Why Does My Dog Whine When I Leave- Solved!

No pet lover can stand being away from their dog. But if that’s unfortunate, you’ll likely get sad eyes from the dog as if begging you to stay, even tears!

So, why does my dog whine when I leave the house?

Unlike humans, it isn’t easy to notice the varied expressions on the faces of social animals, including dogs.

Sad tears are not a good sign because they show that your dog has a physical or mental problem.

Therefore, stay with our article to find the most effective method to solve this problem.

Why Does My Dog Whine When I Leave The Room?

why does my dog whine when i leave

Once a dog sheds tears, it is a sign of emotional problems or the effects of serious physical injury.

The dog uses several methods of communication (such as whining, crying, howling, and screaming) to convey discomfort to you before you leave.

If you’re curious about what the dog is trying to tell you, here are the five most common responses.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a serious psychological problem affecting humans and animals.

You can tell the dog always seems to grab your leg and shows resistance when forced away from you.

Besides crying, the common signs of separation anxiety in dogs are also accompanied by destructiveness, anxious whining, depression, and loss of appetite.

Pain Or Illness

Crying is a physiological response of any animal to pain from illness or serious physical injury.

You can detect it through a sudden croak followed by other signs, such as tail drooping, yelping, licking wounds, etc.

In this case, you should stay for a few minutes to check, promptly detect and handle health problems for the dog.

Seeking Your Attention

A puppy will sometimes cry and whine to get your attention. It takes advantage of the pity to hold you back to cuddle and play for a few more minutes.

This unwanted behavior is similar to stubborn children crying when their parents don’t pay attention to their stories.

Fear And Boredom

In extreme fear, the dog cries in a submissive position (tail and head down to the ground). It usually appears in recently adopted or rescued dogs in an unstable mood.

When the person they trust leaves, the dog lacks mental support, leading to depression and boredom.

After a period of attachment to the house, the dog will gradually adapt and no longer have this bad habit.

Wanting Something

The puppy may cry to ask you for help with something. Maybe it wants to go out or enjoy something from you (e.g., food, water, toys).

When a problem cannot be solved independently, my dog cries when I leave the room with confusing actions.

For example, it often both whines and leads you to where the problem is: a favorite toy is stuck, or another pet occupies their bed.

Only when you fix the problem will the dog stop their destructive behavior.

If you regularly take your dog out for a walk or pee, it could be the cause!

When not accompanied by you, the dog feels uncomfortable because it wants to be outdoors, leading to whining and crying.

My Dog Whines When I Leave The Room- What Should I Do?

my dog whines when i leave

Before proceeding with formal treatment, you must consider several factors to determine the cause of the dog crying because owner left.

If the problem is temporary, check to see if the dog is sick, injured, or has a problem that needs help.

When the crying happens every time you separate your dog with no signs of abating, it’s a serious psychological problem.

Apply the treatment tips below before the stressful situations become more serious.

Avoid Encouraging Its Behavior

Some owners can’t stand their pet’s plight and often stay a few minutes to comfort them. This action inadvertently encourages them to develop this bad habit.

Gradually, the dog will scold you whenever you do not satisfy his request.

Be more aggressive and only reward when the puppy stops crying. Also, using toys that can distract your dog when you leave is not a bad idea.

Limit The Anxiety

Limit your pet’s anxiety by preparing enough food and water and letting it pee before leaving for periods of time.

You should also provide stress-relieving aids, such as stuffed toys, blankets, or anything else that can be chewed.

For scared dogs, the first thing to do is reassure them. Talk to them in a gentle voice while maintaining eye contact.

Once you repeat this action before leaving, the dog will know you will return.

If you want to tackle the problem more radically, sign up for a puppy separation anxiety training course and mental stimulation.

Contact your veterinarian or a professional dog trainer in your neighborhood.

Give The Dog A Healthy Living Environment

Dogs can only have the best physical and mental health when they grow up in a healthy environment. Follow the rules below to avoid unintentional injury to your pets:

The living area is just enough and free – not too narrow and not too wide

Do regular crate training so the dog gets used to the new environment. The cage should be spacious, well-ventilated, and clean.

Regularly give your dog daily exercise, take them for walks, and engage in interactive games.

Practices should be appropriate to the breed and age of the dog and avoid overtraining.

Get Help From The Vet

If you’ve tried all the above and still can’t stop your dog from crying, contact your local veterinarian or animal behavior expert for help.

After the consultation, you can adopt adequate exercises for your dog.


dog whines when i leave

Why Does My Dog Cry When I Leave The Room?

A dog’s crying is a sign of mental breakdown or physical health. Fear, boredom, injury, separation anxiety, and demand are the most common causes.

If your dog suffers from this problem, you must first meet his basic needs, such as food, drink, and toys.

Regular health checks and appropriate mental exercises will help keep your dog in the most stable mental and health condition.

Is It Ok To Leave A Dog Whining?

The answer is no! Leaving a dog to cry when they need basic help can make it difficult to train later. Solve your puppy’s problems before going to avoid mental and physical harm.

How Long Should You Let A Dog Whine?

Dogs may whine when brought into a crate or left in a room. But if the whining persists for 10-15 minutes with no relief, you should not leave your dog distressed.

Use physical exercises to help your dog get used to being alone more.

Some Last Words

Don’t be annoyed by the loud noises when pets whine and cry because they are going through greater mental or health damage than ever before.

Take a break from work for a few minutes to thoroughly understand the problem and take appropriate remedial measures. 

Gradually, your dog will not only stop this anxious behavior but will also become stronger and happier.

That’s how you strengthen the bond between you and your dog!So, why does my dog whine when I leave the house?

This article has answered all your questions about this issue and provided useful treatment methods. Good luck with training your puppy!


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