Why Does My Dog Push His Bum Into Other Dogs? Easy Explanation

Why does my dog push his bum into other dogs? Dogs can display their joy or devotion to their owners by doing things like sitting on their feet, whirling in circles, or backing up into their legs.

Sometimes, when we might expect a pleasant lick in greeting, we may instead receive a face full of their butt bump.

This behavior in dogs is much more intricate and complex, socially and physiologically, than ours. We may guess that dogs smell one another’s rear ends to get to know each other.

However, what else does it mean? Let’s find out in the article below.

Why Do Dogs Put Their Bum Towards Another Dog?

why does my dog push his bum into other dogs

Many people would consider a dog hitting other dog with bums bizarre.

They may feel embarrassed and complain, “Why does my dog push his bum into other dogs?” It can be an introduction, showing friendliness, or even marking territory

If we imagine being them for a while, we may think this kind of socialization is acceptable.

As a way of the introduction process, dogs smell one another’s rears. It’s a vital method for dogs to learn about one another.

People may find it unusual or unpleasant, but it’s a common way of getting information about each other.

You can imagine this canine behavior is more beneficial for dogs than humans saying “hello” and shaking hands.

Scent glands located under a dog’s tail allow them to gather a range of information. They can get to know diet, mood, overall health, sex, exercise habits, age, and even stress levels.

Moreover, the “rear-first” introduction approach can prevent conflicts between dogs by avoiding eye contact. It is a common trigger for measuring dominance.

Thus, this “rear-first” introduction can occasionally prevent a fight. Since dogs consider this greeting method natural, they may presume that humans do the same.

Hip Nudge

Another typical explanation is what is known as a “hip nudge.” A dog showing its rear end to other dogs indicates friendliness and softness.

Moving their face away shows that our dogs trust their friends and are unafraid of them.

Dogs will softly contact other dogs with their hip or bottom or patiently wait with their backs to them. A dog not relaxed with a different dog will not turn his back and display this vulnerability. 

They demonstrate that their fangs are far away and that our dogs don’t mean to harm others.


One probable cause dogs show their rear ends to their dog companions is in an effort to “claim.” The scent glands behind their tails are an enormous reservoir of pheromones.

They are chemical odors that we people don’t feel. They could attempt to put their scents on others, marking them as theirs. That is very natural.

A different reason is that they simply want a nice scratch. Flea-infested dogs might feel an itchy sensation on the back right above their tail.

Should We Encourage The Behavior

Our dog’s rear-end form of greeting is very typical and appropriate.

Don’t be insulted. Although dogs appear a little insistent or pushy with their butts, this does not imply that our dog is attempting to intimidate or rule their friends or us.

In fact, the opposite is true. Our dog is displaying meekness. Dogs offering their backs signal that they believe their friends not to hurt them.

They will not harm. It’s a kind, friendly, and trusting gesture.

When our dog is very persistent or particularly large, and their hip bumping may push our children over, don’t blame them for their nudges.

They are unaware that their warm greeting might cause harm to others.

Instead, welcome them with compassion and attention before they collide with us or our children. We may also work with a trainer to teach our dogs to sit and settle down for some minutes.

Their eager rear bumps don’t end up in any knockdowns.

What Are The Solutions And Considerations

why do dogs push their bum against you

Dogs merely wish to demonstrate their passivity and love by displaying their rears. Thus, there is nothing to worry about showing their rear.

We might think otherwise if we’ve ever been awakened by a dog lying on our heads. However, they do not have any bad intentions.

When we have a big dog and little children, we should work with our dog to minimize accidents caused by overexuberance.

Don’t penalize our dog for the hip nudges. It’s the same as screaming at someone for stating, “I love you.”

However, our dog exhibits additional habits, such as rubbing their buttocks on the grass or carpet. We should visit a veterinarian to control parasites or other diseases influencing them.

Why Does My Dog Push His Bum Into Me?

Do your head pats or ear rubs urge your dog to turn and give you his rump? He may use this chance to sit on your lap or foot.

If it describes your dog, you may wonder what that amusing habit is all for. Here are the common reasons why your dogs put their bum towards you when playing.

Showing Affection

Our dogs are highly affectionate and loving pets, Anmarie Moucha, a certified veterinary nurse, told The Dodo.

One of the approaches they use to demonstrate love is putting their backsides toward us.

When our dog exposes his butt to us, he is showing that he is vulnerable. They cannot protect themselves from us when they cannot see us, Moucha continued.

So if they put their buttocks on us, they believe we will not hurt them.

Other Reasons

If our dog exposes us to his behind, he may attempt to mark us with his smell. It’s similar to putting our dog’s ID tag on his leash.

Some dogs show their buttocks to us for a very simple reason. They only want to be scratched. Many puppies like having their tails scratched near the base.

“This area, in particular, may be difficult for dogs to get to on their own for scratching an itch,” Moucha explained.

Now you know that when our dog shifts his buttocks to us, he’s likely attempting to tell us that he loves and cares about us. And he may desire some scratches.

What Are Other Ways Dogs Show Affection To Humans?

dog hitting other dog with bum

Dogs and humans have different ways of showing love. Dogs’ hip nudge serves as a calming behavior. It conveys kindness.

The dog indicates that it does not want to attack. What else does a dog do to show its emotions?

Dog Backs Into Another Dog?

Offering someone the back indicates that a dog has strong social skills.

According to evolutionary researcher Roger Abrantes, who has spent years studying and recording dogs, dogs offering humans their backs is a dog’s sign of affection.

He refers to it as a hip nudge.

Dogs Put Their Bum Towards Another Dog

Why do dogs do this? Because it allows them to prevent disputes and fights, they don’t want to have or feel they won’t win.

It’s also a pet’s way of saying, “Hey, let’s be buddies.” A dependent dog may push us in the hip, buttock, or “muzzle” like we were a different dog.

Dog Takes Our Spot When We Get Up

Laying in our sitting location when we get up demonstrates our dog’s devotion to us. The chosen place will return to the owner with no inappropriate behavior.

Our dog could also experience the urge to guard us, and sitting in our desired location offers him an advantage over the other creatures in the home.

Dogs Put Their Paw On Us

As we pet our dog and they place their paw on our leg or arm, it is similar to us petting him.

Since many dogs cannot perform a touching gesture, resting their paws on us expresses affection, proximity, and trust. It’s their technique of establishing a special personal relationship with us.

Dog Licks Us

Dogs frequently lick us to express affection, greet us, or merely seek our attention. Obviously, should we have some lotion, food, or salty sweat on our skin, it might also play a part.

” Along with devotion, our dog expects a few other things from us, depending on the circumstances.

Dog Get Off The Couch When We Sit Down

It’s a gesture of respect and indicates that we are in command. When dogs move, they may wag their tail. Sometimes, they pull their ears back or even kiss us when we lie down.

Apparently, they are being adorable to earn more chips, yet it’s likely that they are showing affection and respect.

Dogs Follow Us To The Bathroom

When our dog joins us in the restroom, this is most likely due to its animal instincts and group mentality.

Dogs who do it are known as “Velcro dogs,” owing to their urge to remain linked to our side. They can accompany us to guard a pack member, even to the restroom.

Dog Straddle My Other Dog

You’ve possibly seen pictures of pups snuggled together and piled on top of each other. They nap in this position. They feel warmth, companionship, comfort, and security when they join together.

This characteristic is required for a dog to survive in severe outside environments such as predators and cold weather.

Thus, they may sometimes consider us as their companions and sleep with us like this.

Dog Go Underneath My Other Dog

They might also do this to avoid face-to-face contact since they are afraid or uncomfortable. It happens when they meet new dogs, people, or children who are potentially more energetic.

Similarly, they do this to avoid people who are inadvertently cruel than they are used to.

Dog Lift Her Leg For Other Dogs To Smell 

Lower-ranking dogs may make their rear part easier to access for higher-ranking dogs by stooping or lifting a leg.

Furthermore, dogs familiar with each other might smell the other dog’s mouth, head, and chest as though they are trying to discover what their partner is up to.

Dog Smell My Private Area

As a dog’s instinct, they sniff anal glands to get information from each other. Humans possess a variety of tiny glands in our vaginal area.

With this information, it’s reasonable that dogs would sniff that area to learn everything possible about us. When someone with more complicated odors is around, they are extremely curious.

Dogs Sniff Each Other’s Faces 

As mentioned before, this nose touch is an element of a greeting ritual. It is more common in cats.

It is sometimes accompanied by rubbing along the other dogs’ bodies or frequent sniffing of other animals’ bodies or heads.


Why does my dog push his bum into other dogs? There are many explanations. Some do it as a part of their introduction, while others feel scratched.

They want to show their affection. Regardless of their purposes, it is their instinct. Just like saying hello to humans, we should not be embarrassed.


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