Why My Dog Won’t Leave My Other Dogs Bum Alone

Have you ever questioned why your pet dog seems completely fixated on the rear end of your other dog and won’t let it rest?

It’s a strange behavior that could make us wonder why.

Dog behavior can, at times, be genuinely perplexing. This post will explain why my dog won’t leave my other dogs bum alone.

My Dog Won’t Leave My Other Dogs Bum Alone: Is It Normal?

my dog won't leave my other dogs bum alone

Dogs frequently inspecting and sniffing each other’s behinds is normal. It is a means of natural communication and information collecting.

However, extreme or persistent behavior could call for consideration and expert advice.

Sniffing each other’s behinds is a natural part of canine social interaction. Though it may appear strange to us humans, this behavior is usual in the world of dogs.

Puppies depend greatly on their sense of bad smell for communication and information gathering.

A wealth of odors and pheromones can be found in the anal region. They use it as a means of communication to exchange crucial details regarding identity, health, and emotional state.

However, if your dog’s conduct turns out to be extreme or persistent, it might indicate more serious problems.

A scent addiction, increased interest, anxiety, or hormonal changes may influence this activity.

Evaluating whether it interferes with their everyday activities or creates distress is critical.

While some sniffing is common, it’s important to watch that it doesn’t become aggressive or uncomfortable.

It is advised to pursue professional advice from a veterinarian if the behavior continues excessively.

Why Is My Dog Won’t Leave Other Dogs Bum Alone?

dog licking other dogs anus

Natural Behavior

Why do dogs lick each other’s butts? Your dog’s obsession with your other dog’s bum is primarily brought on by natural behavior.

Obsessive licking is unusual whether your dog is an adult or a youngster. There are some social, friendly dog groups where the occasional lick is frequently seen.

Canines possess a keen sense of foul smell. The anal region releases a range of pheromones and aroma markers that are particular to each person.

They have a strong social bonding mechanism for their canine society, and this behavior is embedded in their communication repertoire.

Therefore, it is only your dog’s way of participating in this natural behavior and exchanging vital olfactory information when they won’t leave your other dog’s bum alone.


Another explanation for a dog licking other dogs’ anus could be a medical issue.

Canines can identify and understand certain molecules, including those in the anal sac disease of other puppies, by sniffing.

Your dog can discover information about the identity, gender, health, and mood of another dog by licking its butt.

They might notice something strange in their furry friend’s anal region while they do this.

Inflammation,  chronic skin infections, external parasites, food allergies, and problems with anal gland expression can all produce different odors that are noticeable to your dog.

Their continued attention to the location can indicate that anything is wrong.

Anal Glands

Why does my dog lick my other dog’s butt? On each side of their rectum, dogs have anal gland issues, also referred to as smell glands.

A dog uses these smell glands to indicate your pup’s territory for other dogs.

If you discover that your dog is licking the anus of another dog, you may need to address anal gland impaction with that dog.

When full or irritated, these glands can release a potent odor that attracts your dog.

Due to their innate propensity for using scent glands to gain information, your dog may be lured to the location and begin to sniff it.

How To Treat This Problem?

why does my dog lick my other dogs anus


Redirection is useful for dealing with my dog won’t leave his bum alone. To divert your dogs’ focus from compulsive licking, direct them to another activity that will hold it.

You can help them change their concentration and the entire body by diverting it to something more appropriate to do.

Introduce interactive toys, participate in playtime, or stimulate the mind with puzzles or training activities.

You can assist in breaking the habit and discouraging compulsive behavior in dogs by concentrating on constructive things.

Provide Stimulation

It’s also critical to offer plenty of physical and mental stimulation. Make sure dogs receive a lot of psychological and physical exercise.

Regular exercise regimens for your dog should include walks, runs, or engaging playtimes. Your dog is more prone to lick if they are bored.

Equally crucial is mental stimulation, which keeps their minds active. Introduce puzzle toys or hold training sessions that test their capacity for problem-solving.

Consider including scent-based games or hiding gifts around the house to pique their olfactory curiosity.

Get A Check Up

Scheduling a visit to the vet may be necessary if your dog is constantly licking the other dog.

Any underlying health conditions or discomfort that may be causing this behavior can be ruled out with the help of a comprehensive examination.

The veterinarian will examine the anal region and look for indicators of bacterial skin infection.

You can give your dog the proper treatment plan to lessen their fixation by taking care of any physical problems.

A checkup provides you peace of mind and ensures your dog’s well-being.


Why Does My Younger Dog Keep Licking My Older Dog?

Your younger dog might lick your elder dog as a display of deference, submission, or devotion.

It’s a behavior frequently occurring in canine social dynamics and is typically considered innocuous and natural.

Should I Let My Dog Lick His Privates?

In general, it’s acceptable for dogs to lick their privates as part of their regular grooming rituals. However, excessive licking or indications of pain can necessitate veterinary care.

How Do I Let My Dog Leave My Other Dog Alone?

Leave your dog alone with anal gland material, divert their focus to different pursuits, and offer mental and physical stimulation.

You can think about seeking professional advice if the behavior persists.


Our dog owners know our puppies can exhibit some very disgusting behaviors. Do not worry if “my dog won’t leave my other dogs bum alone.”

It’s an odd yet typical habit in the world of dogs. You can confidently handle the situation by figuring out the causes.


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