My Dog Ate My Airpod: What To Do & How To Prevent?

Have you ever heard the bad news that your pet swallows foreign objects? Last year, my dog ate my AirPod, and I have found some proper solutions. If you are in the same boat, follow me!

I’ll explore the causes of this peculiar behavior, the treatment plan possible for your pet and your prized wireless earbuds, and most importantly, how to stop such an incident from occurring again.

Get ready for an intriguing experience!

What Happened If My Dog Ate My Airpod?

My Dog Ate My Airpod

Fortunately, Airpods rarely pose a threat to your pet’s life. Similar to pet food, the Apple Airpods can be processed by stomach acid and excreted from the body as waste by excretion.

But this case happens to smaller breeds more often with more risk.

In some particular circumstances, a dog can show adverse reactions after accidentally ingesting the wireless earphones.

Accidental damage depends on various factors, such as the dog’s body, the Airpods-specific model, and the extent of ingestion.

The Airpod’s materials, typically plastic and metal components, can raise choking hazards or cause intestinal blockage.

Your pet can suffer from complications like discomfort, stomach pain, vomiting, or difficulty passing the AirPods through the gastrointestinal tract.

Moreover, batteries in earbuds obviously contain harmful chemicals (lithium) for the digestive system.

Battery ingestion can result in toxic exposure and severe poisoning or burns in the digestive tract.

Why A Dog Swallowed AirPods?

The natural tendency is the first root when my dog ate my airpods.

Dogs are naturally inclined to chew on and sometimes swallow strange objects, like a part of a blanket, regardless of their edibility.

This behavior is often showcased in the countless tales of dogs devouring socks.

You may know that dogs inherently have weaker eyesight and innate curiosity; thus, the case that dogs mistakenly ingest earbuds or any inedible objects is understandable.

Airpods also have compact and round shapes, more easily attracting the dog’s intention.

The dogs eating Airpods behavior may also be a result of unstable mental health. Dogs can put unintended objects in their mouths to escape boredom and desire to be occupied.

Have you ever dedicatedly checked whether your dog has adequate toys or a quality bonding time? 

Let’s focus on offering chewy toys or safe bones to redirect your dog’s chewing behaviors. This is important for pets to manage themselves when you leave and separate the dogs from each other.

My pup has uncontrollably absorbed an Airpod when he was hungry. Then I knew that his daily diet might not supply him with an adequate amount of required nutrients and calories.

After updating the diet with more nutritious treats, my dog has ceased doing so.

What Should You Do If Dogs Ate Airpods?

What Should You Do If Dogs Ate Airpods

As you know, the complication when a dog eats Airpods may not be too dangerous.

Thus, the first thing you need to do is stay calm and follow the following behavioral conditions of your pets at least in the first 6 hours.

But when your furry friend shows signs of vomiting, abdominal pain, internal obstruction, or difficulty defecating, it’s time to seek alternative treatment options from the vet immediately.

You can deliver brief information about the incident for more proper diagnostic tests.

They will guide you on the necessary steps based on your dog’s status, the specific AirPod model, and any potential risks associated with ingestion.

A veterinarian can assess the situation, suggest appropriate treatment methods, and determine the best course of action.

Your vet may recommend an X-ray, urine tests, and blood tests to select the exact location of the AirPods alongside the common condition of your pet.

From there, they can help induce vomiting, perform endoscopy, or even surgery if necessary.

Does The Apple Warranty Cover Dog-Related Incidents?

when a dog eats Airpods

It is regretful to inform you that the Apple normal warranty will not be responsible for this personal situation.

An extended warranty is not applied when your dog consumes your AirPods partially or entirely. This damage is considered intentional and negligent, thus not covered by the warranty.

Applecare+ also does not provide coverage for lost or stolen AirPods. That’s why you needn’t make the same excuses to Apple customer service.

Instead, you can still obtain replacements for your AirPods, either for a single unit or both, at a discounted price.

How Do You Prevent Dogs From Swallowing Earbuds?

A prevention plan – the key to avoiding these situations – is not demanding at all. You can proactively carry out these ideas to protect your costly earbuds from the pet’s reach.

The common case is that an AirPod could accidentally fall out of your ear and be grabbed by your dog.

Therefore, the best way is to store them in their case when not in you. If you are more careful, you had better put them in an inaccessible location for your pet.

Investing effort in training your dog not to ingest inappropriate objects is essential. This way, you can save money on earbud replacement; also contribute to the pet’s overall well-being.

Training your dog to avoid swallowing indigestible objects requires consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement.


 Keep a close eye on your dog, particularly during playtime or when they start accessing objects to chew or swallow.

Teach The “Leave It” Command

 Train your dog to understand and obey the “Leave It” or “Drop it” command. Day by day, it can discourage them from picking up or ingesting non-food items.

Provide Appropriate Chew Toys

Offer safer and more durable chew toys specifically designed for dogs.

When they are into the new stuff provided by the owners, they can pay less attention to other items that could be harmful.

Improve The Diet

You cannot rule out that you feed the dog less than his body requirements. Consider your dog’s breed and find out how much food to feed on reputable nutrition sites.

Generally, let’s improve starchy foods as well as strengthen the fiber element in the daily menu. That way, your pet will keep enough energy to operate for a day.

Seek Professional Help If Needed

 If your dog continues to exhibit problematic behaviors despite your efforts, consider consulting a professional dog trainer or behaviorist for more effective guidance and support.

This long-term treatment approach will not only protect your wallet from potential veterinary bills but also ensure the highest safety for your beloved canine companion.


I hope that you get a knowledgeable solution when my dog ate my Airpod.

This case may initially bring frustration or worry, yet you are highly encouraged to approach such situations calmly and take appropriate action later.

Besides seeking immediate veterinary assistance, we need to invest effort and time in preventive measures and training.

You can learn from these experiences to protect both your favorite device and your companions.


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