Why Do Male Dogs Lick Female Dogs Pee? Is It Normal Behavior?

Canine behavior has long fascinated pet owners and researchers alike with its rich repertoire of gestures, vocalizations, and interactions.

Among the myriad of curious behaviors exhibited by our four-legged companions, one puzzling yet prevalent act that draws intrigue is the tendency to lick.

Why do male dogs lick female dogs pee?

Understanding the underlying reasons can enrich our comprehension of canine behavior and deepen our bond with our furry friends.

Let’s delve into this explanation.

Why Do Male Dogs Lick Female Dogs Pee?

why do male dogs lick female dogs pee

Male dogs lick the female pee primarily to gather important information about the female dog’s identity, reproductive status, and emotional state.

This behavior is also a natural and instinctive way for territory marking and social bonding.

Keep reading to find out clearer about the answer!

Chemical Communication

Why do male dogs lick female dog’s pee? Dogs rely heavily on their sense of smell to gather information about their environment and other animals.

Female dogs’ urine contains various chemical compounds, including pheromones.

Other animals can detect these pheromones, often through their highly developed sense of smell, and can trigger specific behaviors or responses.

These compounds convey essential information about their reproductive status, health, and identity.

This information can guide their mating behaviors, territorial marking, and social interactions.

In short, chemical communication is an ancient and intricate method. It helps dogs and other animals exchange crucial information without direct visual or vocal cues.

Sexual Attraction

Why do male dogs lick pee? Sexual attraction refers to male dogs’ instinctual and biological response to the pheromones released by female dogs in estrus (commonly known as being “in heat”).

During estrus, the females release specific chemical compounds known as pheromones in their urine, vaginal secretions, and through their skin.

Licking the urine of a female dog in estrus allows the male to collect important information about her reproductive status.

The scent of the female’s urine acts as an olfactory advertisement, signaling her availability for mating.

In response to this chemical cue, male dogs may exhibit various behaviors, such as increased sniffing, licking, mounting, and vocalizations, as part of their courtship and mating rituals.

This behavior would be vital for locating suitable mates during the females’ fertile periods.

Territory Marking

Territory marking and dominance are two related behaviors commonly observed in male dogs interacting with female dogs’ urine. 

Territory marking is using urine to leave a scent in a particular area.

Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell. Thus, a male dog licking female dog pee is a way to communicate their presence and establish boundaries.

When a male encounters a female dog’s urine, he may be inclined to mark over it with his own urine.

By doing so, he’s essentially overlaying his scent on top of the female’s scent. This leaves a clear message to other dogs in the area that this territory is claimed.

This licking tendency can also be related to dominance behavior. In a pack or household setting, dominant dogs may demonstrate their authority by inspecting and interacting with other dogs’ urine.

Licking the female’s urine could be a way for the male to assert his dominance and reinforce his social status within the group.

Social Bonding

Why does my male dog lick my female dog’s pee? Social bonding is how dogs use this behavior to build up and strengthen their social relationships with other dogs. Dogs are social animals.

They communicate and form connections with one another through various behaviors, including grooming, play, and body language.

If a male dog licks a female dog’s urine, it can serve as a form of social interaction and communication.

As mentioned, while licking pee, the male dog may be interpreting valuable data about the female’s reproductive status and identity through the pheromones present in the urine.

Licking can also be a sign of affection and bonding between dogs. Dogs use licking as a way to show affection and care towards each other.

It’s a behavior often seen between littermates as well as between adult dogs who have formed close bonds.

This behavior can be a soothing and comforting gesture that helps strengthen the social bond between individuals.

In turn, the female may respond with reciprocal behaviors, such as grooming or play, further solidifying their social bond.

What Happens If Dog Licks Urine?

Is it bad if a male dog licks a females pee

When a dog licks other dogs pee, it potentially hurts your pet due to the risks associated with exposure to contaminants, infections, and toxins.

While occasional contact with small amounts of urine may not cause significant harm, repeated or prolonged exposure to contaminated urine can increase the chances of negative health effects.

  • Bacterial and Viral Infections: 

Dogs can contract bacterial and viral infections from licking urine, particularly if the urine comes from an infected dog.

You might notice some stench, such as pee smelling like asparagus!

Common infections dogs can get from contaminated urine include Leptospirosis. This can be transmitted through infected urine and entail serious health problems.

  • Toxin Exposure: 

Is it bad if a male dog licks a females pee?

In some cases, dogs may encounter toxic substances in their urine, especially if the dog whose pee they are licking has ingested something harmful.

This could result in poisoning and requires immediate veterinary attention.

  • Parasitic Infections: 

Parasites, such as roundworms, hookworms, or giardia, can be present in the urine of infected dogs.

  • Allergic Reactions:

Some dogs may be allergic to certain components in the urine. Licking urine could trigger an allergic reaction, leading to skin irritation, itching, or other allergic responses.

Should I Stop My Dog From Licking Urine?

Should I let my dog lick other dogs pee? You’d better stop your dog from licking urine is generally advisable, especially when encountered in public areas or by other dogs.

Licking urine can pose potential health risks (mentioned above).

Besides these health risks, allowing your dog to lick urine may reinforce the behavior, forming undesirable habits or compulsive behaviors.

Moreover, licking urine from other dogs can be seen as socially inappropriate behavior among dogs. It may not be well-received by other dog owners or dogs.

How To Stop My Dog From Licking Female Dog Pee?

male dog licking female dog pee

Training And Redirection

Before starting training, ensure your dog is familiar with basic obedience commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come.”

This foundational training will redirect their attention away from the female dog’s pee easier.

Choose a specific verbal command, such as “Leave it,” “No,” or “Come,” that will be used to redirect your dog’s attention away from the urine spot.

Be consistent with the chosen command to avoid confusion.

Distraction And Prevention

Like the previous method, select a verbal command your dog knows or start training them to respond to it.

During walks, pay close attention to your dog’s behavior. Look for signs of interest, such as sniffing or moving toward urine spots.

When you notice your dog showing interest in a urine spot, quickly use the chosen distraction command in a firm and confident tone.

Simultaneously, gently pull on the leash to guide your dog away from the area.

Immediately after your dog responds to the distraction command and moves away from the urine spot, offer generous praise and a high-value treat.

Positive reinforcement encourages the desired behavior and fosters your dog to respond to the distraction command.


Neutering, also known as spaying or castrating, is a surgical procedure to remove the reproductive organs of a male dog (testicles) or a female dog (ovaries and uterus).

Neutering can lead to a reduction in the production of testosterone in male dogs. Testosterone is a hormone responsible for driving mating-related behaviors.

By reducing testosterone levels, the dog’s sexual motivation may decrease, and they may be less inclined to seek out female dogs’ urine, especially when the female is in heat.

Unneutered male dogs can be more prone to roaming in search of potential mates. Neutering can decrease the urge to roam, hence fewer encounters with female dogs’ urine.

Additionally, the impact of neutering on behavior can vary among individual dogs, and it’s not a guaranteed solution to every behavioral concern.

Environmental Management

Environmental management is a proactive approach to preventing unwanted behaviors in your four-legged friends.

If you have a female dog at home and she is in heat, manage her environment to minimize the chances of urine licking from other male dogs.

Keep her in a secure and safe area away from potential male suitors.

During outdoor playtime or potty breaks, steer your dog clear from urine spots.

If you notice your dog showing a tendency toward this behavior, use distraction techniques to redirect their attention.

Keep the living space inside your home clean and free from harmful substances or toxins. Regularly clean and sanitize surfaces where your dog spends time.


Why Would A Dog Sniff And Lick Other Dogs Pee

Dogs sniff and lick another dog’s urine primarily because urine contains chemical compounds called pheromones. It carries vital information about the dog who produced it.

By sniffing the urine, a dog can learn more about the other dog’s identity, health, reproductive status, and emotional state.

This type of communication helps them understand and recognize each other, fosters social interactions, and reinforces pack bonds.

Why Is My Male Dog Licking My Female Dog’s Privates?

Your male dog may lick the privates of your female dog for several reasons.

Licking the female’s genital area allows the male dog to gather information about her reproductive status and potential mating opportunities.

Additionally, licking is a natural grooming behavior in dogs, and male dogs may engage in this behavior as a form of social bonding with the female.

Why Does My Dog Lick?

Licking is a form of communication and bonding between dogs and humans, expressing affection and submission.

Dogs also use licking as a grooming behavior to clean themselves and other members of their pack, removing dirt and parasites.

It can be a way for dogs to explore and taste their environment.

Additionally, dogs may lick to seek attention, request food or playtime, and as a part of their social interactions within their pack or family.

However, you should pay attention to your dog’s behavior. My pooch sometimes licks everything and throws up due to gastrointestinal issues.


Why do male dogs lick female dogs pee? It is primarily driven by their strong sense of smell and instinctual behaviors.

While this behavior is natural and rooted in canine instincts, responsible pet owners should be aware of potential health risks associated with urine licking and take measures to prevent it.

For example, some methods can be supervising outdoor activities, redirecting their attention, and maintaining a safe environment.


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