provide him with a balanced diet.

Include adequate organ meats in your diet, as they are exceptionally high in vitamins and minerals. Sometimes the owner faces the problem of my dog doesn’t like meat.


Can Eating Poop Hurt My Dog?

In most cases, eating feces won’t harm your dog. But, it’s revolting, dirty, and causes the worst breath odor. The risk of a dog eating his excrement is often low.

But terrible bacteria and parasites in that excrement can spread.

Should I Be Worried If My Dog Ate Poop?

Remember that it’s not a problem if your dog eats his waste. Yet, consuming animal waste could be harmful to your health.

There are parasites, viruses, or poisons in the stool. Usually, before the puppy is nine months old, this activity will stop.

Should You Punish My Dog For Eating Poop?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you should never discipline your dog for consuming feces.

If you punish your dog for eating excrement, your dog will connect your presence with punishment and may develop a sense of obligation.

It will probably result in additional concerns such as submissive urination, heightened anxiety, and other problems.


The question, “My dog ate human poop what should I do?” can now be answered. Although it’s disgusting, many animals regularly engage in this poop-eating behavior.

Dogs sometimes eat poop for various reasons, but most of the time, it’s normal and not an issue. Observe your dog closely if any severe symptoms appear.


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