How To Keep My Pitbull Smelling Good? Some Hygiene Tips For You

How to keep my pitbull smelling good? Getting rid of pitbull odors and helping control pitbull odors are essential, especially for large families with children.

The smell of pitbulls often makes living space “smell” unpleasant if you do not regularly clean them.

This condition has many different causes, such as bad breath, poor oral hygiene,…

The Reasons Make Pitbulls Smell And How To Keep My Pitbull Smelling Good

how to keep my pitbull smelling good

Poor Grooming

Dogs that are old or in poor health are often unable to groom themselves. Oily skin and dirt accumulated on their body for a long time will develop into a bad smell.

Pay attention to your dog’s grooming habits to determine if this is the main cause.


When your four-legged friend goes outside, they’re exposed to many things. Besides, some dogs have a hobby of rolling around in dirty water, mud, or even other dogs’ poop!

This could be the reason why they stink. That time will make you ask yourself how to keep your dog from smelling.


Dogs “farting” can also cause an unpleasant odor. This could indicate that your pet has ingested something difficult to digest.

If the episodes of gas are more frequent, they likely have a food allergy or intestinal disease.

In this case, you must take your dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible to be treated. Sometimes, only veterinarians know how to keep your dog smelling good.

Dental Disease Or Halitosis

Bad breath is caused by bacteria made up of plaque buildup, tartar, decaying food, bleeding, or even a tumor in the mouth.

Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly is the most effective way to prevent odors and help owners check for unusual dental health problems.

Ear Infections

If the odor is most noticeable in the ear canal area, it could indicate an ear infection. See your veterinarian as soon as possible for treatment.

Atopy Or Allergies

Atopy is an allergic condition to the environment and can lead to other problems, including bad smells on the skin.

Wet Dog

The dog’s skin contains many glands that secrete fluid, which helps to protect the skin’s surface.

The ingredients in this liquid can be the reason for the dog’s odor. The more wet the fur, the more pronounced the smell will be.

How To Keep My Pitbull Smelling Good? Here Are Some Tips 

how to keep dog smelling good

Brush Hair And Teeth

One of the simplest and most effective ways to eliminate dog odors is to clean and brush them daily.

Especially with long-haired breeds, the tangled hairs will prevent sweat glands from escaping.

Sweat accumulates, gradually accumulating on the dead hair, making the knots more tangled and creating an unpleasant odor.

Therefore, you should buy a wide toothcomb to detangle hair.

After that, use a close-tooth comb to thoroughly groom the dog’s coat type to keep the dog’s skin issues in place and soft.

Regular brushing your dog’s teeth is an effective way to reduce bad smells, prevent the accumulation of plaque and tartar, or prevent gingivitis and gum disease.

You can use water to brush your teeth or a special toothpaste made specifically for dogs.

Wash Your Pitbull’s Bedding

Your dog’s bed sheets and pillows should be cleaned regularly because foul odors and bacteria, dirt, skin infections, dust mites, hair, foreign bodies, or even parasites can accumulate.

In addition, dogs can also carry fungal organisms; the most common issue being the type that causes scabies.

Feed A High-Quality Diet

Diet is one of the factors that directly affect a dog’s smell. Therefore, to improve the scent naturally, you need to avoid feeding them poor quality or low nutritional foods.

Instead, add more raw meat, dog-friendly fruits, and vegetables to your diet. Some fresh herbs like parsley will also help neutralize strong body odor.

Offer Proper Dental Care

Bad foul smells occasionally indicate the dog’s health and may need medical care. A general health check is essential.

If you don’t know how to keep your dog from smelling, your veterinarian will need to hear about the stench when you visit for a checkup to make a diagnosis and order any necessary tests or prescriptions.

Early dental issues and treatment are essential to keeping your dog healthy and long-lived when pet odor issues are linked to a health issue.

Use Dry Shampoo

One of the best methods for maintaining your dog’s scent without attempting to give it a full bath time is to use dry human shampoo.

Dry special shampoo can be applied anywhere and doesn’t require water or washing.

Although spray and powder alternatives exist, a quality dog shampoo is the best because it purifies your dog’s fur rather than just masking it with a dog perfume or smell.

Use Baking Soda Or Cornstarch

Try baking soda or cornstarch for a quick “dry bath” to make your dog smell nicer.

You may apply either item on your dog and massage it into its fur to help it absorb smells or extra oil. The powder and dog musty odor can be eliminated by just brushing it away!

Avoid Getting Your Pitbull Wet

If your dog is wet, the distinct smells are at their worst.

There will always be rainy days, but you don’t have to run through the sprinklers, splash in the kid’s bathtub, or do anything.

In essence, maintain them dry to assist with combatting the unpleasant smell.


how to keep dog from smelling

Why Does My Pitbull Smell So Bad All The Time?

The most frequent medical issues causing dogs to have bad smells are secondary infections or bacterial infections on their bodies or beneath the ears.

The process frequently starts with allergic reactions, which cause itching and touching, which invite diseases.

How Can I Keep My Pitbull Smelling Fresh?

Your dog will smell much better if you give him regular baths. Consider using a moisturizing shampoo if your pitbull tends to stink.

Since baking soda is recognized to have odor-absorbing abilities, goods that include it can be very useful.

Can I Spray My Pitbull With Perfume?

It’s improper to mist your dog with body spray or perfume.

Human perfumes typically contain elements annoying to dogs, such as alcohol and a higher concentration of components (which may be dangerous or scent inappropriate for your dog).


After reading my article, you know how to keep my pitbull smelling good.

Taking your dog a thorough bath is sometimes unavoidable, particularly if they frequently play in the dirt or have allergies.

However, regular bathing might dry out your dog by interfering with its natural skin conditions and clean coat oils.

Save these methods above to make your dog smell better without frequently bathing them.


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