My Dog Keeps Sticking His Tongue Out And Swallowing: How To Resolve

My dog keeps sticking his tongue out and swallowing is a common habit that I can meet. However, is it normal, or is something wrong with my dog’s health?

So, let’s find out, “Why is my dog sticking his tongue in and out?” What can we do if something goes wrong?

My Dog Keeps Sticking His Tongue Out And Swallowing: What Are Causes? 

my dog keeps sticking his tongue out and swallowing
What Causes My Dog Keeps Sticking His Tongue Out And Swallowing

So, why does my dog keep sticking his tongue out and swallowing?

There are three types of common reasons leading to the case that your four-legged friend keeps sticking his tongue out and swallowing, including natural causes, behavioral causes, and medical issues.

Nature Cause

There is absolutely no need for alarm. When petting, dogs lick their lips as a sign of love and closeness to their pet owners. When he gets parched, he licks his lips and then drinks.

Dogs will naturally lick their lips and avoid eye contact when fighting. The combination used by the timid dog shows his opponent that he has no desire to engage in combat.

Your dog may lick its lips if a scent triggers it. This is because dogs’ sensitive noses can pick up odors from afar. In contrast to cats, dogs lick the air to pick up scents.

In the end, your pet’s physiological response might be typical. For example, his salivary glands always work when he expects a reward or meal, causing him to lick his lips and swallow.

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Behavioral Causes

Some dogs use licking their lips and often swallow to convey their feelings. To show his perplexity, your pet may lick his lips throughout certain stages of the training program.

Another common sign of displeasure from the high intensity of the training session is excessive lip licking and yawning from your dog.

When a dog needs to relax, human owners will notice that they lick their lips nonstop. As a result, dogs often resort to this appeasing gesture when they are frightened or under stress.

If anxiety is what’s driving these actions, then you need to help them feel better. One of the following is usually the case:

  • Disturbing sounds, whether they come from inside or outside
  • Having strangers or unfamiliar people visit your home
  • The introduction of a foreign animal to his domain
  • Alterations made to the home provide a different atmosphere.

Medical Causes

Foreign Body

Dogs will lick their lips and try to swallow anything that causes pain or discomfort if it gets lodged in their mouth.

Foreign objects in the mouth might cause a dog to shake its head and paw at its mouth. Dogs often choke on bones, rawhide, toys, and even sticks.

Dental Problems

Plaque hardens into tartar as gum disease progresses.

Tartar buildup above and below the gum line may cause periodontal disease by providing a breeding ground for bacteria that eat away at the periodontal tissues.

Dogs with advanced dental illness may lick and swallow excessively, emit a foul odor, develop red, inflamed gums, and develop food and fur wrapped around diseased teeth, among other symptoms.

In specific cases, dental disease can cause of hanging tongue syndrome, which can cause your dogs to pant and lick their lips.


Nausea is a typical symptom of mouth licking and swallowing. Dogs may drool, lick their lips excessively, or even eat grass if they are experiencing nausea.

Human owners can find out more about canine vomiting and sickness.

Aphthous Ulcers Of The Mouth Issues

Pain from oral ulcers might lead to lip licking, drooling, and/or an increase in swallowing.

Respiratory infections, dental diseases, systemic infections (such as renal illness), and the consumption of caustic chemicals are all potential causes of ulcers.

Liquid potpourri and laundry detergent pods are two examples of caustic goods that should be avoided if you want to avoid developing a mouth ulcer.

Disgusting Flavors

If a dog licks something strange or unpleasant, it may acquire an unusual preference for that flavor.

This may happen after consuming something unfamiliar, licking a dangerous animal, or using a cleaning product.

Drooling, lip licking, and mouth foaming are symptoms of toad venom intoxication. Find out more about the dangers of toad venom.


Bite wounds to the face or mouth sometimes result in the victim licking and swallowing his or her lips.

As can bees and wasps, insects like spiders, horseflies, and mosquitoes may bite. Pain, swelling, drainage, and/or lip licking may all result after a snake bite to the face or mouth.

What Should I Do When My Dog Keeps Sticking His Tongue Out And Swallowing?

my dog keeps swallowing like something is stuck in her throat
Dog Keeps Sticking His Tongue Out And Swallowing

Sometimes, my dog keeps swallowing like something is stuck in her throat, and I am worried. So, if you meet this case like me, here are two things you can do.

Evaluate your dog’s behavior.

Is your dog stressed out when he licks his lips and swallows repeatedly? Feeling tense or anxious?

You should consider whether repeated lip licking and swallowing are signs of worry that come with lying down on their walk.

Give your dog some room and time to calm down in a stressful environment. Take your dog out of any setting where he can become exhausted.

Spending more time with your tiny puppies, providing them with toys, gaming, or simply going for a stroll might help alleviate the behavioral issue.

However, you shouldn’t shower your dog with attention. This will result in a quick and simple recovery for the two of you.

Determine issues

If you pups licking and swallowing more than 24 hours, the best action is to take your dog to the vet for regular, thorough inspections. The medical emergency team will suggest treatments for the specific illness or injury your pet is experiencing.

To rule out any physical problems, having your pet undergo blood tests, diagnostic tests, or an MRI may be necessary.

A behaviorist is the one to see for emotional and behavioral issues. Keep in mind that you can never know for sure how your dogs are feeling.

Don’t put off seeing a vet; this might be devastating for your cat if left untreated.

But sometimes, you can take care of things on your own. If he’s dehydrated, for instance, you should get him somewhere cool and dry, like your house or some shade.

Provide him with water gradually. After your dog has had some time to calm down, you may test his progress toward recovery by pinching his skin.

Meanwhile, attempt to keep careful notes on how the ailment manifests itself. Your specialized specialist might utilize these details as crucial hints in determining the root of the problem.


Why does my dog keep sticking his tongue out and swallowing

My dog keeps sticking his tongue out and swallowing is a common phenomenon because of three main causes, including natural, behavioral, and medical issues.

In most of these cases, you don’t need to worry.

However, if you notice other symptoms indicating serious medical emergencies, such as difficulty breathing, broken bones or signs of stress…, your dogs should have veterinary care to ensure their health.


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